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Devotees of Spirit are needed!

Master Nicholas Roerich
December 4, 2009

Master Nicholas Roerich

I AM Nicholas Roerich, having come to you to give my next Message. Many things have changed since our last meeting — and not for the better.

How difficult it is to watch non-ascended humankind from my ascended state of consciousness. So many mistakes and failures could be avoided if humankind listened to at least one hundredth of what has been given in our Dictations and Messages.

Sometimes I strongly desire to descend into embodiment to correct many unfortunate blunders that are weaving the inevitability of the worst properties in the future.

I watched the development of the apostleship in Russia to its possible extent. I watched the reaction of the Russian people toward our Messages. I cherished the hope for an easier path, which, thanks to the mercy of Heaven, was opened for Russia and the whole world. The opportunity is almost lost.

I do not know what must happen so that this opportunity can open again and turn into many wonderful years on Earth during which wonderful souls, gifted with talents and many glorious deeds in the past, can come into embodiment.

When we were travelling with the message of Mahatma and a casket with the sacred soil to the government of communist Russia, we did not have any doubt that our mission would be successful, that we would be heard, and that a bright future would open for Russia, which was possible if the authorities of Russia recognized the Masters of Shambhala and their Divine guidance. We were confident of victory, and with this joy we travelled to Russia.

It was a hard blow for me that not only they did not listen to us but also they were trying to arrest us.

Woe to the government and the people who do not accept the Messengers of the Masters. Darkness seized Russia for many long years.

Thanks to Heaven’s mercy, the new Gospel came to Russia; the new Messenger brought this news in 2005. Everything started to change in Russia, the dawn started breaking, a fresh wind started blowing and sweeping away the dust, and the sun illuminated the moldy corners of human consciousness.

There were so many hopes. And the same thing happened. One failure followed another one. There were doubts, rumors, judgments, and gossip. All of that stopped the flow of the Divine opportunity, and the darkness prevailed over Russia again.

We are sorry about the wasted efforts. We are sorry about the energy that was watering the weeds of human consciousness instead of watering the flowers of the Divine consciousness.

The content of this Dictation is not very joyful. And there cannot be any joy where the darkness has won a victory over the Light.

The only opportunity that is still open is the possibility of growth of the Divine consciousness in the minds and hearts of people.

Despite the darkness, despite the cacophony and chaos, please find peace within your hearts. Manage to rise above the vanities of the world and the surrounding darkness, and say:

"No, I will not stop! Nothing will stop me! I am going toward God and no difficulties or failures of the world can stop me."

"I will light the fire in my heart! I will never turn back! I will move forward and nothing will stop me, for I am walking with God!"

Many devoted and sincere hearts are in embodiment now. And sometimes their Light blazes up so strongly in the darkness of the world that it seems like everything can still change. Everything can still turn to a favorable path.

If only these separate flames could be united in a single impulse and weave a canvas on which the right and true patterns of the future could be shown.

I wish I could help you. When I was incarnated, I painted my pictures so that beauty could fill the world. I was convinced that if so many correct patterns became apparent in the world, then their vibrations would be able to stifle any vibrations of darkness, death, and chaos.

Even now I am still convinced of that. And I think that the promotion of the right models in all spheres of life can pull humankind out of the swamp of fears, idleness, despondency, and depression.

There are so many true models in all areas of art. There are so many true systems of upbringing and education.

You just need to have enlightened leadership at the state or even at the local level for these true patterns to have wide application. Do not indulge the lowest human instincts. In that way we create the most undesirable future for our descendants.

Only the patterns of light, only beauty should take the first place in all media, especially on television and on the Internet.

Everything can still be corrected! Devotees of Spirit are needed! Creators and builders are needed!

I am ready to support everyone who calls on my presence to help bring beauty into your world.

I have been with you today. And I am always with you in my heart!

I AM Nicholas Roerich.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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