The new thinking goes into action



Our ship, "Planet Earth" has started moving on the route to a New Age. It is slowly but surely gaining speed. We are committed (STRIVING) to a beautiful future and we know how to create it. We are the captains of our lives! We can fill our dreams about a bright future with new details every day. And the image created by an increasing number of like-minded people will expand and grow stronger every day until it settles down on the physi-cal plane.

However, just dreams are not enough.

To make a dream come true, you need to take concrete steps toward it on the physical plane.

How to act?

Many Messages from the Masters of Wisdom say that it is time for real action. What should we do, where should we go?

Let us seek the advice of Master Morya, who is always calling us to ac-tion.

“I ask you to implement real actions in the physical plane! Perhaps you do not quite understand what kind of actions I am talking about. I am neither asking you to overthrow the regime that exists in the state where you live nor to make a revolution or hold a mass meeting. I ask you to do ordinary human things that you mainly do anyway. But I ask you to do these things consciously. Consider each of your actions through the prism of the Moral Law, the Divine Law. I ask that every day you think about the consequences of your actions and to reflect on every step you take.

Think about how you could ease your existence in matter if every move of yours was in full accordance with the Divine Law existing in this Universe. You would not create new karma, and you could rapidly work off your past karma, making the right choices.

How easy it is! It is ingeniously simple!”.

(Beloved El Morya, December 23, 2007)

It turns out that there is no need to go anywhere. You just need to make the right choices, control your actions, feelings and thoughts on a daily basis.

Oh, that's the most difficult part. We are lazy and forgetful. One day, inspired by the Message of an Ascended Master, we make a promise. And the next day we have already switched to satisfying personal pleasures.

However, without us nothing can happen! Only with the help of our consciousness, is it possible to bring about positive change, and then not just in our personal lives, but also in the destiny of our mothership "Planet Earth".


“The key that I will give you today is lying on the surface. The daily choices that you make, every choice you make and all your actions during the day, if they have a Divine character, produce exactly the work that you are called to fulfill. If you still prefer to focus on the illusion, on pleasures and entertainment, or on the whims of your ego no matter how they are expressed, then you stand in opposition to God and His plans.

Every thought of yours is important.

Every feeling of yours is important.

Every action that you take is important.

Now your work for God is starting.”

(Lord Shiva, June 22, 2012)


The keyword here is "Every". It means that all our actions, even the most ordinary, including our reactions to various events, and every word or thought - everything is recorded and taken into account in a certain "piggy bank". All that is good and positive is deposited in this "piggy bank”, and works towards the arrival of better times. However, the negativity which is also filling your "piggy bank", prevents this. You have to think about this responsibility consciously.


What to do if our internal changes meet external resistance?

As we become more aware of our every thought, feeling, and action, we start noticing certain changes in our lives. At first, they may seem sad and even tragic – our relatives, friends, and colleagues do not understand us, and begin to resist our changes. Trouble seems to be raining down on us like a gushing shower. What do we do now?



- Learn to overcome these negative states and change our attitude toward the situation! Our optimistic assistant Saint-Germain suggests a solution.

“…you in your consciousness are capable of transforming the situa-tion. Of course, you do not change anything outside of yourselves, but you change your attitude toward the situation. You just find some posi-tive moment in this situation, and then another one. Afterward, you switch your attention for a while to something pleasant, and then when you go back to the earlier situation, it does not seem so bad or hopeless to you. The situation has already changed because you changed it with your correct attitude. <…>

Always try to look upon each situation from the positive side. It is im-portant to choose a correct point of view for your situation. (December 10, 2009).


At times when it is unbearably difficult for us, we need to do one very simple thing, says the Master Saint-Germain:


"At the moment when everything seems helpless and hopeless, you just have to remember me. Just imagine my image and give yourselves an opportunity to escape from the current situation.

…this is exactly what you have to master.” (December 10,2009).

You can look at ( you can pick up ) an image of Saint-Germain, or just imagine it in your mind and say: "Dear Saint-Germain! Help me!” And help will be provided.

This will make it easier for us to be patient and wait out this natural period of change – the world just needs time to adjust.

The first victories

If we stay true to our chosen direction, we will find after a while that our loved ones have become more understanding, and even if they have not yet joined us, at least they have stopped interfering with our new way of life. And our circle of friends has changed – we are attracted to people who just like us, want to live more consciously. And this new way of life begins to bring us joy!

Master Lanello explains what happens, and congratulates us on our victory.


“…Let me congratulate you on your Victory! <…>

People who have reached the new stage in their consciousness, thanks to the qualities acquired at this stage, will be more successful in all their activities and in all their endeavors. Because what was inside of them that resisted their successful work earlier, now does not exist, or creates much fewer obstacles in their lives and activities. Your arrogance and all your imperfections will no longer have any effect on your deeds and on everything you do, because you have been able to transcend that in yourselves. You will feel this in the altered atmosphere in your teams. You will feel that there are people and whole teams with whom you feel easy and calm.

…You know that like draws to like.

And that which will not be able to stand your vibrations will gradually leave you.”.

(Beloved Lanello, June 11, 2005)


Life is getting better. New perspectives are opening up before us. Let us be happy about it!

Elena Ilina,
Tatyana N. Mickushina



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Part 6. The New thinking goes into action

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