True and False Freedom



From a conversation on the deck of our ship.

– Who likes to be in jail?

– Strange question. No one, of course!

– What if the walls of the cell were set a little further apart? Adding a TV, offering a varied menu, being able to walk around at will?

– Although conditions have improved, the prison remains a prison, a restriction on our freedom.

– What if the walls were removed? And one was given the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of the world?

– So, is this a prison? This is freedom - choose what you want.

– Freedom to choose and do what you want, if not used correctly, leads to enslavement. In fact, to slavery. Not immediately, of course.

– But God Himself has given us free will, and we have complete free-dom to choose who to listen to and what to follow.

– But not always! Quite often we confuse freedom with permissive-ness – " I do what I want ". Therefore, many people want to do the most obscene things and are very outraged if they run into the framework of the laws.

Yes, only God has established His own Laws. And these Laws are more important than those of humans. But the Divine Laws also have Their limits.

– So what's the difference? Everywhere you look, there are limits, re-strictions.

– The difference between the laws written by man and the Divine Law lies in the degree of perfection and in the degree of justice.

What do the Masters of Wisdom, our Assistants on the journey into the New Age, say about this?

The difference is that by obeying the Supreme Law, a person receives unlimited freedom to act within the framework of this Law. The scope of the Divine Law is so wide that it is truly limitless for us. Well, it is even difficult for us to imagine all the advantages that we will gain by following the Higher Law. This will be a new creative level of con-sciousness that will give access to higher energy and information lev-els of life.

But, according to the Masters, in order to achieve such unlimited freedom, we will have to give up our sweet attachments and habits.

“…actually, you have slavery dependence on the things of your world. You are in such dependence that in fact you are a slave of your things and as a consequence, a slave to circumstances of your world. Sooner or later you will face the question of which freedom to choose: the real freedom, the Divine freedom that releases you from slavery dependence on the things of your world, or will you still prefer to stay in illusory freedom…” (Beloved Surya, January 3, 2006).

We must admit that we are really very attached to cell phones, televi-sion, social networks, alcohol, smoking, rock music, shopping and other attributes of modern society.

When we become attached to material things, we actually become their slaves. We deprive ourselves of the freedom that is characteris-tic of the New Age: the freedom to create, to ascend to newer and newer levels of consciousness.

And the Old World willingly offers us temptation after temptation: all new models of smartphones and cars, the whole entertainment indus-try, same-sex marriage… And now we're on the hook. And we are be-ing lured further and further into the trap.

In order to continue enjoying all these "benefits", you will need to pay: put in a chip and get vaccinated. That’s it, the trap is closed! We are in a digital ghetto.

Our entire life path, starting from birth, will be tracked down to the smallest details: all our movements and purchases, interests and preferences, conversations and correspondence. So, our thoughts and actions will be controlled and skillfully directed. When looking for a place to work, we may be blocked from working in certain companies or from creating our own business. When choosing an education, chil-dren from poor families will be able to get only cheap distance educa-tion and only on certain resources on the Internet. They will decide for us who we should become, where we should live, who we should love. And if we express any thoughts that are seditious from the point of view of the system, they will block our accounts and bank cards, or even the possibility to live.

So, first we burden ourselves with more and more new attachments and habits, and then we are offered to actually sell our soul, so that we can continue using what we have become addicted to.

And we will not become what we want, but what we are allowed to be-come. We will no longer be humans, but biorobots, since we will no longer have free will. We sold it for trinkets. And it was our own choice. We ourselves have abandoned the evolutionary path of devel-opment for our soul.

– So what now, give up cell phones, the Internet, cars and go live in the woods?

– Why go straight to the woods? We will use the technical achieve-ments of civilization. But reasonably. We will not take the bait, be led by advertising calls, succumb to the propaganda of the media. We will learn to distinguish truth from falsehood. Let's start getting rid of bad habits. Give up dubious benefits.

After all, if we give up our attachment to the illusory world of our own free will, we will gain unlimited freedom to act within the Divine Law.

– And what will happen to humanity if it does not come to its senses?

– When we abuse the free will that God has given us, we violate the Divine Law. When we become too attached to the physical world, we deprive our soul from further evolution. If we do not come to our senses, the same thing will happen to our soul as to weeds – they will go to compost.

“You are in a prison formed of limitations of your consciousness. Only you can destroy the walls of your prison. ” (Lord Maitreya, April 29, 2006)

No one can violate our free will. Not even The Masters of Wisdom.

We always make our own choices. Of course, anything can affect this choice. That's why the Old World tries so hard to seduce us. There-fore, the Masters give us a Helping Hand. In these difficult times, They gave us a Teaching. The Teaching is our map and our compass!

Now we are at a crossroads. And the forces of Good and the forces of Evil are waiting for us to take the next step.

Elena Ilina,
Tatyana N. Mickushina



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