Dispensation of the 23rd

Dispensation of the 23rd

The Karmic Board which held a session during two weeks from June 23, 2005 took a decision about the new dispensation. On the 23rd of each month you acquire an unprecedented opportunity to transmute personal and planetary karma. On the 23rd of every month you are provided with a chance to work off the karma of the next month through saying prayers, decrees, Rosaries or mantras.

If a high enough number of people transmute their karma for at least one hour during the day on the 23rd of each month, the efforts you make on karma transmutation will be multiplied in proportion to the number of people who take part in this devotional vigil.

Thus, for example, if on the 23rd of each month you devote one hour a day to the transmutation of the karma of the following month and if one thousand people all over the globe take part in this vigil together with you, your efforts will be multiplied thousandfold. If ten thousand people take part in the vigil, your efforts will be intensified myriads of times. If your living circumstances allow it, you can devote more than an hour to this vigil – as much as is not burdensome for you.

Read your usual prayers and decrees. The most important thing is the tuning of your consciousness. You should aspire with all your being to join your personal efforts together with the efforts of thousands of light-bearers from all over the world.

During the session of the Karmic Board on December 25, 2006 it was decided that that each tellurian who has achieved a certain level of consciousness will be able to spend a part of the energy he frees during praying or while serving Life in order to enable the rest of humanity of Earth to achieve the level of consciousness that is necessary at the current stage of the evolutionary development as soon as possible. From January 23, 2007 one more fundamental point was being added in counterpart to the guidelines of this important dispensation. Each of you, who wish, can direct your energy onto the transmutation of karma of those who have decelerated their development and are unable to understand many Divine Truths. This can relate to your loved ones, your relatives and even strangers to whom you feel a special affinity. On the 23rd of each month of next year you can make a call and transmute that karma that prevents the person chosen by you from the achieving the next level of consciousness. For the time being each of you can practice this dispensation for one person only, for example, this can be your spouse, your child or any of your parents or any person whom you want to help.





"I dedicate all my good actions performed by me on this day, to the transmutation of the next month's karma".

"Then, when reading your prayers or Rosaries, or when rendering charity to someone, constantly remember that the energy of all your actions is directed to the transmutation of karma. In doing so, do not forget that a part of the energy that you release on this day, will be directed by the Ascended Hosts to the world karma transmutation, and mainly to the part of the world where it concerns the prevention of significant cataclysms and natural disasters". (About the forthcoming day of the summer solstice and the Divine mercies connected with this day. Lord Maitreya, June 15, 2006)


An example of a call before prayer ritual (no less then one hour)

"In the name of I AM WHAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self I am asking that the energy of my prayers be multiplied by the number of people participating in today's dispensation."

"In the name of I AM WHAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self I direct the energy of my prayers to:

– dissolution of negative energies, contained in my four lower bodies;

– to the reason and the core of a problem … (name the problem);

– transmutation of karma between me and ………;

– to transmutation of karma of my (husband, wife, son, daughter ...), which impede him (her) to reach the next level of consciousness, according to today's dispensation.

I accept it accomplished in full power, in accordance with God's Holy Will.

In the name of God the Almighty. Amen."

"Let Divine energy flow through you and direct it to dissolve your karmic problems, whether they are connected with your husband, wife, children, parents, or your colleagues at work. This is a very important dispensation that really works now and helps you break through your karmic problems. Every mechanism that Heaven give should be used by you at full capacity". (About the dispensation of the 23rd and other opportunities being given by heaven. Beloved El Morya, July 19, 2006)

"The negative energy cannot disappear by itself, but the energy of your prayers can dissolve the negative karma, just like your visualizations". (About the opportunity to ease the karma of the following month and about the letters to the karmic board. Beloved Surya, June 23, 2005)