Helping hand. Sharing spiritual experiences



Dear friends!

The project so loved by many has ended.

Helping hand. Sharing spiritual experiences.


It was an unprecedented opportunity to share the most intimate with the world, those changes, discoveries and conclusions which have appeared in our lives thanks to the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom.

The Masters have said many times that the Teaching They give is intended specifically for the Age of Transition to help humanity in this difficult time.

If we focus on the positive, on the Higher, this can be very helpful at the current time and will plan a better future.



In the comments on this project Tatyana N. Mickushina wrote,

Thanks to the enormous Dispensation, the Masters of Wisdom were able to conduct a holistic Teaching into this world. Many provisions of the Teaching are designed specifically for this stage of evolutionary development, the transitional stage. The Teaching was given by the Masters for 10 years from 2005 to 2015. However, in subsequent years until the end of 2019 point-based Messages were given for individual dispensations according to the current situation in the world.

The future is not determined by politicians or economists and especially not by representatives of opposing forces. Our future sprouts from our hearts. If the hearts of a certain critical percentage of the world's population can carry the necessary amount of Light into our world, then the world will change in the Divine direction right before our eyes.

Are there sprouts of a new consciousness yet?

After all, even one good thought that came to this world through one person can spread out and transform the world.

Divine thoughts are more highly vibrational than the flood of the information that floods the media space. Therefore, good Divine thoughts can serve as a catalyst for positive transformations in the world and society, and structure the New World out of chaos, more Divine and free from the imperfections of a consumer society.

The Ascended Masters planted the seeds of Divine Wisdom in the hearts of people. Are there any seedlings yet?


For the future, I wanted to ask people not to praise me personally.

The emphasis should be on the Teaching.


After all, the Teaching is millions of years old, and I am only one Messenger from the thousands who conducted this Teaching into the world.

And I would like you to use specific quotes from the Teaching, which have fallen into your soul, which often come to your mind, which help you in a particular situation ...


When I started this project, my initial thought was to show people that the Teaching works and helps in life!

Moreover, if the Teaching is followed, it changes life for the better!


In the flash mob

which was organized to support the Helping Hand initiative, people from 14 countries, such as: Russia, the USA, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Syria, Lebanon, Germany, Curaçao, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan , UK, Bulgaria were participating.

There were 75 videos sent where people sincerely and inspiringly shared their spiritual experiences, they were talking about the Miracles that happened in their lives after meeting with the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom, transmitted through the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina. They were talking about how this precious Knowledge radically changed their lives for the better, healed them from illness, and supported them at the right time.


All videos are posted here,

154 people from 21 countries also supported this wonderful initiative and sent their sincere, heartfelt responses about spiritual experience in letters.

Тhe letters came from such countries as: Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Israel,

Mexico, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Portugal, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria , Spain, Georgia.

All letters are posted here,


In total, our like-minded friends from 26 countries took part in the project.


Here are the fragments from some feedbacks from participants.



Nina, Minsk, Belarus.

I want to thank for this Project "Helping Hand"!

In my opinion, Thanks to Everyone who took part in it, the process of dissolving the borders between all of us has begun. We are so different, but we get closer to each other through the exchange of experience. Appearing Trust brings us together ...

When passing these Revelations through your Heart, you feel Oneness with everyone, you feel such Joy and warmth!

... your relationships with other people will have a very little difference from those relationships that are accepted in your family because all of you are relatives and belong to one large human family, having the whole globe as home ... (Zarathustra, December 31, 2006).



Evgenia Hannanova, Izhevsk, Russia

... perhaps my main discovery is that the Teaching is not only and not so much a source of information. It is simple in appearance. But beyond this external simplicity lies an incomprehensible depth and Divine beauty. The Teaching is a Divine flower that sprouts in souls.




League Bagrova, Latvia

My life is already inconceivable without reading the Messages of the Masters, Rosaries and prayers. I think that the strong vibrations of Elohim Peace from His Message of December 23, 2012,

Your primary mission is to elevate the consciousness of the people of planet Earth.aroused especially my soul. <...>

Believe and pray, help others disinterestedly, forgive everyone no matter how difficult it is!

Many thanks to Tatyana N. Mickushina and all the Teachers of Light!



Tatyana, Primorsky Krai, Russia

We are together, all the souls of Light and all the Ascended Masters, we are one with God, and in this Oneness our invincibility and our Victory! And for many of us the Teaching was the long-awaited rainbow bridge connecting the dense World with the Divine World ...


Svetlana Zhukovskaya, Minsk, Belarus

What does the Teaching of the Ascended Masters mean in my life ?!

This is the Light, the Light that I was always lacking for and for which my heart  was yearning so much. This is the Knowledge that gives strength and support in difficult time. The Knowledge which gives an understanding of what life is, not this perishable one, but eternal life.



Natasha Zvanck, Ontario, Canada

I am very grateful to the Masters for Their tireless work to educate us in the qualities of courage, loyalty, equanimity, and faith that everything is happening according to God's Will.



Elena, St. Petersburg, Russia

Now I'm caring for my Mom. She is a juvenile prisoner of a concentration camp. Three years ago, for about a week she was laying unconscious. I began to play audio recordings of the Rosaries of Mother Mary. Mom regained consciousness. Now, when she asks to sit with her and read the Rosaries, Divine Grace envelops both of us.


Igor Gaidar, Ecopolis Granidub, Ukraine

By the will of fate, by the Grace of God, and thanks to the Teaching of the Ascended Masters in early 2014 I was lucky enough to be in a Training Center near Omsk. <>

... The awakening happened on my return to Kiev. For a while all the Messages and Rosaries were perceived quite differently. I was discovering more and more meaning and understanding of what I was reading. The Teaching was opening up from a completely different angle, unknown to me before!

Some time passed and to my great regret, my understanding of the Teaching of the Ascended Masters returned to its former state. I was feeling sadThe secret, hidden side of the Teaching has disappeared

I was once again filled with the energies of the environment, and once again my perception of the Messages of the Ascended Masters returned to its former state. Nevertheless, I was glad! I was happy about my Discovery, it is impossible to fully understand the Teaching being in the city. It doesn't matter where, in the small or large one. And I made the decision to leave the city! I was supported by like -minded people

And again MiraclesWithout much effort we found a beautiful, clean land. We bought a house without any funds. The village council gave out a hectare of land for free.

And now for the first month we live in the cleanest possible place in the North of Ukraine in the Ecopolis Granidub.



Galina Overchenko, Chelyabinsk, Russia

The Helping Hand Project has given me a lot of positive, bright and joyful things in life. My participation and my like-minded people in the project allow us to bring the Teaching to life by example! In my opinion, this is an important mission and task for each of us today. And I am glad that there are many of us !!! Thank you, dear like-minded friends!

  Thank you, Tatyana N. Mickushina, for the project!

  I just want to tell everyone I LOVE YOU !!


Lyudmila, Dnipro, Ukraine

I really like this quote, and it leads me through life now,

We come to give the Teaching, but you and only you can carry out the changes on your planet when you take in this Teaching and become a bearer of this Teaching for millions of those who have not awakened yet. (Lord Maitreya, October 9,2006)

Now I understand the essence of current events in the world, and I calmly and confidently look to the future. I set myself the goal of becoming a living carrier of the Teaching.


Sue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Messages are a daily sign-post for me, offering guidance and instruction on living in this world in its current state. Its interesting to see that the messages from 10 years ago are timely and applicable to the issues we face today.


Elena Bezukladnikova, Satka, Russia

Thanks to the Helping Hand Project, I saw and felt with all my heart the unity of people around the world. It inspires me and makes me happy. No matter how we all came to the Teaching, it is important to change our consciousness to light and kindness.

I thank God, the Ascended Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina for the opportunity to participate in this Project!

Together we will succeed and a miracle will happen.


Elena, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

I learned to enjoy every minute, every day of my life and thank God for everything He gives me. And after bringing everyday joy and gratitude to God and Masters into my life, miracles began to happen! It was just Magical and it continues to this day!



Rania, Tartus, Syria

Messages from the Masters were the missing link for me. Their Teaching illuminated my soul. My consciousness began to change due to daily work on myself with prayer and fasting.

This Teaching helped strengthen joint actions throughout the Earth and combined the efforts of many bright beings to help humanity move into the New Age.


Sonya, Germany

Messages are like a feeling of returning home, to safety after a long way and a long journey. This is the understanding that in spite of all the hardships of life, we are not alone if we follow the Teaching. Understanding that we are driven by Love and Caring, that we are all one if we listen carefully to ourselves.



Gunita Delieva, Latvia

Since I started reading the Messages and trying to follow the Instructions of the Masters in my life, I noticed that Miracles began to occur.

A recent example. I have a house in a beautiful location by the Baltic Sea. To update this house, it requires large financial resources. I gave this house to God, in which I decided to organize meetings for those who are interested in the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom with the opportunity to stay for the night. When I told my friend about this intention, she offered me money  as a donation to replace windows in this house ...!

Thats how mine and the Masters of Wisdom project has begun!


Maria, Chicago, USA

Every response sent, every revelation passed through my heart and filled it with extraordinary Warmth, Tenderness, and Love!

Parting with participants of this project became so loved, dear, precious that I want to share the words of Beloved El Morya in His Message of April 20, 2006, 

"...I bend down before the Light of God in you," and the words of Beloved Lanello in His Message of June 11,2005,


"I cannot contain my joy and my emotions. And I would like to come up and to embrace each of you..."



Dear friends!


I have read your emails and watched your videos with great attention. I am very happy that the Teaching has become available and has helped so many people around the globe.


Now I want to remind you of the words of the Goddess of Freedom: "Your final exam at the primary School of Initiations will be the day when you see how many people around you need your help", Goddess of Freedom, April 22, 2005.



We are all connected on the subtle plane.

And we have a lot of work ahead of us!


Tatyana N. Mickushina

Light and Love!