About the writing of letters to the Karmic Board


You are on the page "About the writing of letters to the Karmic Board". The page is prepared specifically for the upcoming meeting of the Karmic Board and for writing letters to the Karmic Board.

How to write letters.

According to the Messages of the Ascended Masters, the Karmic Board meets twice a year during the Winter and Summer Solstices.

Meetings usually begin on December 20-22nd and continue until January 1st, and June 20-22nd and continue until July 1st.

The Ascended Masters propose to contact the Karmic Board with written requests for help during this period.

How can we write such a letter? How can we be sure that the letter will reach the addressee? When can we get help? You can read about this in the material below.

Lord Maitreya, June 15, 2006

«… you can take advantage of the opportunity given to you annually and write letters to the Karmic Board. The content of those letters can be made up by you independently. However, I shall remind you of the existing general rules. First of all, you thank the Karmic Board for the favors rendered to you earlier, and then you can start stating your request. If that request concerns favors you expect to receive personally or by your relatives, then after listing your requests you should write the obligations that you voluntarily take upon yourself and that you will carryout in the following half a year until… the new session of the Karmic Board. Your requests and wishes should be stated very simply with the surnames and names of those people for whom you are asking…

… before writing your letters, carefully consider your requests and motives. Do not burden yourself with excessive obligations. Take exactly the obligations that you can fulfill without excessive effort. Many people take such big obligations in their letters that the first problem met in their life forces them to forget completely about the obligations taken and refuse to fulfill them. You may take a very small obligation, but fulfill it with joy and love every day. Do not aim at taking too much upon yourself. Sometimes one prayer read per day is enough for help to be rendered. The purer the energy that you put in reading prayer, the greater is the effect that you reach. And even one phrase: “ Let good befall the world! said by you sincerely, is enough to ease the destinies of many…».

Beloved Surya, December 21, 2006

«…Do not forget about the dispensation of the letters to the Karmic Board. Write the letters… Ask the Karmic Board to free you from what you would like to become free. What qualities and bad habits burden you and impede your development? Direct the momentum of your prayer during the next six months at the elimination of your cherished imperfections, and you will not recognize yourself in six months.The more prayer energy you promise to the Karmic Board to release during the following six months, the sooner you will free yourselves from all your unfortunate attachments and karmic problems.

So, in order for you to take advantage of the dispensation and write letters to the Karmic Board, you must thoroughly analyze what you would like to get rid of first. Address the members of the Karmic Board, list all your requests and wishes. Take on prayer or other obligations that you are ready to perform regularly during the next six months.

Write down your requests and obligations on paper; ask Archangel Michael and the angels of protection to accompany your letter directly to its destination, the Karmic Board; and then burn your letter.

You may keep a copy of the letter, and in six months, provided that you have fulfilled the obligations taken upon yourself, see what has changed.

I am certain that you will get rid of one or several of your main imperfections. Do not forget about gratitude. As soon as you become free from your problems, write a letter of gratitude to the Karmic Board.”

Gautama Buddha, December 22, 2005

«…You know that at this dark time of the year an annual session of the Karmic Board begins. At this session important decisions are made according to which the planet will be living during the following six months until the next session of the Karmic Board, which takes place during the period of the summer solstice. Therefore, you can also take part in this session of the Karmic Board and thus influence the course of the planet’s development during the next half year.

Of course, you will not be let in the hall where the session of the Karmic Board takes place. You will not be able to present there either in your physical bodies or your Higher bodies. But you may appeal to the Karmic Board with your letters, and I assure you that all of your letters will be thoroughly considered…”»

Beloved Surya, June 23, 2005

«…On this day the Karmic Board meeting starts on Earth. You may apply to the Karmic Board with your letters and requests. Your task is to ask for help.The task of the Karmic Board is to consider your request and to render you the help the cosmic mercy can render you. Ask the angels to deliver your letters to the addressee; do not forget to pit your name, last name, and the date and burn the letter. If you decide to keep a copy of your letter, you will find out in some time that much, if not all, of your request to the Karmic Board has come true.

The burden of karma hanging over mankind is too heavy, and the Ascended Hosts use literally every chance to help you, the people of Earth who are in embodiment now. Do not neglect the mercy and the opportunities granted to you.

The Cosmic Law does not allow us to intervene into your karma if you do not ask us about our intervention. But as soon as an appeal has been pronounced and heard, the Ascended Hosts are ready to render you all the possible help.

However, you should not rely entirely on the Ascended Hosts. If a human asks once or help with getting rid of some heavily loaded karma, such as the karma of an abortion, we help. But if some time later this human commits the same action again and creates the same karma, the Ascended Hosts find it much more difficult to help in this case.

Therefore, every time you ask for help in the deliverance of the consequences of your wrong actions in the past, you must consciously take upon yourself the duty never to repeat indoor life such actions that lead to the creation of karma…

… The negative energy cannot evaporate by itself. But the energy of your prayers can dissolve the negative karma… And the energy of the good karma created by your right actions can be directed at your will onto the unburdening of the karmic loads and on providing you with the easiest path to work out your karma.

You must work out the karma of your wrong actions, but you can do it, for example, either by falling and having a fracture or by getting off easily with a light bruise or livid spot.

That is why I recommend you to apply with a request to the Karmic Board today or in the near future. You can also specify in your letter what you concretely promise to do in order to direct the energy of your actions onto the unburdening of your karmic loads.

This may be a responsibility to say a certain number of prayers or Rosaries during a definite period of time. This may also be responsibility to help the penniless and the infirm.

Only such responsibilities should be taken upon yourself that are not beyond your power to fulfill. If you take upon yourself too many responsibilities in the hopes of working out as much karma as possible, you can find yourself unequal to the task. Do not forget that you will have to pass through tests in your life and to maintain the highest state of consciousness in spite all the barriers and life disturbances you will have to encounter.

The negative vibrations and the irritation you can feel if you fall down on the task taken upon yourself can blot out the positive effect from your right actions and deeds.

Do not understand your task as first to sin and then to repent of the sins. Your task is not to create new karma, yet you will have to work out your old karma in one form or another. For that reason, be careful not to create new karma.

Keep in mind that the unreal part of you, your ego, will look for any chance to set you on the wrong track and to prove to you that your prayers and letters are of no use, or that you are exhausted today and can relax without fulfilling the responsibilities undertaken.

You have been creating your karma for millions of years, during your countless earthly embodiments. And do you really wish to get rid of your karma in a moment?

If the Law allowed you to experience the consequences of an instantaneous return of karma, no human would endure for a split second the effect of the negative energy- he would be snowed under.You would be literally torn asunder. For that reason, the Law of Karma returns your karmic duties for performance to you gradually during a significant period of time. And the help you ask for cannot be given to you at once either. We need time to render you help. The time for rendering help can be different for each of you depending on the heaviness of the karma, the content of your request, and the responsibilities you undertake upon yourself.

The time of giving help can also be different and take a period from six months to twelve years.

Consequently, you should gird yourself for everyday labor. Miracles are possible in your life, but you predetermine the miracles in your life yourselves by creating good karma…»

About the writing of letters to the Karmic Board


The quality of changing consciousness is the most important quality
at the present historical period of time

Lord Maitreya, September 13, 2006

Now I’m ready to give you some more information regarding the relationship with your Higher self. Very recently a new Message was given by the Highest Cosmic Council regarding special Divine mercy toward planet Earth. Now, those of you who express the necessary everyday aspiration will be helped in establishing the connection with your Higher self. For this you need to write a letter to the Karmic Board and ask so that, according to the Cosmic Law, you will receive mercy, and the descent of karma that blocks you from establishing connection with your Higher self will be temporarily stopped.

Do you understand ,beloved? This doesn’t mean that everybody will have his or her karma descent stopped. No, we are talking about those individuals who have almost reached the level required to achieve the connection with their Higher Self, but some old karma or energy, some quality that hasn’t been worked off, is in their way. In this case, you will receive mercy and this part of karma will stop descending so that you can establish connection with your Higher Self. You will fill this connection, and you will be guided by your experience and your senses in the future. And when karma descent is restored, nothing will be able to block you from reconnecting with your Higher Self again.

The expansion of the understanding of The Law of Karma

Beloved Kuthumi, July 6, 2006

Now I will give you a formula that will enable you to get relief from your karmic burden if your good karma allows you to. So, you say:

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self ( or simply in the name of God Almighty ), I appeal to the Great Karmic Board and ask you to use the momentum of my righteous achievements for the purpose of neutralizing the karma which has led to… ( you should describe the situation for which you wish to receive help from the Karmic Board ).

May all the things take place in accordance with the Will of God.”

You can write a letter addressed to the Karmic Board, read your call aloud, and burn the letter. If the amount of your accumulated good karma allows, and the Karmic Board decides that your request can be granted, your karmic situation will be resolved ti a greater or lesser degree.

I am offering you to be the chosen ones who will help humankind during a critical moment

Beloved Quan Yin, June 28, 2014

It is difficult for you to understand the essence of our Service. However, when a person is facing a horrible misery and his soul is suffering, if instead of curses and threatening,words of gratitude are coming out of his mouth, then for the enlightenment that he has experienced during the most difficult moment of his life, that person is capable of understanding our Service and our Heroic Act in the name of the evolution of planet Earth.

Today I have come to tell you that at today’s session of the Karmic Board a decision has been made, among others, about the sacrifice that several Beings of Light have made so that humankind can continue its evolution.

Now you are under obligation to these Beings of Light, who have chosen to remain anonymous.

During the next six months, you can be of invaluable service to these Masters. In order to do that, you have to write letters to the Karmic Board and undertake a commitment of advanced Service. I am asking you to take on extra responsibilities in the form of prayer vigils and service to those who are disadvantaged and in need.

Those of you who have certain merits can even give away a part of your causal body.

All of your letters will be reviewed by us, the members of the Karmic Board.

The extent to which the sufferings of humankind will be alleviated in the future depends on how considerable your contributions are.