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I would like to come up and to embrace each of the 144,000 Christ-beings who are in embodiment on planet Earth at present

Beloved Lanello
June 11, 2005

Beloved Lanello

I AM Lanello, having come again.

The state of the world around you has undergone subtle alterations. Few people have noticed amidst the daily hustle and bustle the important changes that have taken place. The events do not hurry to be manifested, but the process has been launched and has started to unfold as was anticipated.

If people believed their Higher part more, they would have to recognize that there are certain time limits and a certain plan according to which everything develops and on which the entire Creation is founded. Therefore, those who have already reached a certain level of consciousness corresponding to the Divine plan for the current stage of evolution on Earth will be able to start realizing the knowledge, Teachings, and notions that are becoming accessible to them now, owing to the new cosmic opportunity. Those who in their consciousness have not managed to get into this narrow passage will have to be content to drift through a day-to-day existence similar to the existence of a blind mole under the ground.

All the opportunities and all the doors to be opened are inside of you. It is the level of your consciousness that defines your position in the Divine Hierarchy and the measure of service that God can determine for you.

It would be unreasonable of you to condemn and not to care about those individuals who were not able to get past the necessary point in their consciousness. They are unhappy in their essence and resemble pupils left back in school who have realized in the end that they have done a stupid thing due to their laziness and now have to part from their usual class and to find themselves among younger guys who take them for imbeciles and handicapped.

Due to the level of their development, many of them will still not understand until the end of their lives what kind of opportunity they have had and lost.

Everything in this world is subject to its own cycles of evolution. Beware not to be embodied one fine day of your existence on the planet somewhere amidst Australian aborigines, hunting with spears and not even able to get an insight into the world that all the contemporary people in Europe or America have.

The evolution lasts for millions of years and gives even the most dilatory and lazy an opportunity to develop. However, the moment comes when even the most humane Cosmic Law can no longer give such a chance for development, because the time is up and the cycles have changed.

I feel sorry about the fact that too small a number of souls have entered the new stage of evolution of consciousness. However, even this number of souls is enough for the changes on Earth to go faster and the planned transformations to be started and completed successfully.

I am happily watching the souls who are in embodiment now and who have managed to find the strength and aspiration to gain victory over themselves, over their egos, and to ascend to the next stage.

I anticipate the relations of friendship, cooperation, and mutual aid to establish among these souls in the near future, irrespective of where these souls are on the globe now. As a matter of fact, you are eyewitnesses to the birth of a new human race that was born literally from the depth of the old Fifth Root Race during the previous night. People have completed a transition to a new stage in their consciousness. Very soon the inner changes will be manifested in the physical plane.

The main thing was to conquer that part of you that tied you down to earth and to the traditional relationships prevailing among people at present.

The first thing you will feel is the alteration of relationships between people — between the ones who have ascended to the new stage. You will notice it even if you do not have a developed ability to make distinctions. It will become easier for you to make arrangements with each other. You will feel that you contribute to the common cause and it does not matter which part of this work you perform. No needed service is to be looked upon as base during the construction of the New World, even if you simply hammer in nails. You will feel Love, causeless Love, towards all the people with whom you perform mutual work. You will gain satisfaction from your service to each member of your community. People who have reached a new stage in their consciousness will attain the closest relations with each other. You will feel with your heart everybody who has managed to gain this big victory over himself. You will feel it by such qualities as unselfishness, a desire to help and to give, and by the absolute causeless Love that is literally pervading your beings.

Any task you will start to perform together is destined to be a success because it is not you who perform this task but God whom you allow to do it through you.

Due to the level achieved your Higher Self will be able to take part in all your deeds, in all your activities in the physical plane. All your undertakings will be a success because God, whom you entrust to act through you, cannot suffer a defeat. You are destined to victory as long as you are with God!

Let me congratulate you on your Victory! Never forget that in spite of the fact that this victory was gained by you due to your achievements, it still belongs to God, since everything in this world belongs to God. And you obtain more and more opportunities to serve when you are able to sacrifice everything for the sake of God. God is jealous. He demands the entire human. And the larger the unreal part of you that you are able to give up, the more you will become God and the more obvious will be the presence of your Divine part in you.

People who have reached the new level in their consciousness will be more successful in all their activities and initiatives owing to the qualities that they will obtain at this level. That part within them that was standing against their successful work earlier either does not exist now or hampers much less in their life and activity. Your arrogance and all your imperfections will influence your deeds and activities no more, because you have managed to overcome them within yourselves. You will feel this in the altered atmosphere in your teams. You will feel that there are people and whole teams with whom you feel easy and serene.

The process of the formation of such teams and communities will take place in a completely natural way. You know that like draws to like.

The things that will not be able to stand your vibrations will gradually leave you. The Earth is a very hospitable planet. It has sheltered a lot of evolutions that are at very different stages of their development.

But every time a considerable number of individuals obtain the level of Christ Consciousness it has a good influence on the entire planet, since all humans are tightly interconnected in the Higher plane.

That is why the Christ Consciousness obtained by you is an invaluable benefit for the whole planet.

I cannot suppress my joy and my emotions. And I would like to come up and to embrace each of the 144,000 Christ-beings who are in embodiment on planet Earth at present.

This is your victory! But this is also our victory because the Ascended Hosts were untiringly working to make your victory become a reality in the physical plane.

I congratulate you! And I am wiping tears of happiness running down my cheeks.

I AM Lanello.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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