The three whales of the Universe


The three fundamental Divine Laws which hold our Universe together:

– The Highest Moral Law

– The Law of Karma, or the Law of Cause and Effect

– The Law of Reincarnation, or the Law of Soul Development



Awareness of these Laws allows us to take a step for-ward in our evolutionary development, to literally fly into a New Age. The painful search for the meaning of life will turn into an understanding of our true nature, into an understand-ing from where and why we came to this world, and what we should strive for in order to become the creators of our desti-ny, and restore our unity with God within us.



Without awareness of these fundamental Laws, we will not advance in our development, but will gradually degrade from incarnation to incarnation, until the Higher Forces con-sider our souls unfit for development and send them to "melt-ing". But why should we lose all the achievements of our soul that we have accumulated so hard over millions of years? To start from scratch again? And then go through the same circles of evolution for millions of years? No way! It is better to keep up with the rules of the New Age and learn more about the Divine Laws.



The Highest Moral Law


The Masters are sounding the alarm. They say that our time is at a critical turning point in the development of hu-manity. Either we will continue to satisfy our animal in-stincts, and perish in another cataclysm, or we will direct our consciousness to eternal values and continue our journey to a New World.

The choice of each of us is important now, more than ever. But to understand what the choice should be in any sit-uation of our life, we need to distinguish. We have the in-strument of discernment already, because God is within us, in our conscience, and lives in our heart.


“…The choice that you make…determines your future; it determines the course of your individual development and the course of the evolution that is taking place on Earth.

You do not get any prohibitions, but the moral law that exists inside of you should determine by itself what is, and what is not beneficial to you. The gift of distinction that is now taking center stage is as essential to you as air and food. You need to learn how to make a distinction. This life of yours is the key life in the course of the evolution of your soul. That is because your choices in this life determine the future course of the evolution of your soul. You ei-ther go forward at a fast pace, or you will have to tag along at the back of the evolution. I will not be surprised if one of the lives of your upcoming incarnations resembles the life of a savage somewhere in New Guinea, because the preferences that you have made in this life are not any more advanced than the level of development of the Papuans. You will continue your dead-end branch of the evolution sitting by a fire and devouring your portion of meat.”

(Beloved Zara-thustra, July 20, 2006)


An unenviable perspective… We need to do something urgently to turn on our gift of discernment in full force. The Masters advise us to start... with silence.


“ The time has come when you have to separate the wheat from the chaff in everything that surrounds you, and reject everything that is not Divine. I understand that when you are under constant pressure from all the modern, ad-vanced technologies bombarding your consciousness at full power, 24 hours a day through hundreds of television and ra-dio channels, it is hard for you to find your bearings and un-derstand how to act in this situation.

We teach you discernment and the right choices that you can make. And the first and most reasonable thing is to limit the influ-ence of all the mass media on your consciousness and subcon-sciousness. When that pressure lessens, you will gain an ability to navigate and to make the distinction. Your Higher Self, God within you, cannot talk to you; the Ascended Masters cannot talk to you while you are sealed off in the tons of informational trash that are poured out on you during the day from TV screens, radios, newspapers, and the Internet. You get a feeling that you are well-informed about all the latest events of the world, that you get infor-mation about all the innovations in all spheres. However, the most important news that is not broadcast on any of your radio or TV channels is not available for most of the people of Earth. The main news is the SOS signal that your planet and everything that lives on it is sending.

You are like a mad captain who navigates a ship in a storm. The col-lective consciousness and the collective subconsciousness of hu-manity are like such a mad captain. And at any moment the ship — your planet — may strike sharp reefs and be shipwrecked.”

(Beloved Kuthumi, July 2, 2009)


Only by clearing our consciousness will we learn to sep-arate the wheat from the chaff and move away from the sur-rounding illusion into the Divine reality. When we find the right guidelines within ourselves, they will guide us through life like the sound of a tuning fork. And what is not in tune with the sound of the tuning fork of our hearts, will pass by our external consciousness and will not stain the soul. As Sanat Kumara says,

“Buddha goes through life quietly, not noticed by anybody, and no mud of life is attached to the golden robe of his aura.” (December 27, 2011)


The Highest Moral Law has long been known to man-kind. All the moral guidelines were already given thousands of years ago. The Masters remind us of the Divine Truths, adding special conditions that are characteristic of our time.



“I will remind you of how you should behave:

God and the adherence to His Law should be in first place in your life.

You should not have any idols in your life that you worship more than God.

You should not treat others in any way that you do not want them to treat you.

You should not perform any deeds that contradict the Divine Law that exists in this Universe.

The first and main commandment is love for your neighbors and not only for those who are dear to you but also the love for the whole creation, for everything created by God: for a stone, for a plant, for any beast and animal. You should not do harm to nature. You should not do harm to Earth.

You should love the whole creation.

Most of all, you should treasure the Moral Law in your hearts: Do not commit adultery, do not covet your neighbor's goods,[3] do not lie, do not envy, be sincere and truthful.

I forbid you to commit sins such as the murder of a human be-ing or an animal on all occasions. One must not kill what is alive for any reason.

Remember, karma starting from this day, after my warning, will increase tenfold.

However, your good karma and your good deeds will also be multiplied tenfold.

I have come to remind you about the Covenant given by Me to Moses and all of the prophets of the past.

I am now speaking My Word to you so that you can better un-derstand what was written and rewritten in the scriptures, and what was distorted by copyists.

Now is a new time, and your responsibilities before God and to the whole Creation are increasing many times. ”

(I AM THAT I AM, January 8, 2008)



What the Masters say is already familiar to us. What is new is that our responsibility increases tenfold. But at the same time, our capabilities, our energy for right choices and good deeds, also increase tenfold.

This requires only our internal efforts. Just as athletes train the muscles of the body, we need to train the muscles of our soul.

If we do not prioritize God, and the observance of the Moral Law, then there will be no development for us.

The same applies to the state. If there is no God in the basic law of the state, then gradually there is a moral degrada-tion in society, when all the highest concepts are blurred, turning into their opposites. Without a moral component, the family ceases to perform its function of procreation, spouses allow infidelity and debauchery, families break up. Without a moral component, patriotism turns into nationalism, and then into fascism. Without a moral component, corruption and robbery flourish – the money goes not to improve the lives of the people, but to the pockets of individuals. People who fo-cus exclusively on material goods and forget about God will not defend their country, and such a state will perish.

Only by following the Highest Moral Law we can save our civilization from destruction.

The world will be saved by Love!


“The only thing that can save the existing civilization from destruction is for as many individuals as possible to as-cend to a new level of consciousness.

Ten righteous men are capable of saving a city. A thousand righteous men are capable of saving the world.”

(Beloved Serapis Bey, December 31, 2008)



Tatiana Mickushina,
Elena Ilyina



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