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Rosary of Elohim Peace 2

Sunday, May 9, 2021,
at 7 a.m. CDT

"Peace on the Earth depends on the level of consciousness that the best sons and daughters of God are capable of manifesting on the Earth"

Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

The Rose Path

I gave you the Path, the Rose Path, covered with roses and thorns.
And there is no other path, to follow through which
you may reach the Kingdom of your Father in Heaven.

Beloved Jesus



My task, as the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, is to give the fullest understanding of the Path, which the Masters of Wisdom or the Ascended Masters, or the Great White Brotherhood teach humanity.

Therefore, I intend to make an attempt to present to your attention materials that reveal the theme of the Path of Initiations or the Inner Path, or the Rose Path as fully as possible, as much as internal and external circumstances will allow me.

The Dictations, which the Masters have given through me, as well as other publications, which from my point of view, reveal the theme of The Rose Path, will comprise the foundation of this publication.

Tatyana Mickushina
Love and Light!




6 videos n the Rose Path (Playlist)


Dear friends!
We bring your attention to the new article:

"Babajis Blessing"

Part 1. Mahavatar Babaji in the XIX century

Part 2. Ashram Babaji in Haidakhan in the XX century

NEW! Part 3. Babajis Messages in the XXI century

In the XXI century, the choice of the Great Teachers, or Masters of Wisdom fell on a Russian woman, her name is Tatyana Mickushina, who passed difficult tests and examinations, proving her dedication and willingness to work with the Teachers for the benefit of humanity. The Masters worked for a long time with the subtle bodies of Tatyana Mickushina, before she became a pure conductor, able to conduct the energies of the Masters to the Earth. The Teachers gave her the mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood and began to transmit Their Messages. More than 50 Beings of Light took part in this grand Mission, transmitting a new Teaching through Their Messenger from 2005 to 2015.
One of the Masters of Wisdom working with the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina is Babaji. He comes to give us an impulse, to speed things up, to encourage, and also to remind us of the truths that He taught in the past while He was on Earth in a physical body.

As before, Babaji draws our attention to Karma Yoga and, building on the previous postulates, gives the Teaching about work and the attitude towards money:
I gave the Teaching about Karma Yoga. And I continue to assert from my ascended state of consciousness that only Karma Yoga, the efforts of constructive labor for Common Good that you direct correctly, can change and reverse the situation that has formed in the world.
It is labor, correct labor, which can change everything.
While you work to earn money, you move nowhere.





On the website "Sirius" the following joint spiritual practices are conducted:
1.Daily. Individual reading of the Messages of the Ascended Masters

2. Weekly. Reading the Rosary on Sundays at 7:00 CDT.

3. Monthly. On the 23rd of each month,
the practice of the transmutation Karma of the next month.

4. Once a year. On the 8-th of December, the Hour of Mother Mary's Mercy.

5. Twice a year. On the days of the Summer and Winter Solstice
writing letters to the Karmic Board.

Dear friends,
Welcome to our site!

The main part of the "Sirius" site represents the Messages or Dictations that I have been receiving for 15 years, from 2005 to 2020.

There are almost 500 Messages from more than 50 Beings of Light. These Beings are dwelling in the Higher planes of existence and are called to help humankind in their evolution. The Messages are given in the form of talks.

The Messages altogether contain a harmonious Teaching the basis of which is the Moral Law. The Beings of Light patiently explain and prove to the currently incarnated people why it is beneficial to stick to the moral principles in their lives, for this the knowledge of the most important laws is given: the Law of Karma and the Law of Reincarnation.

The ideology of consumption is prevailing in the modern society, so desires are cultivated and conditions are created to fulfill them. Money and chasing for pleasures rule the world.

Logically and step by step the Messages explain the principles of the new ideology based on Love and faith, on honesty and sincerity, on rejection of low desires and inferior states of consciousness, on the feelings of brotherhood and team spirit, on care about your neighbor and all Life on Earth.

Consecutive daily reading of the Messages in their chronological order as they are given changes the consciousness of the reader. Through this change of consciousness the whole surrounding reality will change.

One of the fundamental statements of the Teaching is the following: the outer world represents a mirror that reflects our consciousness.

Perfect consciousness manifests perfect world.

In order for the new ideology to prevail in the world, 1 per cent of the Earth population should willingly change its consciousness, raise its consciousness to the new evolutionary level.

Before you start reading the Messages, do read the recommendations of the Masters.

Apart from reading the Messages your personal daily spiritual work to overcome your own imperfections is strongly recommended. Rosaries, Meditations, Mantras, Call prayers and Films will help you in your own spiritual work.

You can also purchase books with the Messages and the Teaching here. You can join the weekly broadcasting of the Rosaries at 3 p.m. Moscow time (11 a.m. GMT) and see the announcement about the next broadcasting on the home page of the site.

I wish you Good Luck on your spiritual Path!

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia