Going towards the Dream!



Let's take a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Turn off your phone, put on beautiful music, take a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine the desired future.

A fantastic picture with elegant buildings, airplanes, well-kept parks and gardens appear before the inner eye. Let’s add people walking in the park with their children. All are smiling and friendly, dressed in comfortable light -colored clothes. Everywhere there is cleanliness, order, peace, and serenity…

Or maybe you will see clear seas and oceans. And a white sailboat with wind-filled sails that can sail both on water, and in the air. Here is a group of scientists studying the underwater world with their students. Children communicate with dolphins, understanding their language better and better.

Here is the school of the future in which there are none of the usual desks. There are spacious, bright classrooms with round tables and holographic boards, and many laboratories. The teachers are outstanding people: philosophers, writers, artists, scientists. Each student has their own mentor, who creates an individual program of instruction for their pupils, depending on the students aspirations and talents. There are many practical classes in the program.

This fifth-grade girl loves botany, and together with her teacher she is engaged in plant propagation. And this tenth-grader is involved in the development of a medical device for repairing damaged cell tissue.

What beautiful dreams!..

"…do not block your consciousness. Allow yourself the most elevated dreams, and they will certainly come true. Remain like children, dream, use your imagination, and do not allow yourself to become like those adults that live on planet Earth." (Beloved Alpha, April 16, 2006).

"The highest imaginations..." We will continue dreaming! What if we try to cover all areas of state life? What will be the most important thing for the people of the future?

The highest value will be to follow the rational Law which underlies the entire Universe. You can call it the Supreme Law, the Law of Nature, the Divine Law, the Law of the Supreme Mind...

Religious dogmas will disappear into oblivion. True faith will live in the hearts of people. True Faith will be based on Love for God, for one's neighbor, for nature, the planet, and all living things.

What qualities will the person of the future have?

The new person is characterized by non-violence, mercy, compassion, tolerance, dignity, honor, and valour. Such a person is ready to help people and the country, at any moment.

The list of qualities can be augmented. Let's imagine that there are more and more of such people.

What can we dream of in the state system?

Power will be an honorable duty. Rulers and officials will be people who possess the highest human virtues. Their motto is unity and service to people. It would be good to create special educational institutions that will train such outstanding managers. They will teach and train the most moral and conscientious members of society.

The world will be without wars. At first, the armed forces will be used exclusively for border security. Then the principle of non-violence will be implemented in all international relations. There will be no need for armies. The arms race will be stopped, military stock-piles will be eliminated, and the equipment will be converted to peaceful needs.

A completely different approach to work will be born. Work will become a way of creative self-realization for a person. Work will be a joy. Work will benefit all members of society.

Education will be a tool for unlocking the inner potential of the individual. Each person will receive the most versatile general humanitarian education. And of course, it will be free. New approaches will arouse interest in learning. Every child will have an understanding of the Highest Law of the Universe. Preparing each person for Divine self-realization is the goal of all programs. Special attention is paid to morality.

A person who keeps consonance with the Higher Law does not need a large number of human laws.

Many civil laws will be abolished. Despite this, there is almost no crime. The prisons are getting emptier every day. Huge funds are released which are being redirected to education and the upbringing. With proper education, all social and property inequality will disappear.

Medicine will no longer be used as a tool of profit, and will be free of charge. The goal of doctors will be the health of each person. A healthy lifestyle, organic food, settlements in a natural environment – all this will be an integral part of life.

All scientific developments will be aimed at improving life and maintaining human health.

All kinds of art will make a person better.

The mass media will be engaged in education.

The family will be seen as a Union between a man and a woman for the birth and upbringing of children, as well as for the support of society. Every third family will have five or more children. For each young family, there will be built a separate, comfortable house in environmentally friendly new type settlements at the expense of the state.

Special care is given to the elderly. They will have an unlimited account at a state Bank. And they will be able to use the funds unrestrictedly to meet their needs for food, shelter, medical treatment, as well as to meet spiritual needs such as pilgrimages to Holy places around the world.

Each country is rich. Those countries where difficulties arise immediately receive support from other states. Borders are conditional and exist only so that the ruler can direct his efforts to improve life in the territory for which he is responsible.

The Golden Age is coming to our planet! And we create this future ourselves -first in dreams, because everything begins with a thought - high-flying and boundless.

And then gradually, we will begin to bring our bright future closer - with concrete actions. And the future Golden Age will become a reality.

Going towards the Dream!

Elena Ilina



Part 5. Going towards the Dream!

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