How to read the Messages

Recommendations of the Masters, contained in Their Messages

Lord Surya, December 22, 2013

“... the only help that can be rendered to humanity at present is our Messages and our energies which we transmit into your world through our Messages.

Many of you might ask the question, 'How can the Messages read by a few of the billions of people living on the Earth change the world?'

Beloved, we never waste the Divine energy. Any Divine Mercy is thoroughly weighed at the High Councils of the Universe before being granted.

Our subtle energies can neutralize a huge amount of negative energies of your world. This is our work on the maintenance of balance on the planet. Each of you can join this great work for the salvation of humanity of the Earth.

With our joint efforts, we will change the situation on the planet. For you, it is enough to read daily one of our Messages given through our Messenger, sequentially, in the chronological order in which they were given.

Our Messages can change your state of consciousness, and unavoidably your surroundings will change following your consciousness. We cannot predict the situation in advance because we do not know how many people will respond to our call and will read our Messages. The state in which you start reading our Messages is very important. So in order for your work to be most efficient, you are to get prepared for reading our Messages and to read them only in the most elevated state you can experience. Only in this case will you be able to transmit the Divine energy into the world around you.

You are given more than a hundred tools described in our Messages in order for you to get attuned to our world before reading. Some of the tools, like Rosaries or meditations, were written by the Messenger at our request.

In order to get prepared for reading our Messages, you should dedicate at least one hour to the spiritual work before reading a Message.

You do not have to use all the tools given to you. You can choose for yourself what suits you best: prayer calls, Rosaries, meditations, or films.

Start reading the Messages only when you completely harmonize all your bodies, thoughts, and feelings.

Changing yourself, you will change the world around you.

Do not think that working to transform your consciousness will be easy. You will need all your determination to fulfill all the instructions of the Masters that are contained in our Messages ”.

Master Kuthumi, January 14, 2010

“ We regularly repeat our recommendations about how to work with our Messages. And I know many people who do not follow our recommendations. We have talked many times about being careful when working with the Messages and that it is not recommended to read more than two Messages per day. For example, one Message can be read in the morning and one in the evening.

Each Message contains energies of different Masters who transmit these Messages. And sometimes the energies belong to a plane that is not very high, while other times the energies belong to a very high plane of Existence. If you start reading several Messages in a row, you put your body under great pressure. Your outer consciousness may not detect this danger because your carnal mind is used to dealing with just the informational component, and it does not take into consideration the energy component of the Messages.

I will give you an example. Your body needs food. When you are hungry or thirsty and you eat a slice of bread or drink a glass of pure water, your body feels satisfied.

Now imagine if you were eating a lot of different kinds of food, without any boundaries, and consuming an unlimited amount of different drinks. I know that many of you do this in your lives, indulging in feasts and gluttony. But don't you feel ill the next day, after you have eaten or drank too much?

There are foods that can be combined with each other, whereas there are foods that cannot be consumed simultaneously. But the majority of people are at such a low energy level that they are unable to understand these simple truths, which have been known for thousands of years and followed by all wise men.

When you read several Dictations from different Masters, you may get the same indigestion in your consciousness, just like you get indigestion in your stomach from uncontrolled food consumption.

You should approach the reading of our Messages very carefully, or you might get inner discomfort or dissatisfaction. Worse yet, you might direct all your displeasure at our Messenger or the Masters.

You should prepare yourself for reading each Message very carefully. You should attune yourself to the Master who is giving the Message with the help of music, the image of the Master, or using a prayer or meditation before reading the Message. That way, you can even out your energy, elevate your consciousness, and the Messages will be beneficial to you.

I will give you another example. The sun is shining on all people and all beings, and there are people who are using solar energy wisely. They spend some time in the sun, then they take a break, and then they expose themselves again to the caressing sunbeams.

There is another group of people, who spend all day at the beach under the burning sun, and then they suffer from burns and fever the next day.

Who is at fault they have gotten the burns? Is it the sun? I think that the answer is obvious. It is their own fault that they have used the sun’s energy uncontrollably.

The energy that is contained in our Messages does not have such obvious effects, but there is still a considerable number of individuals who briefly look through a dozen or two of our Messages without getting to the essence and without attuning themselves properly before reading each Message. The result comes quickly. After a certain period of time, they begin to feel irritated and even angry.

Who is at fault that you are experiencing these feelings? The Messenger? The Masters? I think that the answer is obvious. Nobody outside of you is guilty that you neglect the recommendations of the Masters.

Like everything in your world, our Messages have a dual effect. And, thanks to our Messages, some have attained a smooth aura; the imperfections of their aura that they had had for many years have disappeared. They have become more balanced and more friendly. Their relationships with their families have improved. Peace has come to their souls and homes.

On the contrary, others experience anger, hatred, and disaffection after reading our Messages. Their aura is dissolving day after day, and they are simply destroying themselves.

Beloved, we are wishing you kindness, Love, and harmony. And you can obtain all of that thanks to our Messages. However, inside of you, there is a valve that directs the energy contained in our Messages to either good or evil. Everything in your world, beloved, has a dual effect. And inside of you, there is a mechanism that either makes you vigorously follow the path of evolution or throws you off to the roadside ”.

Beloved Babaji, December 5, 2009

“... I would like to make sure that you have taken all the safety measures that are necessary when reading our Messages.

Those who read our Messages for the first time may be surprised. However, those who have been reading our Messages for a long time are probably aware of the safety measures that are necessary to follow. First, you have to realize that you deal with energy, as our Word carries a definite charge of energy. And like any energy it requires careful and cautious handling otherwise, the result of the reading of our Messages can be unpredictable.

Thus, you have to realize that you are talking with the Masters who have by far excelled you in their level of consciousness. Therefore, you are obliged to have a feeling of esteem and respect for us within yourselves. You cannot talk with God between times, in passing. You cannot drink tea, talk to your colleagues at work, check your children's homework, and read our Messages simultaneously. If you do all that and read our Messages at the same time, then you will create karma that will be directly proportional to the energy contained in our Messages.

I am warning you once again that you are talking with God. Therefore, you have to do this with awe, with great reverence in your heart. Your whole being has to be tuned to communication with God. You have to put all your concerns aside or, vice versa, do not read the Message until you have a favorable moment.

If you are unbalanced or you are under the influence of any negative quality, then the energy contained in our Messages will lead to the intensification of any negativity within you. And vice versa, if you are harmoniously attuned and are full of inner peace, then this state of harmony and peace will also strengthen proportionally to that energy which is contained in the Message ”.

Master Hilarion, January 2, 2008

“ Why do you have a feeling that spiritual work can be done between times or on the run?

Until you form the right attitude toward spiritual work in your consciousness, you won’t get any significant result.

I regret noticing that the lack of attention and concentration is the scourge of your time.

You try to learn diverse things at the same time. You listen to the radio, talk on the phone, or watch TV and try to read our Messages.

Until you collect your strength to concentrate on accepting the spiritual food and throw away all the rest, reading our Messages will not be helpful for you but rather, bad for your development.

I’ll tell you why. If you are busy with some lay activity, such as listening to modern music on the radio or watching a commercial break on TV and trying to read our Message at the same time, then the energy that we put in our Messages is used irregularly. And you slip back instead of going further in your development.

Realize that you are talking to God, you are communicating to the Masters who are far ahead of you, who climbed higher steps of the evolutionary development. Where does that massive disrespect come from?

Why haven’t you got the elementary decency in your communication with us?

I would like you to stop seeing the Teaching that we give you through our Messenger as something self-evident and ordinary.

Thousands of Beings of Lightwork at delivering every Message. We spend precious energy from God; we collect it grain by grain and pour it into our Messages.

... unless you change your attitude toward your communication with the Masters and overcome some associated negative features of your character, you can badly hurt your soul. Remember that when you get the Divine energy, you yourself direct it in your world with the help of your thoughts, feelings, and state. When you get the energy from reading our Messages while being in the wrong state, likewise you can use it irregularly, directing it toward the increase of illusion and create your karma.

At your stage of evolutionary development, you have to use Divine energy with more responsibility ”.