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I have come to give you a Teaching about God

Lord Shiva
December 22, 2012

Lord Shiva
About Lord Shiva

I AM Shiva!!!

I have come!

I have come as always in might and in all my fullness!

I AM Shiva!

Today I must tell you about the Truth, which your consciousness is not able to take in so far. But if you meditate long enough and persistently on this Truth, then gradually you will become the manifestation of this Truth yourself.

I have come to give you a Teaching about God because in this world and in all other worlds there is nothing but God. The state of consciousness that you possess now is the only thing that separates you from God and the Divine Truth.

If you meditate on God and the Divine Truth every day, then you will be able to express this Truth in your world more fully and completely.

The task of your embodiment is to enable the Divine Truth to manifest through you, through your entire being!

How to do it? How can you fulfill the task of your embodiment?

Of course, my words seem strange and meaningless for many of you. However, if this is the case, then your consciousness is just thoroughly blocked from the Divine Truth. And you should immediately start taking measures in order to restore your right state of consciousness and the right guidelines in your life.

Imagine a person who is lost in the forest. The usual world is left far behind. There is a totally different reality around him: a thick jungle, impassable bushes, and tall trees. Neither sun nor horizon is visible. It is dusk that reigns, and the smell of dampness and mustiness is in the air; not a breath of wind, not a ray of light.

Your state of consciousness resembles the state of consciousness of a person who is lost in the woods. In the same way, you are deep in the thickets of the illusion and do not know in which direction to move. It seems to you that you have come across a path that will hopefully lead you out of the thickets. It is similar to how you grasp at the first-found teaching or faith. You hear familiar words about God, and they evoke a response in the innermost depths of your being. Yet, in a while you understand that you are mistaken. The path has turned out to be another illusion of your consciousness.

Once again you fall into despair. You beg God to reveal the Path to you. It seems to you that everything is already hopeless. There is no strength to overcome the fear, the dusk of your human consciousness, and the jungle all around you. The illusion completely takes hold of your consciousness. It seems to you that nothing can change your way of living. Everything seems dull and ordinary: wild howls of the city jungle, grinding sounds of the brakes, fears and rustles.

You soul cries out, How long, Lord, can one keep bearing it?

Then, when it seems that nothing in the whole world is pleasant, when all the surroundings seem hostile and unfriendly, the Path must be revealed and the Divine Truth must come in sight. Not somewhere outside of you and your being. The Truth is revealed within. Indeed, it really looks like a flash of a supernova.

It is the transition to a new level of consciousness.

It is illumination!

It is joy!

It is happiness!

It is bliss!

How many of you have already experienced this state?

How many of you are looking forward to this state?

I know, and you must become aware, that the first flashes of illumination will be followed by years of testing. You will be trying to regain the state of bliss that you have experienced. You will strive to acquire it again. It may be that until the end of your current embodiment you will not be able to return to this state of freedom from the sleep in the illusion.

However, I must tell you that it is not this state of ecstasy and bliss that you should aspire to. You must find within yourselves a more stable state of inner self-confidence, dignity, nobleness, harmony, and tranquility.

This is truly the state that will help you cope with any difficulties and trials. You must strive to acquire a point of balance, a foothold within yourselves. This is vital because if you do it, if you find a foothold within yourselves, then you will always be calm even when the whole world is stormy.

This foothold is the connection with your authentic essence, with your Divine essence, with God within you.

When you acquire this state of balance and peace, you will win a great victory! You can lose this state for a little while, you can be immersed in the illusion again and again, yet you will already know where you should aspire.

It is similar to a compass that will guide you when you get lost in the woods. If you keep moving in one direction, then sooner or later you will scramble out of the jungle, and your wanderings in the dusk of the illusion will cease.

Pay heed to the fact that you must constantly make efforts to advance toward reality. You cannot aspire to and go along the Path on one day and then have a day off on the next day.

If you do not constantly make efforts to come out of the forest where you got lost, then you risk not coming out of the woods at all. Predatory animals are looking forward to the moment when you relax and fall asleep.

Similarly, if you stop making daily efforts in the world that you live in, and predatory animals of your insatiable desires start approaching you, then it will be good if you suddenly remember that you need to continue moving.

All landmarks on your Path are known.

All dangers are identified.

You should just find the power within yourselves and begin moving.

Do understand that not everything is ideal in your world. To be precise, everything is very far from perfection. Therefore, the first and foremost thing will be your aspiration to acquire the gift of distinction, the Divine vision.

If you carefully choose and select everything that surrounds you in your world, if you care about the quality and the vibrations of the things that surround you, of the food that you consume, of the people with whom you communicate, of the books that you read, of the music that you listen to, then over time the space that you have created around you will start helping and supporting you at those moments when you lose your inner guidelines.

Everything in your life has a meaning.

Everything should be treated very carefully.

Sometimes one object that you fix your eyes on at a difficult moment is enough to change your vibrations, and then you enter the field of higher, Divine vibrations.

Now the time has come when much depends on each of your choices, on each of your steps, and on each of your thoughts.

The circumstances on the planet have changed.

It is necessary to be very cautious.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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