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Prepare your temples for the coming of the Messiah

John the Baptist
April 11, 2005

John the Baptist

I AM John the Baptist. I was the one who predicted the advent of the Messiah Christ.

I have come. I have come to tell you the story of my life, of my last life. And I have come to give you some instructions concerning your current lives.

Many things have changed on Earth since my last incarnation. Changes have happened in the family life of people, in their work, in their surrounding world. There are many new things now and many inventions are used in the external world.

However, if we consider man’s world outlook and his views about God and the structure of the universe, we will not see such substantial changes. Yes, the terminology has changed; many scientific discoveries have been made and have revealed to man the structure of the universe and the laws of the physical world.

But at the same time, man’s consciousness is still tied down to the external manifestations of the physical world, external respect for God, and external rituals, as though two thousand years have not passed since the time of my incarnation.

Man utilizes all scientific ideas and inventions with a simply enviable speed. Man’s application of these inventions leads not to approaching God but to separation from Him.

It seems progressive to you to listen to modern rhythms during church services and it seems modern to use scientific terminology for explaining the universe.

Any scientific invention, as well as any achievement of the human consciousness, is immediately utilized by man for further separation from God.

The simplicity of the Divine feeling and the simplicity of the Divine life are shrouded by you in numerous modern terms and ideas.

You use a lot of technical terms when speaking about God. If you had applied so much effort in order to destroy the obstacles in your consciousness really separating you from God, life on Earth would have changed as if with a wave of a magic wand.

Most modern inventions just bar your path to God insurmountably.

You know that I lived in the desert during my incarnation. I lived on locusts and wild honey. People thought me to be insane. But I could have communion with God only after I had separated myself from people and their vanity. And I would not have exchanged this communion for any human riches and honors.

I seldom spoke to people. My basic Teaching was directed at purifying of their souls and preparing them for the coming of the Messiah.

People understood my words in their own way, thinking that I was talking about the coming of some external Messiah, a man who was to free them from their troubles and misfortunes.

But I meant not only the coming of an external Messiah but also the coming of an inner one that had always been dwelling in the consciousness of every man. I was preparing human consciousness for the coming of this Messiah.

I would not think any of those people understood what I was talking about. But still, human consciousness changed a little and they began expecting the coming of Christ. And He came and carried out his Mission honorably.

My sermon cost me my life. Contrary to most of the people, the ruling clergymen soon realized that my Teaching, if it had been understood by the people, would have deterred the flock from external worshipping and external rituals forever and would have directed them to the meeting with the real Messiah, to their inner meeting with God and the real part within them.

Having obtained such an inner communion and such bliss inside of them, people would never have been able to trust any external religion or teachers.

After having received access to the Divine state of consciousness, people would have been drawn to the like ones very quickly. The Divine state of consciousness is as catching as any manifestation of a non-divine state of consciousness, characteristic of many people now.

People are closely interconnected in the higher planes. A happy thought and good thinking, if they are born in several minds and hearts simultaneously, are capable of spreading from heart to heart. It is similar to a candle that can easily kindle a million candles with its flame. I did not have an opportunity to give my Teaching to a large number of people, of course. I was teaching those few who had the courage to come up and listen to me. People were scared to receive knowledge from me because clergymen prohibited them from communicating with me. It was hard for me to give knowledge to people.

Look at the changes that have taken place around you so far. I dictate this Message and you can receive it on the same day even if you are on the other side of the planet. It is really a time of great opportunities for you. We do not even need to waste either your efforts or ours on gathering together people who are ready to perceive our Teaching at a certain place on Earth. You receive our Teaching and our vibrations due to the blessed gift granted to humanity by Saint Germain. I mean the Internet. And this is one of a few cases when the use of the Internet does real good and, as a matter of fact, this was the aim with which this invention was introduced in the physical plane.

Now, my blessed hearts, you have an opportunity to listen to the Teachings of the great Beings of Light who have been coming into incarnation to teach mankind during the last thousands of years.

You have an opportunity to receive an unprecedented stream of the Divine energy through these Dictations. And this dispensation, this Heaven’s gift for you, became possible due to this opportunity. Rate this opportunity highly. Drink the nectar of Divine energy. But remember that no drop of this Energy should be wasted in vain. Energy is being granted to you for performing good deeds, not for finding out who is more divine and superior among you. You are not able to know it with your human consciousness. The greatest people among you are those who do their best to serve life and all living creatures and do not demand anything for themselves in return. This is because there is nothing in this life that is worth exchanging for the gift of the Divine communion and for the opportunity to serve God during a whole life. So, try to use the received Energy properly. Prepare your temples for the coming of the Messiah and let your Messiah, which is your Higher Self, your Christ Self, come to you, be in you, speak through you, and act through you.

Oh, beloved, I am happy to know that beloved Alpha has granted this opportunity to you in this difficult but really blessed time for this planet.

I will be happy to meet each of you who will raise his vibrations up to my level, and I will be able to come to you personally and to commune with you within your heart.

My beloved and blessed: Trust me; everything will be just as it has been predicted. Your eyes will begin to see clearly; you will see us and commune with us, and stroll with us, and talk to us.

There are no boundaries in the Divine world. You yourselves have created these boundaries in your consciousness. But the time has come to give them up.

I cannot suppress the joy overwhelming me from the opportunity to appeal to you personally. And I know that many of you reading these lines are already prepared to commune with me.

You can only imagine the change in the world when each of you receives an opportunity of a personal communion with the Ascended Hosts. But this will take place. This will be sooner or later. And this will be just as unavoidable as the fact that spring follows winter and is followed by summer in its turn.

I AM John the Baptist, Elijah the Prophet[1], and I tell you my prophecy. My prophecy will certainly come true, and you know it in your hearts too.

I AM John the Baptist.

[1] Elijah was the Israelite prophet who was taken up into heaven in a chariot of fire (II Kings 2:11). Later he was embodied as John the Baptist who prepared the way for Jesus’ mission (Matthew 17:10-13). Elijah was a rare exception of a man who ascended and then re-embodied in physical form. After his lifetime as John the Baptist, he returned to the ascended state. (Translator’s footnote.)

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