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The Ascended Lady Master Nada is the Chohan of the Sixth Ray ( purple and gold) Ray of Peace, Ministration and Service, helps Saint Germain in the great work of gathering the elect, and together with Him will serve the common cause of the world Freedom.v She is also a member of the Karmic Board, on which She serves as a representative of the Third Ray ( pink) Ray of Divine Love.
From Nada we learn the practical application of love and the path of personal Christhood through ministration and service to life.
In Atlantis, Nada worked in the healing arts and served as a priestess in the Temple of Love. The etheric counterpart of this temple, which is designed after the pattern of a rose, is centered above New Bedford, Massachusetts.
She was also embodied as a lawyer in Atlantis, where She championed the cause of Divine justice for downtrodden and oppressed.
Through meditations on the Law of God while serving in the temple, She realized that the Law is a reliable instrument that a Mother should use to protect Her children from the cunning of this world.
In Her final incarnation 2,700 years ago, Nada was the youngest of a large family of exceptionally gifted children. She was tutored by Charity, Archeia of the Third Ray, in how to expand the threefold flame of Love in Her heart for the quickening of the chakras of Her talented brothers and sisters so that, thanks to their increased inner awareness, they can bring people to Benefit and use the art to elevate the culture of the Divine Mother on Earth.
She chose to forgo pursuing Her own career in that embodiment and, instead, kept the flame in deep meditation and prayer for Her brothers and sisters in their various fields of endeavor.
The Ascended Lady Master Nada assists ministers, missionaries, teachers, healers, psychologists, counselors at law and public servants- all who are involved in serving the needs of others, as well as those who have dedicated themselves to the care of Gods children in social services and healthcare.
Of course, Lady Master Nada loves them all, and She teaches the principles of a sacred labor, like Service.
Nowadays, Beloved Nada comes through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Tatyana Mickushina, to continue Her education and thereby help Earths humanity at this difficult time.


Dear friends,
Welcome to our site!

The main part of the "Sirius" site represents the Messages or Dictations that I have been receiving for 15 years, from 2005 to 2020.

There are almost 500 Messages from more than 50 Beings of Light. These Beings are dwelling in the Higher planes of existence and are called to help humankind in their evolution. The Messages are given in the form of talks.

The Messages altogether contain a harmonious Teaching the basis of which is the Moral Law. The Beings of Light patiently explain and prove to the currently incarnated people why it is beneficial to stick to the moral principles in their lives, for this the knowledge of the most important laws is given: the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation.

The ideology of consumption is prevailing in the modern society, so desires are cultivated and conditions are created to fulfill them. Money and chasing for pleasures rule the world.

Logically and step by step the Messages explain the principles of the new ideology based on Love and faith, on honesty and sincerity, on rejection of low desires and inferior states of consciousness, on the feelings of brotherhood and team spirit, on care about your neighbor and all Life on Earth.

Consecutive daily reading of the Messages in their chronological order as they are given changes the consciousness of the reader. Through this change of consciousness the whole surrounding reality will change.

One of the fundamental statements of the Teaching is the following: the outer world represents a mirror that reflects our consciousness.

Perfect consciousness manifests perfect world.

In order for the new ideology to prevail in the world, 1 per cent of the Earth population should willingly change its consciousness, raise its consciousness to the new evolutionary level.

Before you start reading the Messages, do read the recommendations of the Masters.

Apart from reading the Messages your personal daily spiritual work to overcome your own imperfections is strongly recommended. Rosaries, Meditations, Mantras, Calls and Films will help you in your own spiritual work.

You can also purchase books with the Messages and the Teaching here. You can join the weekly broadcasting of the Rosaries at 3 p.m. Moscow time (11 a.m. GMT) and see the announcement about the next broadcasting on the home page of the site.

On the Sirius website, there is a weekly audio broadcast of the Rosaries on Sundays at 7am CDT. Information about the broadcast is available in the section Internet broadcasting.
I wish you Good Luck on your spiritual Path!

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!

On the website "Sirius" the following joint spiritual practices are conducted:
1.Daily. Individual reading of the Messages of the Ascended Masters

2. Weekly. Reading the Rosary on Sundays at 7:00 CDT.

3. Monthly. On the 23rd of each month,
the practice of the transmutation Karma of the next month.

4. Once a year. On the 8-th of December, the Hour of Mother Mary's Mercy.

5. Twice a year. On the days of the Summer and Winter Solstice
writing letters to the Karmic Board.

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia