We will enter the New Age with dignity!


When we set out to go on a journey, we can't tell exactly what lies ahead. Therefore, we try to prepare in advance: we study the route, read the brochures of travel agencies, and use the services of an experienced guide.



Now imagine that we were offered a grand route called the "New Age"! Moreover, it is impossible to avoid the Journey – the ship called "planet Earth" has already started moving and can only sail in one direction – to the new and the unknown. We have already experienced the "point of no return", when in 2012 we froze in waiting for the end of the world. And now we have only one way out – to give ourselves up to the adventure and at least try to understand what these adventures

can consist of.



And here is our guide - a cheerful and always optimistic Saint-Germain, the Hierarch of the New Age. He knows what's in store for us and how we can best get through the new route. He is able to inspire and encourage those who are timid before the upcoming trip.




«The New Age has come into its full power!

And I, as the Hierarch of the New Age, want to assure you that humanity, as a whole, is ready to accomplish a transition to the New Age by changing its consciousness.

You are perplexed because it seems that nothing has happened and everything around you remains the same as before. But this is not the case, beloved. And I assure you, many of you have already understood that a global change of the energies on planet Earth has taken place.

Of course, some of you are not ready to accept the new energies. Many people try to return to the past where they felt cozy and comfortable.

But, beloved, did you really feel that good? And is your nostalgia for the past not just a fear of the future?

Courage is the quality that is indispensable for you!

Joy must be with you always! Your being must be open to the changes.

Do you really take no interest in what the New Age has prepared for you?

In the New Age there will be no place for such egoistic manifestations as intolerance, sin, hatred, and hostility.

The New Age will be characterized by tolerance, freedom, and independence.

Regardless of external circumstances, you will be able to more freely and vigorously manifest your Divine nature. However, everything that opposes the Divine Law will be facing greater and greater obstacles in its way.

If you are tied to the past, if you are used to living in fear, then you will have to part with your habits. Immediately!

Now you have to decisively ponder the things within yourselves that do not correspond to the call of the time.

Egoism in all its manifestations will be swept away by team spirit and collective responsibility for the fate of the world and the native planet.

Fear — however it is manifested — must be replaced by confidence in the future and independence from external circumstances.

Then, when you inseparably associate your life with God and the Masters, when the Divine Law governs your life, what can obstruct your path?

You will easily overcome any barriers or difficulties. The dinosaurs of yesterday’s way of life that try to cling to the past will have to leave the world stage. The new people whose system of outlook corresponds to the New Age will take the place of the old generation of leaders. The changes and the transfers that will allow the Divine principles of governance to be put into place at the management level of a greater and greater number of countries will take place very soon.


 …the New Age will be characterized by the immediate distribution of everything positive that takes place in various locations on the globe, in the minds of the best representatives of humanity.

All leading-edge information will be instantly spread all over the globe, not only from the Internet.

Something similar to the invention of the Internet, only in the subtle plane of planet Earth, is starting to work now!

This is a global network of positive thinking. It is a global network in which only the Divine principles and methods are spreading with the speed of light all over the globe.

You can connect to this global network immediately. I will now provide the access for you.

The login for your connection is "New Age".

The password for your connection is "New Level of Consciousness".

As soon as you fill in the necessary data within your being for logging into the global network, you will be able to use all the advantages of this network.

Your consciousness, your Divine consciousness in the subtle plane, will come into interaction with similar consciousnesses aspiring to God and devoted to the Masters. Enhanced by the number of members in this global network, the new consciousness will begin to expand over planet Earth more and more successfully.

I AM with you!

We are together!

We will in dignity enter the New Age!


(Saint-Germain December 24, 2012)




So, the inspiring speech is delivered. We have an ambitious program of transformation planned for us. It turns out that you will not be able to sit this one out, and will have to act. Where to start, how to approach?

It is easy to say that fear should be replaced by confidence in the future and independence from external circumstances, when these circumstances tend to deprive us of confidence and restrict our freedom more and more.

And how do we understand what true freedom is?


How do you break up your sweet old habits and find a new level of consciousness? What is this new level of consciousness?

And what will happen to us when we connect to the global network of positive thinking?

There are many questions. It turns out that we will have to look for the answers as we go. And thats what we'll do.


Elena Ilina