We create our own future



Our thought has a tremendous power! Therefore, we must learn to think positively as soon as possible. If we want to see changes in the surrounding reality, we ourselves must change qualitatively every day of our lives.

Where to start?

The recommendations of the Masters are quite simple and accessible. For example, the easiest way to get rid of negativity is not to direct the energy of your attention there. Surround yourself with beauty in any form.

“…one simple thing can improve your state: Turn off your TVs. Stop keeping up the conversations about negative manifestations in your world. Focus your attention on the positive things: flowers, nature, animals, the sun, and the Masters’ images. Surround yourself with beautiful models and light colors at home and at work.

Remove all the manifestations of squalor from your life. And watch yourself. Will you feel better?

Turn on soft and harmonizing music or quiet melodious mantras that caress your ears. Fill the space around you with positive energies.

You should always control only two things in your lives: your inner state and your outer surroundings. Clear your consciousness of negative thoughts and feelings and remove incorrect, non-divine patterns from your outer surroundings.

Only these two things can bring back the joy of life to you and fill your being with harmony and love.”

(The Great Divine Director, June 25, 2013)

We can do this all. We only need to develop a noble habit of focusing on the beauty, learn to see the good side of everything. Optimistically view the world.

Let’s start training!

So we started to get rid of the "garbage" in our lives. We view negative news less often, talk idly less, and visit social networks less and less. It really feels better. And how much time is available! Now it needs to be filled with something good.

We can apply the new knowledge right now that we have the power to create the future we want. We will practice.

And here is a hint from the Masters.

“… you need to learn in the near future to develop a positive mindset to the reality around you. You must cultivate in your consciousness a positive image of the future for your country, for your locality, and for your family in the end.

Put on a beautiful classical music of the Russian composers — Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky, or a music of the outstanding world composers - Bach, Beethoven, Mozart.

Think about what future you would like to see for your country.

Do not be shy to express the most, at first glance, fantastic ideas. Build in your consciousness a happy future for your country. If you find it difficult to focus on the whole country, then you can reflect on the activities that your group can perform.

If you do not belong to any group, then you can build in your consciousness the future for your family, your relations and friends, and finally, for you personally.

And if your imagination is not enough to come up with a happy future for your country, for your family and for yourself, then think about what happiness is for you. What would you like to change in your life to constantly experience a state of happiness, peace, harmony, and love?

Even simply being in an elevated state of consciousness and sweeping aside from yourself all the burdensome thoughts and feelings, you become a source of Light for your world.”

(Beloved Lanello May 25,2005).

Since we are connected to the global network of positive thinking, we can devote at least 10-15 minutes a day to this important process of creating an image of a better future. This is like a daily morning exercise, only not for the body, but for the mind and the soul.

The more of us will be there, the stronger the effect will be. When there will be a critical mass of people, who are confident in the favorable development of events on the planet, then the energy of our attention will attract a bright future.

Let's start with ourselves, and the world will change.

Elena Ilina,
Tatyana Mickushina


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