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I have come to affirm the qualities of joy, aspiration, and victory in your consciousness

Lord Maitreya
October 9, 2006

Lord Maitreya
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I AM Maitreya, having come through my Messenger again. I have come to give the next Message to the people of Earth. As always, I would like to say many things, but I will have to focus on the most important matters that are urgent and need to be conveyed without waiting for the next cycle of the Dictations. So, I have come in order to tell you some new information so that you can take a new look at the things that have been previously mentioned and to reconsider some of your views and stereotypes. Today's information concerns the changes that continue taking place at an accelerated pace in the consciousness of people. We are glad that the pace of these changes has accelerated so much that, at last, the time has come when we can surely state the fact that the changes taking place on Earth are favorable in terms of evolution. These changes are taking place in all spheres of activity. I must especially emphasize that the process of changing has accelerated within the consciousness of people inhabiting both Russia and those countries that read our Messages which we are giving through our Messenger. I am glad, and the Ascended Hosts are glad that mankind is entering the zone of sustainable development, and no external circumstances can prevent us from executing our plans.

As soon as the worlds became contiguous, the process of interpenetration of the worlds accelerated, and now nothing can get in the way of the changes that are taking place.

I am happy that a sufficient number of people in incarnation have been found who have responded to our appeals and have taken upon yourselves the burden of disinterested serving to mankind of Earth. Your ranks are increasing in number every day. Of course, there are those who have allowed doubts to seize their consciousness and lost much of what has been gained through strenuous efforts. But not everything is lost, as rollbacks and doubts are inevitable in your world. This is because your world has always developed in an undulatory way. Do not allow negative states to seize your consciousness. I understand that with the change of the season and the coming of the dull autumn days when the Sun is a rare guest, it is difficult for you to keep your consciousness at a high level. That is why I have come today to cheer you up and to give you a Message in the form of an affirmation of the attained progress. Your progress is so evident that only skeptical people may keep on pretending that there are no changes at all. I have come to affirm the qualities of joy, aspiration, and victory in your consciousness; victory is unavoidable and is awaiting you in the relatively near future. Keep up!

I am happy that we have succeeded in passing the Divine Truth to such a large number of human individuals incarnated in this difficult far-reaching time. And I am happy that many of you have awakened from your long dormancy, which you have been in for more than one incarnation. The time has surely come, and the cosmic opportunity predicted by the prophets of the past has opened up for Earth. It will not take long for this opportunity to appear in the manifested world. Observe all the circumstances that are changing around you. Do not stop mentioning the changes taking place in your diaries. There have never ever been such miracles, which are becoming more and more evident now. I will not be surprised if soon the governments of many countries of the world base the policies of their countries in accordance with the Cosmic Law. They simply will not be able to manage in the old way using old governance techniques, because the consciousness of the masses has changed and demands that all authority institutions adjust to the transformed people’s consciousness.

The generation that is coming into life now needs special care and protection. It is exactly this generation that is to fulfill the Divine Plan in the near foreseeable future. Do not be afraid of the changes in your lives or in the situation in the world. Nothing can threaten you if you behave in a proper way and keep the Law properly. None of the disasters or cataclysms can threaten those who faithfully serve God, who exists within all of Life and in each particle of Life.

I have been glad to express my own delight in this Message and to give credit for your efforts, which you apply every day.

And now I would like to give one more little piece of information; this information concerns the events of the so-called Transition that many people are waiting for and preparing themselves for. One should never take any prophecy or any upcoming disaster too seriously because many prophecies were uttered but did not come true, whereas other prophecies that were not uttered did come true. I recommend that you tune in to the present and catch every moment of your life as the one having value for centuries. In fact, nothing exists in the Divine world but eternal "now." And this "now" you create by your own consciousness. One should never pay too much attention to what has already happened or to what has not happened yet. Your mood in every moment of your life is the only thing that forms the future that is waiting for you. Therefore, focus on filling each moment of your life with joy, love, warmth, and happiness because you yourselves are the creators of your happiness, and you yourselves are the creators of your future.

We come to give the Teaching, but you and only you can carry out the changes on your planet when you take in this Teaching and become a bearer of this Teaching for millions of those who have not awakened yet.

I am glad that the time of awakening is coming for many people, and I am glad that I can come so easily and share my state and my mood with you. I will be much happier if I manage to pass my state on to as many incarnated people as possible.

I have been happy with our new meeting, and as always, it is a bit of a pity to part.

See you later, dear friends!

I AM Maitreya!

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