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You must prove your level of Christ consciousness every day.

Beloved Lanello
December 17, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, and I have come to you again through our Messenger. I have come in order to remind you once again of the responsibility that comes to you simultaneously with the energy and the information being received by you. You could notice that this cycle of Dictations differs from the previous cycle.

Indeed, we had the right to expect something greater from you, after all that information and energy that you received during the previous spring-summer cycle of the Dictations.

There is something we managed to change in people's consciousness, but these changes are negligibly small in comparison with those changes that we had the right to expect.

Yes, quite a large number of incarnated people have acquired a level of Christ consciousness, and we had the right to expect more actions on the physical plane from them.

However, inertness and dullness of matter instantly affected their level of consciousness as soon as we finished the cycle of the Dictations. Having lost constant replenishment that came to them together with the energy of the Dictations, many people who had already achieved Christ consciousness allowed their level of consciousness to decrease again. I can tell you, beloved, how the person who has reached and is keeping the level of Christ consciousness differs from the rest of the people who have not achieved this level yet. The main and basic difference is that this person cannot live anymore as he has lived before; he can't help acting, and he dedicates all his life and all the circumstances of his life to the manifestation of specific actions on the physical plane in order to realize our plans.

You cannot achieve a level of Christ consciousness and rest on your laurels up to the end of your incarnation. No, you must prove your level of Christ consciousness day after day every day. It is hard daily work.

To our regret, we saw that as soon as the cycle of the Dictations that we gave through our Messenger was over, gradually, many of those whom we counted on and put our hopes in lowered their consciousness to the previous level.

And this is a very saddening fact.

None of the achievements in the spiritual area that you have achieved while being in incarnation can be kept for even several months if you do not maintain your level of consciousness with your everyday efforts.

There cannot be any rest in the physical octave, only everyday work and everyday efforts.

I will give you an example with a sportsman who has achieved an outstanding result and got the world champion title. But if he stops training every day and rests on his laurels instead, then very soon he will not be able to keep his physical shape. And others will come who will beat the world record achieved by him.

If you are satisfied with the champion title that you have achieved and now you wish to rest on your laurels, then we, the Ascended Hosts, do not wish to have anything in common with you, and you cannot count on our support anymore.

Understand that daily efforts are required from you.

There are many light-bearers in incarnation, but how difficult it is to find those among them whom we can fully rely on.

We see how the hearts of many have lit up after they read the cycle of the previous Dictations given by us through our Messenger. And it was so painful for us to observe how the flame burning in their hearts gradually faded until it began to smoke and blacken and finally went out.

You cannot imagine how grieved we are to witness your poor "achievements." It is similar to how you see many people around you; your cities are literally overcrowded with people. But when you go out in the street, you feel complete loneliness because even if these people speak the same language as you, you are not able to understand each other. And it happens exactly because your levels of consciousness differ so much.

When you allow a fall in your consciousness, the information that brought joy to you and inspired you starts to be perceived by you as something uninteresting and not requiring your attention.

You embark on a search for new information and new sources of information and forget about that quiet joy in your heart and that excitement when you were drinking the healing balm of the Divine energy contained in our Dictations.

Because the level of your consciousness has fallen, you are not capable of distinguishing the authentic vibrations anymore, and you are compelled to consume the surrogates that the shelves of your shops are stuffed with.

Now you have a better understanding of our sadness and the reason why the tone of our Dictations has changed.

We expected more. Now we are forced to rely only on those who have not lost the spark of the Divinity within them, who have been able to keep burning the flame that lit up in their hearts after reading our Dictations.

Well, each of you has the right to make your own choice. We can only regret the choice made by you, but we cannot help you in any way.

The state of your consciousness can be maintained at the needed level only with your daily efforts. Every day you must relentlessly force yourself to work not only on your body muscles but also on your spiritual muscles. Otherwise they will simply deteriorate.

If you have not experienced blissful delight from contemplating the nature, a child's smile, if you have lived through a day without love, you have lived that day completely in vain.

Every minute of your stay on Earth you must remember your true Home where your souls have come into incarnation from, and you must be constantly guided by the advice of your Higher Self in all your daily choices.

How can you determine if you are residing in God?

It is very simple, beloved. You simply observe the state you are in. And, if you are subjected to any negative feeling, whether it is judgment, worry, depression, or irritability, then you are not in the Divine state of consciousness.

Only when you experience incomparable quiet joy and peace, you are residing in God, in the Divine state of consciousness.

Therefore, learn to observe yourself. And learn to identify your inner states.

The state of consciousness you are in leaves a mark on everything you do. And, if you are irritated, then you act literally as a generator of irritation. You are contagious, and you infect everyone around you with your irritation even if you are simply sitting at home at that time. There are no borders for your thoughts and feelings. And any one of your negative thoughts and feelings is instantly spread by you over the whole globe.

Miracles of heroism demonstrated by a handful of our devoted servers are required in order to offset and neutralize the consequences of your thoughts and feelings.

You only need to watch your inner state and constantly keep harmony and peace within you.

There are certain recipes for each of you on how you can maintain your harmonious state. There are none and cannot be any common recipes. And we cannot make you all pray or meditate. But you must use some measures that help you reach a harmonious state.

It is usually enough for the majority of people to simply be alone in nature in order for inner harmony and peace to come to them. But maybe you need interaction with children or animals or engaging in something that you love doing.

Learn to constantly control your inner state and take measures to suppress any imperfect state within you.

You can ask the Ascended Hosts for help but sometimes you forget to take even that simple action.

I am ready to render my personal help and support to everyone who will turn to me at this dark season. Here is my hand. Take it and hold it tight during any hard situations you go though in your life.

It is necessary for as many incarnated people as possible to be able to keep the balance on the planet right now. And if you are not capable of keeping the balance on the planet, then at least keep the balance within you. And with that you will render your invaluable help to the Ascended Hosts.

I AM Lanello, and I have come in order to give you my helping hand again.

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