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I wish that all of you learn to keep your consciousness at the level where there is only Love, joy, peace, and harmony

Beloved Helios
December 31, 2009

Beloved Helios

I AM Helios. I have come today and I am full of joy! I would like to share this joy with you! Everything that is taking place on Earth now is only one unfortunate episode. And it will be over.

I am a Messenger of the Karmic Board, which is still in session. This time I have the honor to announce to you that there are individuals on Earth who have manifested the necessary momentum of aspiration and self-sacrifice. And this is recorded in the letters to the Karmic Board and in the Akashic Records.

We had an opportunity to present these models of devotion to the Will of God, of self-sacrifice and courage to the Great Central Sun. And this appeared to be enough in order to render the energy that Earth needs so much.

I will tell you my little secret. All this time during the session of the Karmic Board, I was sending my rays of Love to Earth on my own initiative. And during the short winter days in the northern hemisphere, many of you felt the moment and turned your eyes toward me and could feel my Love. I was literally waking your souls up with my Love. And I am pleased that my efforts were not in vain.

Well, this is happy news that has managed to come just before the end of this difficult year. Much effort was applied by the Masters this year in order to balance the situation on the planet. And the joyful news is that the efforts of the Ascended Hosts have found a response in your hearts, in only a few hearts but so sincere and devoted!

What joy it is to feel satisfaction from a job well done! My joy is boundless! And if only I could share my Love, my joy, and my optimism with at least those of you who are reading this Message of mine, you can imagine how the atmosphere on Earth would be brighter and more joyful!

I am surprised at the people who try to find external kinds of fun by getting drunk or indulging in other amusements. I wonder about you because true joy comes from the heart. It can be different. Sometimes the appearance of a person does not show that he is full of inner joy, but it is enough to look into his eyes and it becomes clear to you.

Joy is a state of consciousness that is not attached to the physical world. This consciousness reflects the Higher worlds. And may God grant all of you the ability to learn to feel a quiet joy that makes your life meaningful and makes you straighten your shoulders and not just walk but soar above Earth.

This is special Wisdom that is best matched with Love. Joy and Love. It is enough for you to cultivate only these two qualities within yourselves, and you will see how everything will start changing in your life. Look at me. Don’t you want to smile back at me?

Always, when sadness or a bad state takes control of you, search for me in the sky, catch my ray of Love directed personally to you, and remember this Message of mine.

Promise yourself always to remember me when you are overwhelmed by heavy thoughts and doubts. You simply visualize a huge, fiery solar disk in the heavenly blue sky. This visualization can change your state right before the eyes of the people around you.

Yes, I am a magician, and I can work miracles.

Each of you can also learn to create such miracles. This is a special mercy that can be revealed to you as a gift. This is a gift to kindle the hearts of people. All who are in your presence will be able to experience a surge of strength, energy, and high spirits. Pray for this gift to be granted to you. The secret of this gift is very simple. You become a transmitter of the Divine energy into your world. And when you receive this gift due to your merits, you become similar to the sun for your world. You share the warmth of your soul and your energy with everyone around you without any limitations.

Of course, in order to reach this state, it is necessary to devote many years to the elevation to this level of consciousness. However, there is a shorter path to immediately reach this state, and those of you who wrote letters to the Karmic Board and volunteered to give themselves as a sacrifice in order for the world to continue existing, you can try to ascend to that level of consciousness. For you it is easy.

It is much more difficult to maintain the attained level of consciousness for a long time. And when you overcome yourselves, surmounting your inferior states and the poor quality states of the people around you, and day after day you keep your consciousness at the level of unconditional Love and inner joy, you pass your initiations!

In the New Year, I wish that all of you learn to keep your consciousness at the level where there is only Love, joy, peace, and harmony. The more human individuals that are able to keep this state constantly, the easier it will be for everyone else. It is difficult for the pioneers. It is easier for the ones who follow them.

I AM Helios!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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