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My Divine flame is always with you!

December 8, 2009


I AM Zarathustra. I have come again in order to talk to you about the questions that you are probably interested in.

What do you think may happen on Earth if many people heed what the Ascended Masters are talking about? Will this be good for the planet as a whole?

I think the more people who read our Messages, the more favorable the situation in the world will become, and better conditions will be created for the development of people’s souls on Earth. What prevents people from listening to us, the Ascended Masters? What is stopping them?

Most people at their level of development simply cannot perceive what we are talking about.

Their consciousness is fully occupied with only the physical plane, and they cannot break away from the physical plane.

There is another type of people who suspect the existence of something that is not perceived by their physical sense organs. They resort to all sorts of ways in order to force this something to serve them by using magic, sorcery, and various practices. This is the lowest level of consciousness that is able to perceive our Messages. Unfortunately, these people cannot see the Truth that is contained in our Messages; they can only use the information that is contained in our Messages to serve their egos. There are many such people. However, our Messages are not intended for them.

Our Messages are designed for people with the level of consciousness who are capable of not just thinking about themselves and their relatives and about satisfying the physical needs of themselves and the people around them. Our Messages are meant for those people who think of eternal concepts like Service and self-sacrifice. From the point of view of the majority of people living on the planet, these people are like white crows. How can someone believe in something that cannot be touched? How can someone dedicate his time for this, act for the sake of something abstract that cannot be seen, and live based on concepts that go beyond the limits of one life?

Unfortunately, such people are a minority among all those living on Earth, but for the sake of these people, we come and give our Messages.

All of you see trees and grass blooming in spring. All of you see fruits and seeds gradually formed in autumn.

Some time passes and new plants grow from the seeds. However, most of the seeds do not germinate. Most of the seeds die. The same can be applied to people. Each of you has the potential to develop, to manifest your Divine potential. However, not all people are able to manifest that potential.

Many hundreds of thousands and millions of years ago, the Masters of Wisdom endowed humankind with reason.[1] And thanks to that act of self-sacrifice, humankind could develop and evolve. However, not all the seeds that are sown inside you can germinate. Many of them perish. And the percentage of the unrealized potential is exactly the same as the percentage of plant seeds that die.

Have you ever considered the evolution of humankind from this viewpoint? Has it ever occurred to you that the time allotted for the development of your Divine potential is limited and may come to an end?

I am saying harsh things. And I expect that those people who are capable of perceiving the words of the Ascended Masters will find the strength within themselves to overcome the forces of the illusion that draw them to the ground as if with ropes. I do hope that the flame that is present within you will be able to gain the impulse for its development. And when the Divine flame takes hold of your being, it will be impossible for you not to share, not to sacrifice yourself. You will blaze and illuminate the Path for those people who are still in the dusk of doubt and unbelief. You will be able to share your Light. And you will do it selflessly, expecting no reward or honors. You will be awakened to Life eternal, the Life that is not limited by the period of one lifetime or one planet but the Life that embraces with its consciousness the entire Universe and unites its consciousness with every being in the Universe.

I am talking about the highest states of consciousness that must be accessible to you. You are imprisoned by your imperfect thoughts and feelings. You must find the power within yourselves to break out of the limitations inherent in your consciousness! You are to surmount all the imperfect states of consciousness within yourselves!

You are in the Divine state of consciousness only when you constantly experience Love, joy, and elevated states of consciousness. I congratulate those of you who are capable of experiencing such states of consciousness at least for a while!

The level of your consciousness is not determined by the number of prayers that you utter or by the number of times you visited temples and holy places. The level of your consciousness is determined by perfect states of joy, inner tranquility, and peace.

But in order for you to attain these states, you need to pray, to overcome your negative states of consciousness, and to give up your bad habits.

There are a sufficient number of true heroes of spirit who are in embodiment now. I will be happy if they read this Message of mine. I endow this Message with my impulse of support, the impulse for development, and to surmount inferior states of consciousness.

The Divine flame, my Divine flame, is always with you! Do invite my presence in those moments that are particularly hard for you, and I can bring the flame of my heart to the most distressing place on Earth in order to render you my assistance and support!

There is a particle of me within many souls incarnated on Earth right now. And I will not leave you until the Divine flame within you develops such power that it can never go out under the influence of any adversity in your world.

I AM Zarathustra, with Love to your souls!

[1] Refer to the Dictation of Beloved Zarathustra The carnal mind has to give up its place to the Divine Reason, March 30, 2005 in the book Words of Wisdom Volume 1

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