SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Ascended Masters on the Divine State of Consciousness

Lord Maitreya

The Path of Initiations is always open for those souls who are devoted to God and the Masters.

…the Path of Initiations is an individual path.

This is the Path that gives your soul a chance in one incarnation to reach the next level of evolutionary development. And now this Path is open, no matter what. As external circumstances become more and more severe, the merits for the soul that follows the Path, despite external obstacles, increase manifold.

Even if all of humanity will follow a confident walk into the abyss, your task is to rely on God within you and act according to Conscience in the most difficult situations.

The choice is always the same: either you choose immortality for your soul, or you choose a satisfying and comfortable life for your body.

If you believe in God and the Ascended Masters, sooner or later you will be among Us.

Your task at the current stage is to return to the Divine states of consciousness.

The Path of Initiations is always open for those souls who are devoted to God and the Masters.

I AM Maitreya.

«At the core of the Teaching is the Highest Moral Law. The Divine nature of man is reflected in him as his Conscience, his highest human qualities: mercy and compassion, kindness and honor, readiness to work for the Common Good and the ability to sacrifice……

Man is called on to develop his divine nature».

Tatyana N.Mickushina
From the book “ For Russia with Love “

John the Baptist

Prepare your temples for the coming of the Messiah!

After having received access to the Divine state of consciousness, people would have been drawn to the like ones very quickly. The Divine state of consciousness is as catching as any manifestation of a non-divine state of consciousness, characteristic of many people now.

People are closely interconnected in the higher planes. A happy thought and good thinking, if they are born in several minds and hearts simultaneously, are capable of spreading from heart to heart. It is similar to a candle that can easily kindle a million candles with its flame.

Blessed hearts, you have an opportunity to listen to the Teachings of the great Beings of Light who have been coming into incarnation to teach mankind during the last thousands of years.

You have an opportunity to receive an unprecedented stream of the Divine energy through these Dictations. And this dispensation, this Heaven’s gift for you, became possible due to this opportunity. Rate this opportunity highly. Drink the nectar of Divine energy. But remember that no drop of this Energy should be wasted in vain. Energy is being granted to you for performing good deeds, not for finding out who is more divine and superior among you. You are not able to know it with your human consciousness. The greatest people among you are those who do their best to serve life and all living creatures and do not demand anything for themselves in return. This is because there is nothing in this life that is worth exchanging for the gift of the Divine communion and for the opportunity to serve God during a whole life.

John the Baptist, April 11, 2005

Beloved Lanello

You must prove your level of Christ consciousness every day

Only when you experience incomparable quiet joy and peace, you are residing in God, in the Divine state of consciousness.

You only need to watch your inner state and constantly keep harmony and peace within you.

Learn to constantly control your inner state and take measures to suppress any imperfect state within you.

You can ask the Ascended Hosts for help…

Beloved Lanello (Mark Profet), December 17, 2005

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory

I came to remind you of your Divine origin and the necessity to overcome your unreal part.

… the Fiery World, the world where fiery thoughts rule, the world created by the power of thoughts, which lives because of the Divine Love…

In our world only your Divine qualities may stay with you: unselfishness, devotion, faithfulness, love, compassion, Divine mercy and charity, and purity… There are so many qualities in the Divine World that you may keep with you. But in order for you to have these qualities, you have to develop them in your physical manifested world.

…there is room for manifestation of the Divine qualities. These are the states when you experience the feelings of self-sacrifice, Divine compassion, and unconditional Love. Each of you was able to experience these states of consciousness at least once. You only have to remember these moments and extend them in your life for as long a period of time as possible so that all your life consists of high, Divine states of consciousness.

Hurry up, because what you can easily get during your physical life is impossible to reach when being in the Divine World.

Cosmic Being Powerful Victory, December 29, 2006

Beloved Lanto

I wish you to manifest only positive qualities in your lives and to be constantly striving for the glorious summits of the Divine World!

All the Divine perfection lies within you. You simply need to learn how to gain access to that perfection. In order to do that, you need to clear your conductors from the trash that you have collected on Earth during thousands of incarnations.

You need to learn how to experience a constant feeling of inner joy, even when the external circumstances of your life unfold in the worst way possible, or so it seems to you. That is because the dark period will inevitably be followed by a period of light, the dark night will be followed by the dawn of the new day! It will be this way as long as this material Universe exists. Soon, your feeling of joy will become such a genuine manifestation of your nature that you will not experience any negative feelings or dismay ever again!

I wish you to manifest in your lives only the positive qualities and to be constantly striving for the glorious summits of the Divine World!

Beloved Lanto, July 17, 2006

Beloved Serapis Bey

There is no sense in giving you this Teaching if it is not reinforced in practice

…you cannot even imagine what great work is performed by the Ascended Hosts in order to transmit each Message.

There is an impervious energy barrier between our two worlds.

The readiness of the Messenger must match our readiness. Then, the moment comes when the two worlds become attuned to each other. The moment comes when a Message comes into your world. It happens quietly, like the voice of a stream; quietly, like the rustling of leaves; quietly, like the opening of rose petals.

…you should use the Teaching that we give through our Messenger as a reference.

There are many people in your world who hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. There are even a greater number of people who think that they hear the voices of the Ascended Masters. Yet, there are only a few, including our Messenger, through whom we give this Teaching, who are able to provide you with proper models and proper orienting points because it is their mission on the planet, and they have incarnated with that mission.

Beloved Serapis Bey, June 24, 2008

Saint Michael Archangel

A Teaching on the substitution of fear with Divine Love

Imagine yourself sitting on a river-bank or near a lake or a spring while the sun is shining brightly in your face. The gentle touch of the rays of the sun is so pleasant! The sun penetrates deeper and deeper inside you every day. And one day you yourself become the Sun, giving your Light and Love to all those who need Light and Love.

The time will come when the sun of your Divine consciousness will be able to shine through you and give its warmth to many people who haven't set themselves free of things that do not allow them to force their way to the sun of Divine Presence in them.

You are sun-like. You just need to clear centuries-old coatings of dirt off your vessel so that it can become clean and transparent.

Saint Michael Archangel, January 5, 2007

Beloved Lanto

A Daily Necessity Talk

And when you manage to attune, to come to a higher state of consciousness, you are able to rise above the vanity. And many things that used to be a stumbling-block for you, take on special significance and sound.

As you become similar to children in your perception of everything that exists, the Eternity opens to you.

…there is nothing common between the quality of the Divine Mind and the development of your intelligence. The Divine Wisdom comes to you only at the time of surrender of your carnal mind, and your human mind is dreaming.

That is why you should reject your carnal mind in order to rise to the next vibrational level.

Beloved Lanto, June 22, 2008

Beloved Lanto

My Divine flame is always with you!

And when the Divine flame takes hold of your being, it will be impossible for you not to share, not to sacrifice yourself. You will blaze and illuminate the Path for those people who are still in the dusk of doubt and unbelief. You will be able to share your Light. And you will do it selflessly, expecting no reward or honors. You will be awakened to Life eternal, the Life that is not limited by the period of one lifetime or one planet but the Life that embraces with its consciousness the entire Universe and unites its consciousness with every being in the Universe.

I am talking about the highest states of consciousness that must be accessible to you.

You are in the Divine state of consciousness only when you constantly experience Love, joy, and elevated states of consciousness. I congratulate those of you who are capable of experiencing such states of consciousness at least for a while!

The level of your consciousness is determined by perfect states of joy, inner tranquility, and peace.

Zarathustra, December 8, 2009

Lord Shiva

I have come to give you a Teaching about God

The task of your embodiment is to enable the Divine Truth to manifest through you, through your entire being!

You must find within yourselves a more stable state of inner self-confidence, dignity, nobleness, harmony, and tranquility.

This is truly the state that will help you cope with any difficulties and trials. You must strive to acquire a point of balance, a foothold within yourselves. This is vital because if you do it, if you find a foothold within yourselves, then you will always be calm even when the whole world is stormy.

This foothold is the connection with your authentic essence, with your Divine essence, with God within you.

When you acquire this state of balance and peace, you will win a great victory! You can lose this state for a little while, you can be immersed in the illusion again and again, yet you will already know where you should aspire.

Lord Shiva, December 22, 2012


Your consciousness and your ability to distinguish will give you an opportunity to continue the evolution

Your state of consciousness determines everything that happens to you in your life, and not only in this life but also all that will happen to you in the future, in your future lives.

That is why we come and give our talks, in order for you to change your consciousness and to turn it in the direction of the Divine Truth, the Divine reality.

The fuss will leave your world. And then you will be able to attune to the world of the Divine. All perishable things will eventually leave your world, but not before you learn how to make your distinction between the true Divine world and the illusory world.

Your consciousness and your ability to distinguish will give you the opportunity to continue the evolution.

You have to overcome many subtle layers in your consciousness before you can be established on the rock of the Divine state of consciousness

Babaji, June 23, 2012