The New Age has arrived!


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Many modern astrologers state that the beginning of the 21st century is associated with the onset of the age of Aquarius. The element of Aquarius is air. Not only that the element of air  is mobile, changeable and susceptible to influences, which leads to a violation of established views and ways of life, but the process of transition to a New Age is also associated with instability and chaos. That's why it's so difficult for people to be in today's living conditions.

However, there are different ways to treat changes. These changes are inevitable and provided by evolution. The Divine path of development ALWAYS assumes changes for the better. We can't go against the will of the Creator; it would be to your own detriment. Thats why we have only one thing left and that is to change our attitude to the events that are taking place. Higher forces are literally pushing us to a quick change of our thinking, so that we can get out of the old system as soon as possible and rush to the opportunities which are opening to us at the new stage of the Path.


Beloved Saint-Germain, the Hierarch of the coming Age, on December 30th, 2011 in His Message " Courageously enter the New Age, the Age of Aquarius! announced to us about the arrival of new energies.



“…I cаme today to tell you that the new energies, the energies of the coming Aquarian Age, have finally fully entered into their full power!

…You will be surprised and confused because everything will start changing. I have come to announce that the vital need of the current time is your readiness for the upcoming changes.

Those who will be able to keep their consciousness within the vibrations of Joy, Love, harmony, and happiness will be able to fully enjoy the upcoming changes. Those of you who are in the old habits of wishing harm to others, having doubts, and experiencing fear will soon be able to easily give up these energies of the past era.

<…> … everything that vibrates at the frequencies of Joy, Love, and Divine Liberty will receive unprecedented support of the Heavens in the coming year and the following years. Everything that rejects the new energies will gradually become deprived of its privileged positions in the world. The old institutions of society that are based on the energies of the past and on the vibrations of the expiring age will gradually be replaced by new institutions”.



Astrologers tell us the same thing. They claim that the Foundation of a New World is being laid. Especially in the period from March 2020 to March 2023 we will begin a rapid spiritual transformation of ourselves, each person, and also all communities and institutions. All the old systems of management and relationships will become a thing of the past. Therefore, the governments of the developed world need to be careful and flexible, otherwise their erroneous actions can lead to social explosions and a crisis of power.

The time of unpredictable turbulence, according to the astrologer will last three years. Outwardly, it will be chaos, but humanity is being pushed to further growth and development. And the sooner people start to Wake up and understand what the Creator's plan is, the easier it will be for them to pass the danger zone.


Saint-Germain's Secret


It is easy to be in a state of harmony and joy if the conditions around us are favorable. And what to do when your income is unstable, when you are restricted in movement due to quarantine measures, when there is so much negativity around? How not to get into sadness and despair?

However, adverse conditions are constantly present in our lives. But we also always have a choice how to perceive it.

So the Master Saint Germain reveals the secretto us and what we should do:


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«I will reveal a great secret to you. All of you have already known this secret for a long time even without me. The point of this secret is that you yourselves, each of you, make a decision within yourselves whether to fall under the influence of a negative state of consciousness or not. There is a moment when you make a decision within yourselves whether to succumb to a bad mood or not, whether to start condemning this or that person or not, whether to yield to offense or not, whether to give in to sadness or not.


You, and nobody else, make this decision for you. And when you make a decision to yield to the old energies, you plunge into them entirely so that even I cannot help you. That is why as soon as any negative energy approaches you, immediately ask for my help. I will help you raise your consciousness! I will send you my smile and extend my helping hand in the darkest hour of your lives! In this way we can overcome the old energies. And since nature abhors a vacuum, to replace any negative state of your consciousness, immediately invite the opposite, positive state.


Fear is the greatest evil of your world. Perfect Love replaces all fear. In general, any negative quality can be dissolved by this universal solvent. Practically all the negative energies surrounding you can be absorbed and dissolved by the energy of Love.


Joy and Love come to you when your Faith is steadfast, when you rely on God and the Ascended Hosts in your consciousness.» (December 30, 2011).


The Master Saint-Germain invokes us to turn to Him for help in difficult moments of our life. The Masters of Wisdom always offer us Their helping Hand.

And any of our calls or requests for Help will be always heard.



Elena Ilina, Writer.

Image of Saint-Germain by artist Svetlana Zhukovskaya, Minsk.