Maria, Chicago, USA

Low bow, Love, and boundless Gratitude to Tatyana N. Mickushina for this truly Divine opportunity to open our hearts, share the most intimate and an extraordinary feeling, previously unknown unity in the Spirit!

Much has been revealed in these days, there is an internal reassessment of what has been passed, experienced, and felt over the years in the Teaching...

Every response sent, every revelation passed through my heart and filled it with extraordinary Warmth, Tenderness, and Love!

There is a feeling that there is not one, but several beautiful lives have been lived during this month which flew by like an instant.

Parting with participants of this project became so loved, dear, precious that I want to share the words of Beloved El Morya in His Message of April 20, 2006, "...I bend down before the Light of God in you," and the words of Beloved Lanello in His Message of June 11, 2005, "I cannot contain my joy and my emotions. And I would like to come up and to embrace each of you..."

Be Blessed!
With Love and Gratitude from my heart!

Svetlana Zhukovskaya, Minsk, Belarus


“The Higher worlds contact you and you are constantly coming into contact with the Higher worlds. You just do not pay attention to our reality. But our communication with each of you is not only possible, but it is in progress all the time. And the same way as you do not notice radio waves penetrating you constantly, the vibrations of our world come into contact with you all the time and you do not perceive them. If you properly prepare your temple and above all, you believe in the reality of our world, then you will inevitably be able to perceive our world.” (Kuthumi, June 6, 2005)

What does the Teaching of the Masters mean in my life?!

This is the Light, the Light that I have always lacked and for which my heart yearned so much. This is the Knowledge that gives strength and support in difficult times and which gives an understanding of what life is, not transient life, but life eternal.

In 2009, a friend of mine simply said, “Read SIRIUS.”

This was my first acquaintance with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, with the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina. And I accepted the Teaching with all my heart - I did not understand everything, but I knew at heart that was my path!

In 2014, when the Movement for Morality was founded, I met like-minded people. Now we are one team, one family, even though we are few, we are together.

It is also important to understand what you can do to spread the Teaching, where your place is and what your role is.

I am an engineer by profession, but an artist at heart. Though I don’t have many paintings, I certainly put all my heart into them.

No matter whether I use oil or watercolor, I never know beforehand what I will create. This is a riddle, mystery, mysticism.

In the same miraculous way, mini-paintings were created for those of my like-minded friends who organized the Minsk Book Center and now maintain it.

Each of them is unique in his or her own way and each has his or her own role. Once I just brought to show them one of my paintings. Then a request was made, “Can you paint something for us?” My heart could not refuse. I decided to paint for everyone.

It was the end of 2017. On the Sirius website there was a 33-day prayer Vigil "Repentance will save Russia." One day I just sat down and made prints from glass. At the same time, my thoughts were directed to those for whom they were being made. These images were not invented, because prints from glass are always unique, they are impossible to repeat. I was just giving them the final shape with a brush.

I selected four of the five prints. Not immediately, but gradually, I saw what image appeared on each of them.

That was surprising how attuned they were with the Teaching of the Masters! That was just a message from the Higher world for my friends: Alexander, Nina, Inna and Vladimir Fedorovich! And each of them unmistakably found their Messages in the pictures.


Nicholas Roerich, April 14, 2005

“A great deal of effort has been made by the Ascended Hosts in order to realize the presence of the Messenger in the Land of Russia.
... You know how important it is to have a Beacon, a Focus of Light in the territory of a country such as Russia, anchored in the heart of a person who is in embodiment.
...You know that not a single Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood has been able to reside in the territory of this great country for a long time. You can imagine how much effort has been expended to give you the opportunity to receive these Dictations. Truly, all the significance of this event will not be assimilated by the consciousness of the light-bearers at once.”


Mother Mary, December 27, 2009

“I am sad. The huge potential of this country remains dormant, in a sleeping state, as before. The Russian bogatyrs (hero in Russian folklore) sleep deeply.
Many of them go through their transition without waking up. People whose mission it was to serve as bells, whose ringing would clear the space of everything dark and ungracious, are leaving the physical plane one after another.
I would like to give my special mercy to those who are in incarnation now and perform their service quietly and unnoticeably for the benefit of the evolutions of Earth. You are few, but the space around you is being purified as if from ringing bells because you are capable of cleaning the space around you with your pure thoughts, selflessness, and Service.
I am granting the opportunity of a special connection with me as my gift to you. For you, I am always beside you. I know all the places in Russia where you live. And I will keep my presence constantly beside you. Thus, we will be able to multiply our efforts to purify the space.”


Nicholas Roerich, May 9, 2005

“You know that I loved Russia very much and most of my life suffered deeply when I was not able to be present physically in the territory of this country.
If the mission that we undertook in the 1920s on behalf of the Masters had succeeded, the whole course of the history of Russia and the whole course of the history of the world could have been different. I talk about the mission of delivery of the sacred casket and the Message of the Mahatmas to the government of Soviet Russia of that time.
...The conception of a Community, the Community of the Holy Spirit as the most correct and just form of managing society, was always supported by me. You can read about that in the Agni-Yoga books.”


Beloved Quan Yin, March 27, 2005:

“The people reading these Dictations may never have heard of me. I am well known in the East. And I have for the inhabitants of the East the same meaning as Mother Mary has for the inhabitants of the West.
The feminine aspect is coming to the fore nowadays. The worship of the Feminine Flame, the feminine aspect of God, must be recognized by you now.
Not because this aspect is the main one but because for a long time, this aspect of God has been belittled.
Our God is Father-Mother; both the masculine and feminine aspects have equally great importance.”

Sanat Kumara, December 27, 2011:
“You only need the ability to escape from the surrounding illusion into the Divine reality. And nothing is needed for that except for your inner efforts.”

Master Morya, June 26, 2011:
“What man is unable to do, God can do — even that which seems impossible from the point of view of human logic.
Just let God into your consciousness and the rest He will do Himself.”

Gautama Buddha, June 29, 2007:
“If you put the whole momentum of Love that you have, if you perform a very small task with great Love, this contribution of yours is capable of changing a lot on planet Earth.”

Helena, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Hello, my name is Elena. I am 24 years old.

I would like to share my story about a difficult period of my life that the Teaching of the Ascended Masters helped me to go through, and how it further affected my internal state.

In my life, certain events occurred that led to a long depression. Panic attacks did not recede for a single day, at night I used to wake up from bouts of fear, and in the morning I was also haunted by fear. I was constantly shaking and had no strength left to live at all.

All this was connected with life tests which I needed to pass at that time.

In that period of my life I realized, that it was necessary to change not only my life but also myself. Indeed, in order to carry the Light into the World, one needs to be filled himself with Light.

The Dictations and Rosaries which are transmitted through Tatyana Mickushina, who is dear to my heart, helped me overcome these states. They became for me that ray of Light that supported me every day and helped me to stay on the right track.

The Message of Beloved Mother Mary “May the reading of my Rosaries become the immediate task of your life in the near future” received by Tatiana Mickushina on March 26, 2005 elicited a very strong response in my heart.

"I love all of you, and I will come to you while reading your Rosaries. You will feel; you will certainly feel my presence. You may stop reading and talk to me. I will lend my ear to all your requests and wishes.”

I was constantly reading the Messages along with the Rosaries of Beloved Mother Mary. Rosaries 7 and 8 produced a powerful response in my heart.

While I was reading them, tears would roll down my cheeks because I could feel that incredible amount of love, joy and mercy that I was receiving through the words, penetrating my heart and healing it.

I tried to maintain this loving attitude towards people and life circumstances in my heart and my mind throughout the day.

I imagined Beloved Mother Mary hugging me during my panic attacks, or I concentrated on love that I sent into Mother Mary’s heart.

After a short period of time my life changed. Everything that caused me psychological and physical pain as well as its consequences was gone. However, my aspirations and skills remained. And now, when waking up and falling asleep, as well as during the day when I just raise my eyes to Heaven or hug my friends and relatives, I thank Mother Mary, all the Beloved Masters, our beautiful planet and the Universe and send them my love.

I thank Tatyana N. Mickushina for such a Great Gift!

I am grateful to Heaven and every God particle!

May every child of God be blessed!

May Love, Goodness and Light be with you!

Thank you for your attention.

Irina, Ukraine

I will try to briefly describe what happened in my family and how the Masters of Wisdom and Their Teaching helped.

A few years ago, my son was charged with a crime he did not commit. He was sentenced to 15 years.

At that time I was not familiar with the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, which had already been transmitted through Tatyana N. Mickushina for several years. My son is an honest, kind and decent man. And as an ordinary person would do, I constantly asked myself the question: “Why did he get framed in that crime?”

It is difficult to describe that grief, hopelessness, anxiety and suffering I was experiencing. But God does not give us more than we can handle. After some time I met a woman who introduced me to the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom. She became my friend and helped me a lot.

At that time many people turned away from me. However, there were a lot of people (my friends and complete strangers I had not met before) who did their best to selflessly help me with whatever they could. I bow to all these people. I am very glad that they have earned a large amount of good karma through doing it.

I was aware of reincarnation, and of the concept “you reap what you sow” before I became familiar with the Teaching, However, the Teaching helped me to understand more clearly the Law of Reincarnation and the Law of cause and effect.

As soon as I realized that the reason for what was happening was due to the negative karma from one of the previous incarnations, and possibly from family karma which may go back seven generations, and that no one is to blame for what happened, I felt better. I would not say I felt great. Of course, I found it hard to bear. But I was not angry, I did not judge or hate anyone who was involved in that process. The fact that I did not judge anyone gave me strength. I was supported by the words of Sanat Kumara: "... Forgive everyone no matter how unjust it seems what people do to you."

So, I left everything in God’s hands. I would tell myself and others: “I do not wish any harm to anyone. May God sort it out.” I wrote letters to the Karmic Board asking them to help my innocent son and taking on certain obligations. I participated in the events that Tatyana N. Mickushina held on Internet. I was praying for a Divine solution to the situation that occurred. “You may even be unaware of how to solve the problems you face in your life. Just send the Divine energy into such a situation and ask to use this energy for its Divine solution”, Beloved El Morya, June 27, 2005.

After 4 years, my son was released ...

I want to bow and send Love and gratitude to all the Ascended Masters for the Teaching of Wisdom they have given us.

I am thankful to Tatyana N. Mickushina (even though she asks us not to thank her) and all her helpers who were able to work so hard in these difficult conditions to spread and continue spreading the Teaching to the people on planet Earth during these challenging times.

I Hope and Believe that their Noble work will be highly appreciated by God, the Creator of our Universe.

Marianna Martinez, Ontario, Canada

It all started 9 years ago, I was 26 years old, just got married and moved to live in my husband’s country in South America. It was arranged by God that I could not work without knowing Spanish, and I had a lot of free time. At that time that my mother shared with me her new discovery of the Ascended Masters’ Teaching. This was how my new life began.

Day after day, for the next eight months of my stay in Colombia, I spent a lot of time reading Dictations and Rosaries. The process of changing my life began almost immediately. At first, I lost interest in the meaningless soap operas that I watched from boredom. Then I refused to eat beef. It was a big shock for local relatives and friends. They could not understand from which planet I came, that I refused to eat the most popular food there.

While we were staying in South America, we worked on immigration for my husband to Canada. I cannot even tell how many obstacles and delays were on our way. I remember very well how, in crucial situations, I called on Saint-Germain and Mother Mary and prayed for their help. Always after that, a miracle happened in some way and what I asked was granted to me.

When at last I had the opportunity to return home to Canada, the first thing I immediately did I stopped eating any meat. The second thing was the change of my career. I started retraining for another profession. A fire of desire to help other people suddenly lit up in me. Now in my work, I teach people healthy nutrition and lifestyle, depending on their state of health; I also work with their emotions and energy fields. Dictations of the Ascended Masters are a great help for me in this. Since I work with each person individually and intuitively, I always feel a stream of light pouring through me and the information that I need to bring to a certain person at a certain moment. Thanks to the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, I was able to discover this gift that helps me serve others.

Another miracle happened when my husband and I expected a baby. Although the beginning of my pregnancy went well, at some point something happened, and I almost lost my child. After that I had to stay at home to save the baby in pregnancy. Only due to the fact that my mother and I read Dictations, Rosaries and prayers every day during that time, I was able to stay calm so that to bear and give birth to a healthy son, whom we named after Archangel Michael.

I am very grateful to the Ascended Masters for all the support and miracles in my life and to Tatyana N. Mickushina for bringing this priceless gift of Heavens to humanity.

Mikhail Melnitsky, Ukraine

In November 2009, I found the Teaching transmitted to humanity by the Ascended Masters through the Messenger Tatyana N. Miсkushina. Since then, my life has changed so much that people from my “past” simply don’t recognize me.

Since childhood, I had the feeling that I needed to find something. I was interested in many questions. For example: “What happens to a person after death?” To this question and to other similar questions I did not receive clear answers!

But the main one was the question: “Why did my mother’s love for me, which was so tender in childhood, turn into open hostility and hatred at school age?” After such a change in relations with my mother, my life began to crumble. From a refined child who learned to play the piano, loved nature, played sports, studied normally at school and tried to keep up with everything, I gradually began to turn into a rebel and a bully, listening to destructive music (rock, blues, jazz). In high school I started smoking, I tried alcohol, and eventually drugs; and by the age of 17 everything had become meaningless for me.

By the age of 36, I had 2 terms of serving in prison, cancer, 2 types of disabilities, as well as unresolved psychological problems.

Quite frankly, I did not want to live, and at that moment I was consciously preparing for death by reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the Bardo Thodol.

But something inside me forced me to continue the search, and there was the thought of another, new Way of life sounding in my head, but I did not know in which direction to take the first step.

I read different kinds of esoteric literature before one woman gave me a link to the Sirius website.

As soon as I realized that I had found what I was looking for, I stopped reading other literature.

I found, and continue to find in the Teaching the answers to all the questions that arise in the process of life. I found answers to questions about inharmonious relations with my mother in Mother Mary’s Message of June 11, 2010: “The thirst for beauty, which is present in the souls of many people who cannot find beautiful models in the outer world, leads to inner discord and results in a revolt that manifests in bad habits and addictions that are nothing more than the desire for self-destruction. All of you lack love and harmony. Some time ago you created your bad karma by your deeds, and now you are reaping the fruits of it.”

When my karma escalated so much that it was impossible to bear it, I appealed to ease the karmic burden with the call given by Beloved Kuthumi in the Dictation of July 6, 2006.

After this appeal, I decided to read the book by Tatyana N. Mickushina “Good and Evil” (an individual interpretation of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatsky), which gave me an answer to the main question of bad relations with my mother. It was this book that helped me to develop a new view of the Evolutionary Path of man on Earth and gave the "keys" to a deeper understanding of the Teaching.

I thank the Ascended Masters for the Mission of Light and Love, I thank Tatyana N. Mickushina for the new type of relationship between the Guru and the chela that she brought to Earth, and which Lord Shiva told us about on March 15, 2006.

Olga Minakova, Voronezh, Russia

Information about the Sirius website and about the Messages transmitted through Tatyana N. Mikushina came to me in 2016.

For me it was a breath of fresh air. By this time I was getting esoteric knowledge, and the topic of religion began to fade into the background, since Christianity, the religion in which I was born, ceased to answer many of my questions. But at the same time, I began to move away from God, I felt that I was moving away from something very significant and important.

When I got acquainted with the Messages of the Masters, everything fell into place. At first I read the Dictations on the site, later I acquired all the books “Words of Wisdom” and the series of books “Masters of Wisdom”.

I have accepted the Messages with all my soul and now I am re-reading them for the third time! Every Message that I read answers my daily questions or situations.

I also accepted with all my heart both the Dispensation of the 23rd and the Sunday internet broadcasts of the Rosaries. During these spiritual practices, I feel very strong energy, tears welling in my eyes, especially when reading the Sunday Rosaries.

They bring some inexplicable feeling of closeness to God, common Unity and Unconditional Love.

The “Mystical Moment” osary evokes deep mystical feelings in me; it penetrates me, dissolves all my imperfections and leads me to God.

The calls I make every day:

“I am ready, Lord. Take me, Lord, take my knowledge, and take my abilities. Make use of me, Lord, to implement Your plans. Here I AM, Lord. I surrender to Your Will and Your Law. There is no longer anything in me that is not from God. There is nothing separating us. We are united.” (May 7, 2005)

“I AM THAT I AM. And I come from within you. Now, when one annual cycle has come to an end and another cycle is coming, it is time to think about the eternal. The mystical moment of the change of the year and of the change of the epochs is coming. It does not mean that the epoch is changing right at this moment. It means that the moment of eternity, when the change of the epochs occurs, has come. At this moment it is necessary as never before to turn your eyes toward the eternal, the everlasting, the mystical, and the mysterious.” (December 31, 2011)

I want to express my indescribable gratitude to Tatyana Mickushina for her work, for her Service! Thanks to all the Masters who help and guide us!

I want to tell the Great White Brotherhood that we will not let you down! We will cope with the illusion!

And I am ready to Serve God, the Masters and the world! Light will win! Always Victory!

I would like to end my story with the words of Mighty Victory from his Message of June 10, 2005:

“You are destined for victory. And you have no choice but your victory. ...choose your victory and choose moving towards your Victory. I have come to tell you about the cosmic opportunity, which is coming and which has already come for those who are ready to accept it. The hour of victory has come! ”

Tamara Elsinia, Latvia

Good afternoon!

At the beginning of my story, I would like to share my thoughts about Unconditional and True Love.

Back in school, I was very worried when I fell in love, and the boy did not reciprocate my feelings of love.

Now, recalling this, I understand that this was the beginning of the realization that I had to learn to love through suffering without demanding anything in return. Once in the book of the New Testament I read the First Epistle to the Corinthians by the Apostle Paul, 13:4. This is what it says about True LOVE :

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.

All of a sudden a revelation came to me and I realized what True Love should be like!

Earlier, before the isolation because of the pandemic, I felt that I had to pray using the “Calls for your daily spiritual work”, especially the prayer to Mother Earth from the Message of Gautama Buddha, March 7, 2007.

Another Message about the current situation on Earth - Message of Archangel Michael, June 22, 2009 "I am calling you into the future!"

I have been praying every day, and I will continue to pray, because I feel with all my heart that it is necessary.

Today while I am writing this letter, I have my favourite book “Treasures of Divine Wisdom” with me. As always, I asked the Masters of Wisdom what I need to know, understand and think over today. I opened the book on the page with the following Messages:

“Everything will end very well for your planet! Earth will live and thrive!”

“Only with the feeling of unconditional, infinite Love are you able to build true relations in your world."

“Only faith in God and love for all of Creation can save humanity in the near future."

Isn’t it a beautiful answer to our prayers!

With all my heart and with true Love, I thank all the Divine Teachers for the Teaching!

I want to thank kindly our Messenger Tatyana N. Mikushina for this truly sacred work!!!


With love,


Biruta Augutsevicha, Latvia

As long as I myself can remember, I have always been interested in mystical and infinite concepts – concepts that lie beyond the horizon.

How did I find the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom? This path was shown to me by Archangel Michael. At that time, certain things that I could not explain happened in my life. I thought about the angels and began to search for information about them. Archangel Michael directed me to the Sirius website.

Prior to that, I was already familiar with Living Ethics and the Cosmic Legends of the East. Perhaps, that is why I was able to accept the Teaching in a heartbeat without any hesitation or doubts. I began to apply the recommendations of the Teaching in my life and worked on purifying my subtle bodies.

"You have to devote yourself to purification of your four lower bodies and take it seriously <...>, you will not be able to exist under the new energy conditions and vibration. <...>, as you can see, you actually have no choice." I AM THAT I AM, December 28, 2006.

The first change I introduced was to stop watching TV. Surprisingly, it was easy to do because I realized, “When you watch many TV programs or listen to your radio that is like you start to hammer nails with a very sensitive device that can detect microns. Your organism is unique in its nature and it allows you to feel the subtle worlds and to distinguish the vibrations of the subtle worlds." Sanat Kumara, June 25, 2005.

Probably people that are vegetarian will understand me well – one starts feeling lightness in the whole body and a different sensation of taste arises. Also, one restores clarity of mind once he stops listening to the wrong music and watching TV.

“You are always staying in the informational flow, and you have no time to think about eternity.

If you do not think about the eternal, you will not be able to live eternal Lives.

If you do not spare time for solitary considerations on your qualities, you will not be able to develop your Divinity.

If you do not spend time reading texts of high quality, you stop thinking”. Quan Yin, December 25, 2013.

The Teaching gives me knowledge of how to remain a human in this upside down world, a human who thinks, feels and is able to focus on the main goal in life which is to love. To be a human who is aware of his responsibility and unity with all living creatures on Earth.

The Teaching is exceptionally practical. It is a guidebook for the times we are living in.

I was particularly impressed by the quotes from this Message: “Your inner freedom does not depend on the outer surroundings, no matter where you are. <...> the internal controls the external. <...> the resistance to the external illusory forces must be surmounted in your consciousness." Moses, December 21, 2013.

In difficult times of my life, the words of Master Morya help me not to lose heart: “...the forces of Light will gain the Victory! For this is the Law of this Universe! Every minute and every second of your embodiment you must be aware of your connection with God.” Master Morya, December 27, 2013.

I re-read the Teaching again and again. If earlier I just read, now I perceive and feel with my heart. Everyday spiritual practice has already become an integral part of my life.

"... if you stop pedaling when going up the mountain, you will slide down to the foot of the mountain and you will have to start your ascension again." Kuthumi, December 26, 2013.

Santa Angelina Montes B., Mexico.

My name is Santa Angelina Montes B. I’m from Mexico. In 2015 my friend shared with me a link to the Sirius website. My soul experienced an elation and I started reading the Ascended Masters’ Messages. Today I can say that my life has changed completely. I have a pure love that comes from God within me. Most of my bad habits disappeared. I have been experimenting a feeling of unity, that we are all one. My soul has an inclination to a spiritual path. Several of my sisters did not like it, since I was withdrawn from worldly life, but today they have accepted my decision, thanks God.

I remember many words from various Ascended Masters. Jesus says, “Each of you must pass through your crucifixion. ”Today I can say that I experience it by feeling the pain and suffering of humanity. Master El Moria: “…I grant all my four lower bodies at your full disposal: the physical body, the astral body, the mental body and the etheric body. Act through me if there is God’s Holy Will for that.”

Today I can say that I am Light and I belong to the Light!!

I would like to tell you about one of several experiences that I have had after I started reading the Messages.

In January 2018 at approximately 7:30 pm I was going up a slope, there was a full moon, in this moon there was a manifestation the Divine Mother. I was thrilled and moved telling her words of love. It was the most elated time ever. I have never felt such a bliss, joy, and pure love in my life. Few minutes after having that little conversation with my Divine Mother, a light came down from the moon in a distance of approximately 3 meters over the surface and I was presented with half the upper body of Jesus in violet color, his wavy hair was at the height of his shoulders, his nose very straight, and the energy he emanated was very neutral there were no emotions.

Thanks to Tatyana Mickushina for her priceless work, to the Ascended Masters for Their service to humanity in this time of transition.

I love Them!!! Thank you...

Zoran Petrovic, Serbia.

Great information.

I am originally from Serbia, currently living in Asia. I had many spiritual experiences in my life. In my search for truth during my long journeys, I recently realized that your Teaching is the right path. Also, I have been in many sacred places, such as Athos, Bodh Gaya, Pushkar lake etc. I am studying old sacred texts, by fate I started working with stones, trading. I traveled around Russia collecting stones. I understand Russian. I read and speak it but not perfectly.

I wish you all the best in your further actions. I am with you, God bless you.

Truth, Love, Charity and Chastity!

Yulia, Russia

Hello! I am very happy to share my story about how the Teaching came into my life!

Fate introduced me to a special person "accidentally”, now she is my friend.

It led me to this Teaching. I began to read Rosaries, appeal to the Angels.

I am very grateful to her and grateful to life and God for this encounter!

I have not been delving as deeply into the spiritual world as I do now, although I have always been a believer.

Now I have my own Altar at home, and I do my daily service. This is already part of me, a part of my daily life.

Besides the fact that the Teaching has changed my life for the better (I "grew up" spiritually, changed social circles, in life there were many wonderful events, the outlook has become broader and deeper, I want to help and tell others about it, knowing how important this is), the Teaching also saved my life.

During an emergency situation on an airplane, where most people did not believe we would be saved and were expecting the worst ending, the Teaching actually saved us.

All those moments I held a strong and firm FAITH that everything would turn out okay for us. In the past, when I didn’t have my faith developed like I have it now, I would have been just as scared as the other passengers on the flight.

Thanks to the Teaching, the first thing that automatically came out of my mouth was a prayer to Mother Mary and to Archangel Michael!

I don't even remember how many times I said my prayers, and I didn't stop until our plane miraculously landed safely.

I always have the image of Mother Mary with me, as well as the images of Jesus and the Angels.

And the most interesting part was, that on the day before the flight I had been reading the Rosary of Mother Mary, from which I remember the following phrase, "I assure each of you who reads my Rosaries every day at this difficult time that within 100 kilometers around the place of your reading there will be no cataclysms or calamities."

I wish each of you would develop Faith inside your soul, a strong spirit and that you will have wonderful experiences in your lives, which you can share with others!

Everyone gets to God in their own time. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and life itself will guide you on the right path.

At this time, when it is especially important to develop spiritually and to live in high vibrations, I wish that everyone will find their own way: true, bright, pure and correct!

With respect and gratitude.

Valentina, Spain

Hello, dear Tatyana N. Mickushina!

Hello, dear friends!

My name is Valentina, I am a native from Bulgaria, and I am 66 years old.

I have been retired for 2 years now, living in a small Spanish town.

Before that I lived in Valencia for 9 years. But I couldn't stand the noise and the heat of the city, so after overcoming many difficulties, I moved to a quiet suburb.

I have been following a vegetarian diet for 4 years.

I read all the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom that were transmitted through Tatyana N. Mickushina. I read all of them four times.

I participated actively in the Seven-days Prayer Vigil, reading 8-9 Rosaries of the Archangel Michael and Mother Mary every day. I continue this practice.

I want to share with you how the help of the Masters of Wisdom has helped me overcome difficulties here, in the new city, where I didn’t know anyone and only had myself to rely on.

I read the Rosaries of Mother Mary every day, and I was deeply moved by the Rosary "I invoke your consciousness heavenward". I then realized that I had to leave the huge city of Valencia in exchange for a small town.

There, I had to overcome big difficulties in the first apartment. There were noisy neighbors with small children and barking dogs.

During January and February, I searched the Internet for another apartment. All the time I prayed fervently and asked for help from Sanat Kumara, while looking at His Image.

A few days later, I received a hint that I should go to another block and look for an apartment at a real estate firm. Then, a Miracle Happened! When I got there they told me they were renting small apartments.

Now I live in a nice apartment, thanks to the help of Sanat Kumara.

Every day, I conduct my silent prayer vigils, meditations, and spiritual practices.

I also want to share how the Rosary of Mother Mary "I Need the Energy of Your Prayers” affected me. In paragraphs 9 and 10 of this Rosary, Mother Mary says, “I have come to remind you of the responsibility for your actions, so you do not ask me for deliverance from the sufferings and for healing when your whole life is over and you are burdened with a huge luggage of illnesses and psychological problems. I would like that the youth ask for my help, advice and support right now. So, in their mature age they could serve for the Glory of God and perform the Divine deeds on the physical plane.

You all are obliged to direct your eyes at the youth. And those of you, who by the end of their lives finally realized the Divine Truth more or less, can pass their experience to the new generation. Think about the form in which you can do that; but it is necessary to do it, I am telling you.”

I bought the book containing Messages from the Master Kuthumi and gave it to my son. He is also following the spiritual path, reads and listens to the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom.

He is 33 years old, he is a motor transport engineer, works for a major European company, according to the horoscope he is Aquarius.

I like every Message of Lord Shiva and the mantras dedicated to Him.

His Message of November 27, 2005 made a great impression on me. "Every effort of yours will be multiplied unprecedentedly because that is the call of the time and such is the situation on the planet now."

I was thinking what I could do with the Knowledge from this Message, to help nature, planet Earth, and people in general?

I decided to read my prayer in which I was asking for help for all the Bulgarian people, for the purification of nature in Bulgaria, and for improvements in the educational system.

You know, it is very difficult to live in Bulgaria. There is a dictatorship and people are dying from diseases and hunger. Every day, for 3-4 months I read this prayer to Lord Shiva asking for help for the Bulgarian people.

I want to say that sometimes you need to strengthen your Faith, Love, and determination. Sanat Kumara's “Аn Urgent Message” helped me a lot.

When I read the Message of Sanat Kumara of December 19, 2019, I was feeling stressed. But I realized that this was a very important Message, so I read it many times in order to understand every detail, and every word. I shared this Message with my son so that he also would know about the changes that were coming.

I have a special, reverent attitude toward Beloved Master Jesus. And now I read one Message from the book "Jesus" every day.

His Message of June 25, 2008, titled “The internal and external Teaching," had a very strong impact on me. The Message from January 3, 2009, titled "Truth, God, and Love abide inside you," is also a very important Message to me!

And the Message of Master El Morya from May 14, 2005 "Aspiration, constancy and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples ".

Finally, I am referring to a Message from Lord Maitreya dated April 10, 2006, "A Teaching on Divine Gratitude", which is a very powerful Dictation that contains a lot of Wisdom!

I am very grateful for each new project of the Sirius site and for the astrological predictions posted on the site.

I wish all of us a lot of success in our spiritual work!

With many thanks.

Irina Belova, Cairo, Egypt

I came in contact with the Teachings of the Ascended Masters transmitted through Tatyana N. Mickushina in 2017.

It's only been three years, but I'm already a different person now! I have been searching for answers to many of my questions for a very long time, in particular, with regards to the meaning of life. And there was another feeling that I only became aware of recently; it’s a internal sadness. It comes up when there is something that you really need to find wholeness, completeness within. You do not even know what it is, but you can not let go of it and you keep searching and searching...the soul knows it, and it encourages this search.

The Teachings of the Ascended Masters are my compass in spiritual life, as well as my anchor on planet Earth and in the physical world. It is like a book of life, a map of life, that you can use to live in dignity and wellbeing.

he peculiarity of this Teaching of the Ascended Masters is that after reading the Messages knowledge starts growing in me like by itself. I may not remember the Messages, but I know the answer to certain situations that happen in life, I know how to act, so the Messages contribute to the manifestation of inner knowledge!

It is difficult for me to single out one thing that made the most impression on me, because everything that is said in the Messages is very important and necessary in order to get a complete picture of the world. But since our world is a world of relationships, I would like to stress how important it is to see in each person his divine essence and never allow yourself to condemn anyone.

I will quote from the Messages:

Sanat Kumara, 15 April 2006, “Many souls of Light, before they receive incarnation, burden themselves with such large karmic obligations and assume such huge imperfections that sometimes they are not capable in the conditions that exist now on Earth to overcome these imperfections and work off the karma they assumed.

Therefore, never allow yourselves to judge.”

Beloved Jesus, June 8, 2005, "A lot of light souls, while coming into embodiment, take upon themselves cruel diseases or congenital deformities so as to atone for sins of the world through their suffering.”

Mother Mary, December 8, 2007, "Sometimes a person performs a terrible deed in the eyes of society; however, in God's eyes, this deed is not a sin because the person is being used by God as a tool so that someone can expiate his karma.

That is why it is said that you do not judge. Judge not and you will not be judged.”

With great gratitude and love to the Аscended Masters and Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Nina Gamtsemlidze, Moscow, Russia

Friends, it was in my distant childhood when I first saw a picture of Roerich and heard His call, "Go for it, child!"

This is where my passion for Agni Yoga, Mahatma letters, and everything related to it started. This has shaped my worldview and interests.

In 2017, the books with the Messages of Masters through Tatyana Mickushina came to me. I considered them an extension of everything that is attracted by my soul.

The period when I started reading the Messages was marked by many wonderful signals. I had a dream of the Master El Morya and Tatyana N. Mickushina, looking at me attentively…

Every evening, as I was reading the Messages, I felt happy. Nothing that I read caused any contradictory feelings, on the contrary, it evoked love and gratitude.

I started working on myself. The Messages from the Ascended Masters gave me a lot of information and generated an expansion of my worldview. But the most important thing they brought me was a transformation of myself. I began to cope with my shortcomings, then my behavior changed; it affected the people around me as well as our relationships.

I have gone through changes that I never expected I would experience, and even my detractors were approaching me with kindness. It is as if a field of unity had been formed, even with people with whom my views differed a lot.

During these 3 years, I participated in all the vigils, which allowed me to fulfill my desires of working together. Spontaneous signals that give me direction in daily life as well as all kinds of help are constantly manifesting around me. I am grateful to my Teachers and Tatyana N. Mickushina for all the miracles that have happened in my life!

I dream with all my heart that as many souls as possible will be able to go through this experience of transformation and communion with higher energies. Ready to help every seeker.

Peace, Love and Light to all.

Larisa, Kazakhstan

The pearls of wisdom in the Messages of the Teaching are innumerable. But this is the main pearl: "ALL IS GOD!"

It is the fundamental essence of all esoteric teachings.

Our inner work to comprehend this truth allows us to understand the circumstances of life more and more correctly; we start showing compassion, Love, tolerance and it helps to overcome bias.

Unnecessary attachments and desires disappear.

And Tatyana Mickushina’s words help a lot: “God is right where we are.”

What can I wish for in this world if my earthly personality is the vessel of the Unified God!

The world has narrowed to God and it means Life is Infinite!

I am sending Love and Gratitude of my heart to all the Teachers of mankind.

Olga Klimenko, Kemerovo region, Russia

Hello, friends!

It's great to read your stories!

“Combining my efforts with the efforts of thousands of light-bearers all over the globe”, imagining “a prayer rolling from one end of the Earth to the other” – these words always helped me to tune in to the Vigil. But if before it had to be imagined, now we read each other's names, notice coincidences in our lives, become more and more real and real for each other.

Do you feel that something is definitely happening?

I want to gather all my strength and do the most necessary things now.

The main work is internal, but after all, our hands are free at the same time!

The Masters say that we need to do what lies right in front of our noses.

A three-year-old child lies and sleeps sweetly in front of my nose. And there are other children in other houses. And there are children everywhere around! And in some twenty-thirty years there will be no presidents, no bankers, no military - there will only be these very children. Grown up and lost or grown up having found God and looking at this world as His great miracle.

Elohim Cyclopea June 20, 2019:

“... since the previous generation did not take care of the upbringing of children and young people, the main danger that threatens the younger generation is enticements and temptations that inflate desires and encourage non-divine habits and attachments <….>

In a few years, in the event of successful choices by the new generation, a new Divine opportunity may open up.<...>

In the Sacred Retreats of the Brotherhood, the next constellation of the light bearers is now being prepared for embodiment. Therefore, I tirelessly repeat to those who are in embodiment now, that it is your karmic responsibility to adopt and raise these souls.

The solid foundation of the Teaching is firmly established on the planet. However, the care and custody of these new generations of people who are called upon to completely change the planet is required.”

Tatyana Mickushina told us about the method of Maria Montessori, the method given to us as a way of raising children strengthened in their Higher Self from an early age and for the rest of their life.

As a matter of fact, this method feeds God in man. However, in order to understand and put this method into practice and not to turn it into its exact opposite, one must carry out such transformations within him that can be done only with the help of the living Teaching extended to him by the Ascended Masters.

With all my heart, I wish you and me to hold on tightly to this Helping Hand for as long as necessary. And with the second hand to help those who naturally get hold of it - our children.

Margarita Sklyannaya, Kharkov, Ukraine

Hello dear friends!

I came across the books “Words of Wisdom 2” and “Words of Wisdom 3” at a book fair in 2008. When I began to leaf through the books, I had a feeling that I met my Family, my closest and dearest people. I started searching for the Ascended Masters’ Messages on the internet and printing them at internet cafés for myself and my like-minded friends. Then we got an internet connection at work and I, like a partisan, as my manager joked, was "printing off the proclamations."

My life has changed since then. I lost interest in shallow conversations. I would visit the Sirius website several times a day ever since. I would always look forward to new Messages. Now I read Rosaries every day. My favourite ones are Mother Mary’s Rosaries. I feel relieved and uplifted after reading them. I have already re-read the Messages several times, each reading has given me a new understanding of the Teaching. Now I attain such a powerful comprehension of information while reading the Messages and Calls to the Masters that tears of happiness appear in my eyes and I wish I could have grasped it before. I find all the necessary answers to the questions I have today.

I am grateful to all the Teachers: the fatherly care and strictness of El Morya, the patient Teacher Kuthumi, the big child and faithful friend Maitreya, wonderful Sanat Kumara, energetic Saint-Germain, forgiving and loving Mother Mary, the great protector Archangel Michael and others. I am thankful to all my Great Family, which I found thanks to God.

I still have a lot to change about myself, and I will continue doing it. Especially during this difficult time, when there is so much aggression and judgement around. The Message of Sanat Kumara helps me with this:

“Never allow yourselves to judge. Remember that when you are judging, you decrease your vibrations and become not capable of making right choices and giving correct assessments. Forgive everyone no matter how unjust it seems what people do to you. Forgiveness, as well as humility and sympathy, does not have any limits”. Sanat Kumara, April 15, 2006.

Thanks to all like-minded people. I was elated to see how many people from so many countries participated in our Vigils!

May the world be well!

Albina Novikova, Russia

I found the Teaching at a difficult period of my life in 2008. I wanted to read about Lord Maitreya on the internet and was directed to the Sirius website.

The first Dictation of Jesus absolutely inspired me. I found what I have been looking for all my life. Now the Teaching has become the main meaning of my life.

The most important thing I came to - is my constant prayer throughout the day. I realized what I need to do after I read Mother Mary’s Rosary: “We can and should help each other. I will ease your burden at this transitional time and you give me an additional reserve of energy, please ". “…together in our prayer we are able to change any situation in any country of the world".

At difficult moments of my life, I always recall the Message of Lord Lanto from July 17th, 2006: “...when the external circumstances of your life unfold in the worst way possible, or so it seems to you. That is because the dark period will inevitably be followed by a period of light, the dark night will be followed by the dawn of the new day”.

This is how it all happens and we only need to believe, harmonize ourselves and pray.

And the Dictation of Saint-Germain always helps me in a difficult situations:

“You alone create situations in your life that you then heroically overcome. And the Teaching that I give is connected to overcoming these inner negative states that stem from the past. At the moment when everything seems helpless and hopeless, you just have to remember me. Just imagine my image and give yourselves an opportunity to escape from the current situation." 10 December, 2009

Therefore, when one reads the Dictations and Rosaries every day and more than once a day, as well as meditates on the sound “Om” and participates in all joint meditations and prayers, it brings calmness and balance, and as Beloved Saint-Germain said: “Always try to look upon each situation from the positive side”.

Deep inside me there is a constant delight that I was fortunate to find this Teaching, that I have the opportunity to read the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom and that I live at the same time as our Teacher Tatyana Mickushina!

Thanks to their tireless efforts, our consciousness is changing; and we look at the world and all relationships differently.

Thank you all!

Elena, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

When my life began a period of trials I could not find support in anything or from anyone, and I timidly knocked on the half-open door to God, to the Mother of God. I entered the Divine world slowly...

In the summer of 2006, among the many books in the bookstore, only one caught my attention. This was - "Words of Wisdom 1". I accepted the Teaching with all my heart.

For the next 7 years, I w,as living as if I was swimming alone from the illusion to the Divine shore, sometimes rereading my favorite book. And then, as if a dam had burst, the doors opened and the Divine World entered my life.

These terms and reasons for everything I learned from Lord Suriya's Message from June 15, 2011: "At the first stage, you will need the discipline of a disciple; you will need aspiration, self-consistency, and devotion.

Only after that will you be given help and support.< ...> ...when you are ready and when you demonstrate your willingness during a significant period of time — not less than seven years — you are shown the Path "

Going back to 2006... my daughter was hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing on December 23. I turned to God: "Thank you for everything that I have. God, how can I help everyone involved in this situation? What should I learn? "

I found understanding in the Teaching of the cosmic clock (Elizabeth Clare Prophet). The Masters of Karma requires that records of rebellion, disobedience, stubbornness, and open defiance of the Divine Law be transmuted at the age of 16…

For five long months, my child was isolated… Crutches… Homeschooling... Preparing for the unified state exam...

Thank God!!! Now the daughter walks without crutches, on her own feet ( the foot was sewed back on). El Moria's Message from December 23, 2010, states "...And just as it is necessary to pray before beginning any work, it is necessary to pray before the beginning of a new astrological month. And in order to make your prayers effective, pray as if your child is on fire and his rescue and his life depend only on your prayer."

I'm taking care of my Mother now. She's a young concentration camp prisoner. Three years ago, she was unconscious for about a week. I started playing audio recordings of Mother Mary's Rosaries. My mother came to her senses. Now, when she asks me to sit with her and read the Rosaries, we are both wrapped in Divine Grace.

It is my Happiness and Honor to mercifully serve a Soul preparing for the transition that people call Death.

Great and small Miracles constantly happen in my life, thanks to God and the Ascended Masters…

I Thank The Ascended Teachers!

I Thank Tatyana N. Mickushina!

Let the World be happy!!!


Natasha Zwanck, Ontario, Canada

It is very difficult to describe briefly how this Teaching affected my life. Because there was a complete transformation in me as a person, and a complete change in my views on life.

It all began with changes on the physical plane. It was all as written in Babaji's Message from June 25, 2011: "You are used to eating meat and meat products. You will have to give them up...You are used to drinking alcohol. You will have to give it up immediately, once and for all. You have a habit of using your sexual energy without limitation. You will have to become chaste. You are used to getting pleasure from watching TV. You will have to break this habit “.

For the first three years, I kept diaries in which I recorded every day all the amazing changes that were happening in my life. I noticed that everything I read in every Message immediately came in some life situation as a practical demonstration of the material. The information I received would become my conviction. I wanted to share my new knowledge with friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues. But no one shared my enthusiasm, and I began to be considered as an oddball. Serapis Bey's Message from December 29, 2010, states: "All of your cells vibrate at the Divine frequency...You will immediately be recognized as a person, not of this world... Do not be afraid to be called odd, strange, or not of this world “.

After three years of deep immersion in the Teaching, I started Serving by translating the Knowledge I was reading into English.

2014 was a difficult year for me. It was Maidan In Ukraine, the war in the Donbas began. Young men were sent to the war. My son also received a summons. I begged Mother Mary that he wouldn't have to shoot his Slavic brothers. At this time the Masters sent me a book by Elizabeth Haich, "The Initiation". This book strengthened my spirit. Mother Mary heard my prayer, and my son did not go to this fratricidal war.

The Masters were saying that the energy of large cities imposes a certain restriction on the spiritual development of the person living there. At the time, I was living in Toronto, the largest city in Canada. On the advice of the Masters, I changed my place of residence and went to live in a small city. And after this move, new gates of opportunity began to open. The biggest of them is the organization of Exhibitions and book presentations of the Teaching. In the Message of June 30, 2005, El Morya says: ”...if you do not see any changes in your lives, then this can be explained only by one thing — you have wasted your time reading these Dictations...You have failed to change your consciousness “

At the moment, May 2020, I am completely calm about everything that is happening on the planet, maintaining balance and harmony within myself. I am very grateful to the Masters for their tireless work to educate us in the qualities of courage, loyalty, equanimity, and faith that everything is happening according to God's Will.

El Morya says in His Message of December 2008: "You have no place to run to. You cannot collect your belongings and evacuate the planet. You will have to tolerate everything up to the end. You will have to put up with what can happen, and is happening already... The more people who are capable of preserving imperturbability and peace of mind, the stronger their faith is and everything will develop and occur in an easier way “.

Thanks to the Masters, we are ready to pass this difficult transition period with dignity.

Dmitry Bazhenov, Chelyabinsk, Russia

Analyzing the life path, I see that it all began from childhood. Only until the age of twenty constantly asked myself questions about why people leave forever, why there is death. In 1990, the book “The Call” came into the hands, the first of a series of Teaching of Living Ethics (Agni Yoga). Miraculously, the text began to answer the question where my mother went. And I felt a little joyful that she exists somewhere in space. Let not near, but somewhere there definitely.

I began to search for other books of the “Agni Yoga” series. Miraculously, while studying at the university, I constantly walked past a bookstore in which they once organized the sale (the only one in the city!) of esoteric literature and books of the “Agni Yoga” series, accepted from the Lords of Light by Helena Roerich. Still reprinted editions - Riga, 1937. On separate leaflets in a plastic bag. About collections of books with beautiful covers of speech then there was no discussion "from the word in general." I was reading them for ten years. Leaflets to leaflets. Why I tell this - because you better valued that, that you looking for long time. Now you can buy literature in a bookstore, and the value is reduced. I want to buy - I want not. Go to the site: I want to read - I want not. And then - bit by bit! In the same store I got acquainted with reproductions of paintings by Nicholas Konstantinovich Roerich. There were meetings in the auditorium with followers of the Living Ethics Teaching, who knew about him back in the days of the USSR. Conveniently placed karma: from a lecture - to meetings. There he met with the "Facets of Agni Yoga", transmitted through Boris Nikolaevich Abramov.

In 2002, the Leading Hand led me to the book by N. Domasheva-Vasilievna¬¬¬ “Karma lessons in the Epoch of the last battle”. Consciousness began to expand, and the understanding of the concept of “Hierarchy of Light Forces” was filled with new content. This was already the threshold for the Teaching, which the Lords of the Light began to transmit through Tatyana N. Mickushina. Everything is as planned. At the right time at the right place. The hand of the Lords of Karma accordingly moved from one place of service to another - Service. Everything is synchronous. We remove one, clear the other from unnecessary, comes the important and timely. Just have time to make a decision within yourself to take step by step in the right direction. Due to the lack of dialogue with the Higher Self, the path has to be made and checked with the sparks of Fohat.

And in March 2006, in a bookstore, I purchased a small book by Master El Morya with His several dictations transmitted through Tatyana N. Mickushina.

From it I learned about the existence of a site from which I began to study other Messages. I can’t say that there was no doubt in the truth of the submitted Messages. Pride, which has gained strength from the last years of life, went to pieces. The dispensation on January 23, 2007 sobered up when I read the Rosary “Work with Karma” in the morning, and in the evening in a hospital bed.

Willy-nilly you compare causes and effects. Very sobering.

To date, the result of the development of consciousness is as follows. First, your own development, then the understanding that "save yourself, and thousands around you will be saved."

And then, “Your final exam at the primary School of Initiations will be the day when you see how many people around you need your help. And your greatest achievement will be the moment when you are sincerely happy with the achievements of your fellow-brothers.

When you are genuinely happy with the success of the people around you, you receive the achievements of each person for whose success you sincerely rejoice as a momentum of your own gains.” ( Goddess of Liberty, April 22, 2005).

"... how many people around you must help." Actual and urgent.

The situation with a new viral infection leads to the understanding that until the inhabitants of the country turn to the Higher Forces of Light, everything will happen as it will.

“…I am declaring to you that the government of the country that recognizes our Messenger at the official level and can fulfill our plans at the official level will receive all our blessings and help. That will be the next very important step in the development of planet Earth. That is because until this time, even if the rulers of various countries were under our influence, our relations were shrouded in mystery and hidden from prying eyes. Now the time has come when we are ready to come out of the veil of secrecy and give our knowledge and our Teaching openly because the situation on the planet is currently favorable to this course of events. To make it more clear to you, I will say that the past Messengers had already tried to establish contacts with the governments of different countries on the federal level, but they did not succeed. We did not leave our attempts, and we declare now through our Messenger that the Great White Brotherhood is open for collaboration at the federal level with all governments of all countries in the world. We have nothing to hide anymore, because the Truth is being proclaimed freely through the Internet, and our Messengers have the opportunity to freely declare the Truth without being persecuted.” (Beloved Cyclopea, July 11, 2006).

The State is made up of people. And if there is no critical group of people in society who are turned to the Light, then the prospects for such a country are unimportant. This situation with the virus is not the first, but not the last. How Many More Karma Lessons? Only the future will show.

Inna Sirotkina, Minsk, Belarus

Messages from the Masters came to my life in the spring of 2017. Since then I read one Dictation daily.

In the light of Divine Wisdom, past events of my life are recognized in a new way.

In the winter of 2013, I attended the funeral of my father-in-law. Farewell took place in the village, in the house of the deceased. It quickly got dark, and my husband and I had to stay until morning.

The atmosphere in the house was very heavy. At night I began to choke and barely managed to run out of the house so as not to pass out. The forces left me. I began to wipe my face with snow and found that a ring-amulet with the sign “Om” fell from my finger.

I did not know then the Teaching, I did not know that it was possible to turn to the Archangel Michael with an appeal. I didn’t even have the strength to call for help. I began to mentally say goodbye to my family and ask God to take care of my children.

Being in such thoughts, I noticed a blue circle the size of a small coin in the snow. The blue color resembled a luminous ray. I caught my eye on this blue circle. At this time, it began to slowly move to the right and stopped. Mechanically, I lowered my hand in the snow in the place where this sign appeared. From a snowdrift I got ... a ring!

It made such a strong impression on me, that forces began to return to me. I reached the bench, repeating the word "Miracle." I found an explanation for this miracle in the Dictation “I and my angels are ready to come at your first call!” dated July 15, 2006, which was given by the Saint Archangel Michael. He said: “My angels and I always stand guard and are tirelessly on twenty- four hour watch. We serve mankind of Earth. I ask you not to forget about us and to call us for help in your everyday prayers and in the silence of your hearts."

I got faith in the Protection and Care of Higher Powers. I know that the Love and Gratitude of my heart were heard by the Archangel Michael.

In the same Dictation, He says: “Oh, it is so good to hear the words of gratitude from the people who have been given help. I simply bathe in the rays of your Love when you send me your Love and Gratitude. At those moments I am overwhelmed with so much Divine energy that my efforts directed at helping mankind of Earth increase manifold."

I really realized Love, Care and careful Guardianship of Higher Forces. All fears disappeared. I was able to return to the house.

I wish all people on Earth get to believe in Divine Love.

Gratitude all the Masters and the Teacher for the “Helping Hand”.

Irina Gromova, Russia

I found the Teaching in 2016. At that moment I had a very difficult psychological state: emptiness in my soul and dissatisfaction with life.

The most surprising thing is that now external circumstances are even less favorable than then, but with the Teaching I treat them in a completely different way. Every day I start with prayer and reading the Message. It gives tremendous strength, fills me with love and happiness. I really like the Message of Beloved Zarathustra of June 28, 2009, “A Teaching on happiness and the Divine Path”, “You are trying to find happiness outside of you. However, happiness is a state of your consciousness.”

I do not take offense, I do not blame, I thank God for everything that happens. My thoughts and feelings have become completely different. The fuss departed from me. When making important decisions, I try to make a choice that will be favorable for the development of my soul.

And these changes were very easy and natural. There is still a lot of work ahead, but anything is possible with God.

The Teaching helps maintain a harmonious state of consciousness even today, when, even without watching TV or reading the news, you feel how tense everything is. Every day I send Love to our Earth, I visualize at the request of Lord Shiva (dated November 27, 2005) a bright image of the future of our planet.

And in conclusion, I really want to talk about the Miracles that Mother Mary gives me. I have a big family, and it’s not easy to find time for spiritual work. For two consecutive years I have been asking Mother Mary so that I can spend the Hour of Grace in seclusion, and she helps me with this.

Timotiejus, Kaunas, Lithuania

Old abandoned fountain turns into a children’s playground.

In 2012, while I was in a mall bookstore, I found some books on the Ascended Masters’ Teachings in the Lithuanian language. Since then I have been reading them every day.

At that time I was reading the small books of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov but they weren't enough for me, I was looking for more…

“Look around and see how many things can be done. One life is not enough to get everything done. Catch the current of the Divine opportunity. Begin with the project that lies right in front of you. Your collaborative work on the physical, mental, and astral planes can transform you, and as a side effect, it will transform everything that surrounds you”. (I call you to action! Master Godfre, January 17, 2010)

In 2018 I initiated a project during which we rebuilt an old abandoned fountain into a playground with an unusual trampoline for children.

For more than 40 years, for as long as I can remember, this place was completely in ruins, with pieces of broken bottles and clutter all around. The place has meanwhile been restored and now every day when I walk past it I see children playing.

The place is buzzing with life again, just like the fountain that once stood there.

As an interesting detail it should be noted, that for many years no one had shown interest in supporting the mosque to which this fountain belongs.

The moment I started this project and the first approvals started coming in, the mosque also started receiving additional financial support for the reconstruction of the building and its surroundings.

And for the company that laid the soft surface, it was probably one of the most delicate works they performed in their more than 10 years of experience.

Playgrounds usually come in one color.

The workers were joyously admiring their self-made pattern design, colors and texture.

For more than 40 years, for as long as I can remember, this place was completely in ruins, with pieces of broken bottles and clutter all around. The place has meanwhile been restored and now every day when I walk past it I see children playing.

“We are waiting for your actions of transformation on the physical plane. All non-divine things should be removed from your TV screens, radio airwaves, shelves of stores, and the Internet.” (We ask you to act in your lives according to the knowledge and teachings received by you. The Great Divine Director, April 27, 2006)

“Today I wanted to draw your attention once again to the necessity of your work on your consciousness and your simultaneous collaborative work with each other on the physical plane. There is no time to wait until you become completely perfect. Your aspirations will yield results much faster if you apply all the acquired knowledge in your daily life as soon as you receive it. Whatever does not get reinforced in practice becomes useless, dead knowledge.” (We give you the Living Word, the Living Teaching, and expect you to bear our Word and our Teaching into life through concrete work in the physical plane. Sanat Kumara, July 18, 2006)

Kind Regards.

Esmiralda, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

I got acquainted with the book of Tatyana N. Mikushina “Words of Wisdom” in March 2006 at my friends’ place. They said that the Masters give Messages through the Russian Messenger Tatyana Mickushina, who lives in Omsk.

We were already familiar with the books of Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. I read “Violet Flame” every day.

We had read the Dictation, and I wanted to purchase the first book of Messages. When I bought the book and read the Message of Sanat Kumara at home, I realized that there was no need to look for anything else as I had found what I needed. I was so happy and proud that there was a person in Russia who could receive Messages from the Ascended Masters and was the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

Since 2005, I worked in a boarding house in the city of Gelendzhik, and I could not understand what was happening to me. I did my work, I didn’t want to communicate with anyone, I liked seclusion and sitting in meditation. I felt the grace of the Lord.

When I bought that book, then the book of Rosaries, I understood my condition. The Rosary of Responsibility describes the state in which I was.

I acquired true Faith in the Higher Reality in the summer of 2005. My children missed me and started coming in turns to visit me and swim in the sea. Once, my daughter and I walked from the beach past an LAZ bus, which was parked on a slope; the driver was underneath it repairing something. Before we could take a few steps, the bus got off the brakes and began to roll back towards the driver with the rear wheels. We dropped our bags and together with four men who were nearby, rushed forward to hold the bus, but we could not. It moved and moved back on us, the driver shouted, we did not know what to do. I began to shout: “Archangel Michael, Help! Help! Help!" In a matter of seconds, we felt that the bus had stopped moving and the driver sighed in relief. The bus remained motionless until the frightened partner of the driver ran out of the store and got behind the wheel.

It dawned on me what happened, when we resumed our way home. Such Grace descended upon me, I realized that the Higher World exists; and we are led, helped and protected. I began to thank Archangel Michael and all the Forces of Light.

I realized that I stayed in Gelendzhik for too long when I re-read the dictation of Master El Morya (May 21, 2005):

“There are no whiners or idlers among my disciples.

I say, “Haste. Hit the road!” And all my disciples are ready.

On the move, you can gird yourself, and on the move, you can understand how best to act.

Therefore, keep sensitivity. I expect you to be quick as soon as I call.”

I went on a long journey to explore Siberia. Later I realized that this trip was given to me so that I could pass the tests that were given to me on the Path.

Tests were everywhere: in the train, on the bus, at the bus stop, in the minibus, in the apartment where I lived, in the shops. There were different situations, these were such that it seemed that it would be "the end for me", and I won’t get out of it. But suddenly, some people appeared, everything was solved, and I could still get to the last minibus, which was going through that wilderness twice a day.

There were many mistakes on the Path, I feel shame and pain from them, but in the Message of Beloved Guan Yin, dated June 28, 2014 it says:

“The uncountable human sufferings can be easily stopped if people realize the cause of this suffering and repent for the unrighteous acts that they have committed.”

We are happy people! We have a Dear Teacher, we have been given the Teaching. We just need to realize our mistakes, not to lose courage, to rise and go under the motto: “Aspiration, Persistence and Devotion!!!” And the parting words of Beloved Jesus from the Dictation of June 24, 2012 help us in this:

“No matter how hard the Path is, you will be led by Hope, Faith, and Love.

All the obstacles can be overcome when you are walking with God.

The inner Light will illuminate the Path for you in the worst life situations.

I believe in you and in your aspiration and devotion. Together we can overcome any resistance and reach that part of the Path from where a breathtaking view of the Divine summit opens up.”

I thank the Beloved Masters, the entire heavenly cosmic Hierarchy of Light for the Knowledge that you have given us. I thank our Teacher, who does everything so that we could better learn this Teaching.

With a low bow, Love and Gratitude.

Chekmareva Nataliya, Lviv, Ukraine

Thank you for the opportunity to put my inner state into words. This allows me to realize more deeply the Grace, Love and Protection of the Light Forces and to understand that everything is possible with God!

My acquaintance with the Teaching took place in 2009. My friend Mikhail Melnytsky told me about Tatyana Mickushina, bless her Lord. Prior to that, for 12 years I had been searching for answers to my internal questions, had gone to India, had had spiritual practices, but the fruits had not satisfied me.

Having heard about the new possibilities of communication with the Hosts of Light through the Messenger, I was cautious. At first, I began to turn to the Great Teachers on the 23rd of each month, sometimes I read the Rosaries, but this was unsystematic. In 2013, when the changes in the country coincided with the changes in my life, I clutched the Messages as a "straw" ... But it turned out to be a lifeline...

In addition to the fear of the unknown, there was a desire to make efforts to harmonize the situation in the country and in my life, since it is interconnected.

It seemed that all these events: mother’s passing over, meeting and parting with a loved one, the marriage of my son, the birth of my granddaughter, health problems - could be distributed throughout a few incarnations ...

Somehow, right after the decision to read the Rosaries, it became possible to gather friends at my place. We felt the joy of unity in God and a surge of strength. I felt Divine support; all problems were dissolved after understanding the reasons. At that time I was unemployed, but I never went hungry. In a miraculous way, I received everything necessary for life from my friends and like-minded people.

Thank God for everything! I was getting answers to my questions so often and so much that now I don’t remember the key point.

Then I had to leave my hometown, where I had lived for 50 years ... I was torn from the usual way of life and taught to accept new conditions very quickly. I constantly felt the support of the Higher Forces; otherwise I would not be able to survive such a "tight schedule" of changes. I am immensely grateful and happy that in my life there is the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood. A deep bow and thanks to Tatyana Mickushina! Thanks to my friends for their support and to all like-minded people.

Together - we are strong! Goodness will win!

With love!

Soha Sreiwe, Lebanon

I am Soha Sreiwe, I’m from Lebanon.

In 2016, I found the spiritual treasure, which I had been seeking for a long time, the Teaching of The Ascended Masters. At first, I was startled by the content of the Dictations, the language was simple, but I couldn’t understand. It didn’t take too long though for me to understand the Dictations from the first reading. Not only that, I began to feel that these words were flowing to my heart in the form of grace, peace and love.

By reading the Messages, I could get the nectar of energy, which was transformed into a more peaceful, awakened and conscious condition. “Try to learn to watch the events occurring around you as if through a screen, as though you are at the theatre and the people around you are actors. If you think over the sense of your life, you will see that in fact you have come to this world to play a certain role.” (Sanat Kumara, May 17, 2005). This Messages gave me a deep relief and changed my concept about life, instead I began playing my role with joy and more awareness.

“The path of love”, Tatyana Mickushina:

"Faith has nothing to do with any religious rites, ceremonies, or services. This is an internal quality. And the same thing about love, not the kind of love that people think of, but true Love which is unconditional. It is simply the quality of love.”

The words of our beloved Messenger penetrated deep into my heart.

I knew then that we are all connected, we should send unconditional Love to the whole world beginning from the smallest creature on this planet. I knew that nature is our mother, we must treat her with more respect, and I learned not to condemn any person or judge him on his life path.

I learned to watch my actions cautiously and pay attention to every single word, intention and behaviour.

I’m honoured to be a member of the Arabic team and I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to help with translating the Messages. I’m so grateful to the Ascended Masters and our beloved Messenger Tatyana Mickushina for being the rope of our salvation. Love and Light.

Maria dos Anjos Amaral, Portugal

I am from Portugal. I met the book "Words of Wisdom". I'm catholic. I was drifted away from church for living in a civil union for 17 years. In my search I was led to you. There was no contradiction to the Gospels. And the Masters' Messages are more explicit and up-to-date. I say the invocations, I read the Messages, I pray the Rosaries, I do the meditations suggested on the website. In summary, I try to become a better person. I have been following the Sirius website since 2017. I am grateful to the Masters, to the Saints and all beings that allow this dispensation to happen. Let there be good.

“In our world only your Divine qualities may stay with you: unselfishness, devotion, faithfulness, love, compassion, Divine mercy and charity, and purity.” (Cosmic Being Powerful Victory, December 29, 2006)

Tatyana, Krasnoyarsk Region, Russia


The Teaching gave answers, which were so lacking in life, that everything around seemed meaningless. There were simple unanswered questions, for example: What is a soul? How is it arranged? Why does it hurt? How do Divine miracles happen? There were also many others, and there was no clarity BEFORE I discovered this Teaching.

As many have already written, AFTER becoming acquainted with the provisions of the Teaching, set forth in the Dictations and further explained plainly by Tatyana Mickushina, the surrounding world was revealed. There exists a Hierarchy of Light, one for all of us, and only people, unreasonably divided themselves into separate religions. There are the main Divine Laws - the Laws of karma, reincarnation, and others, which are ruling our lives. One needs to work with life situations, accept them, recognize mistakes, remove imperfect qualities and manifestations, etc., and not to blame everything around him.

The description of Divine qualities, especially Unconditional Love, and explanations about their distortions and substitution in modern society, are amazing and change one’s perception! I have not found anywhere else explanations of the structure of the world, of man and his place in it done in such a simple, easy and integral way.

I even learned to pray, to turn to God with requests, only from these Dictations. Prior to this Teaching I believed in God, but that was within the framework of the Orthodox religion, which did not explain a lot of things, and it repelled me very much. The use of all the candles, head scarves and other rituals were not quite clear.

Everything is explained in this Teaching: about laws, about the need for appeals, how decisions are made, etc. Not everything worked right away for me; more than half a year passed where I was reading the Dictations on a daily basis, many of which repeated: “Ask, because we have no right to intervene if you do not ask,” before I managed to say something. But it was very real to the senses and felt unusual!

It helps to understand that we are all at different levels of consciousness, and we also belong to different races and sub races. It helps not to condemn people, not to be angry, not to be offended when they cannot do or understand something, but to admit the thought that they are simply at a different level, and therefore behave this way. This is mentioned in various Dictations.

Also, in order not to be offended, not to judge, the lines from the Dictation of Beloved Jesus of June 5, 2005 are useful: “People who attack you, offend you, insult you, humiliate you are unhappy in their essence.

A man whose heart is an abode of God will never allow himself to do harm to another man.”

And if you think hard about a certain situation, task or problem all day long, then in the evening when you read a Dictation, you will definitely see advice in it on this particular problem that you have been thinking about during the day. Even though the Dictations are read in sequential order, there is always such an effect, 100 percent of the time.

A useful and simple rule for evaluating requests for help is set out in the Dictation of Beloved Kuthumi on June 24, 2005, a Teaching on the karma of inactivity. I remember particularly this one and I apply it when I don’t want to help someone; then I make myself analyze the situation as described, and the solution becomes obvious and justified.

I wouldn’t say that everything became easy and magical, but it really helps you navigate in life when you have an understanding or at least the knowledge of how the Law of Karma works. Even when it is not immediately understood, the very thought and turning to the Masters for help facilitate the condition. But, of course, we are the ones who have to solve problems and get lessons. It is difficult, as is the internal struggle with the ego; however, this is the inevitable stage of our evolution if we do not want to return to the state of savages at the fire.

I also want to note a very useful explanation of the events of the last hundred years and the current situation in Russia. Without such explanations from the Ascended Masters themselves, those who were embodied as the emperor and members of his family, it is impossible to understand what kind of monstrosity is happening with us so far and what is the way out.

Sincerely, Tatyana, Krasnoyarsk Region.

Noha Ali, Latakia, Syria

Peace be upon you,

I am Noha Ali, living in the city of Latakia in Syria.

This Teaching was a turning point in my life and my surroundings ... It was the protective shield and the dispensation that the heavens gave us ... My Beloved Lord Maitreya taught me to love all the creatures of God the Most High as a way to purify me.

Thanks to God for this opportunity to spread love through the Beloved Ascended Masters and Beloved Tatyana, who worked hard to deliver this Teaching to us.

All thanks to you, love and peace from the heart.

Svetlana, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hello, dear like-minded people and LIGHTBEARERS of our native home planet Earth, a temporary Home.

I read your feedback and sincerely rejoice at your successes and small achievements on the Path to LIGHT and GOOD.

Everyone has his own PATH. It is impossible to live it for another.

I felt a helping hand from the moment I got acquainted with the Teaching given through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, but didn’t know who exactly, which Master was helping me.

Since 2016, I have been reading the Messages of the Great White Brotherhood given through our dear Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina.

I read with joy, with awe. I read the Book of Wisdom a second time, some Messages for a third time. And every time everything is perceived in a new way, new facets of this Teaching are being opened.

Today, while reading the Dictation of Beloved Master El Morya from July 19, 2006, tears of joy and understanding flew from the fact that the Masters are always nearby, They love and trust us:

"I cannot come to each of you and express my acknowledgment and gratitude for the work that you do for the Brotherhood, but I can express my acknowledgment and gratitude through this Messenger. Accept my low bow. I sincerely bend down before the Light of God in you and before those of your Divine qualities that allow you not to lose the way and to act in the interests of the Brotherhood, being on Earth at this difficult time for the planet.”

They had great trust in me, putting me in a very responsible position. There were critical situations, there were cases of interference of opposing forces through employees and, unfortunately, and through relatives.

Help came in difficult situations, in some cases - at the last minute. Only thanks to the help of Beloved Lord El Morya, Beloved Lord Jesus, Beloved Lord Saint Germain and the entire Hierarchy of Light, I have been able to pass this period in my life for almost 10 years.

I refused the consumption of meat, fish and alcohol.

Sincerely THANKS to the Hierarchy of LIGHT Forces and Tatyana N. Mickushina for the opportunity to touch the TRUTH.

May the world be well!!!

Regards, Svetlana.

Elvira, Moscow, Russia

At the end of 2014, a tragedy occurred in my life, after which I was in a severe depression. In 2015, in the month of February, I saw a post by one girl on the VKontakte social network about the Sirius website, that a prayer vigil for world peace would be held, this information attracted me, I felt as though a helping hand had been extended from above.

My path to understanding who I am, why I am here, why I was born on planet Earth, began by reading the Rosaries of Mother Mary. Tears poured with every word read in the Rosaries. Tears of purification and the healing of my heart, my soul. It is impossible to convey in words the help and grace that I received while reading the Rosaries of Mother Mary. Knowledge and realizations were unpacking every day more and more clearly for me.

The Rosary of Mother Mary’s Mercy was imprinted in my heart very brightly:

“Remember, that every time you face a heavy and unfair situation in your life, from your point of view, in 100 percent of cases you alone were the reason for creating this situation, owing to your wrong choices and bad deeds. Everything in your life is determined by your past choices and deeds. But there isn't any predetermination in your destiny, because sometimes one correct choice of yours and a righteous deed expiates the karma of very many sins, including the most terrible sins committed by you in the past.”

I began to realize that everything that happens in my life, everything that is given to me, I created myself. The daily aspirations to read the Rosaries of Mother Mary and the Messages of the Masters - the Teachers of mankind - helped me on my way to gradually get out of my deepest depression, free myself from my attachments (smoking, alcohol, noisy events), from negative qualities: gossiping, condemnation, indignation, aggression, fear for my future. They helped me begin to realize who I am and why I am here.

The following calls to Beloved Helios and Elohim Apollo give me a feeling of protection and aspiration for the future, for a bright future.

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, Elohim Apollo, I am asking you to take the space around me under your own control and to fill it only with Divine manifestations everywhere I am: at home, at work, at public places.”

“In the name of I AM THAT I AM, beloved Helios, I ask you to clean my aura and my chakras from everything which is not from God, I ask you to fill my being with your energy, the energy of the Sun.”

I cannot express in words all my gratitude and love for the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina, all the Ascended Masters, all the Higher Forces that help humanity in our difficult time. I thank you with love for all the mercies that are given to us, for the instructions and the guidance of God. A low bow for your high work and love for the humanity of the Earth.

The world is transforming, and this is happiness!

Iolanta, Latvia

Hello from Latvia!

Today is May 4th and our country is celebrating the resumption of Independence Day, the atmosphere is very good, and the weather is simply amazing. Spring has come, the air is so fresh and it smells very good.

Everything around is blooming and birds are singing. People are still trying to stay home, but many of them go for a walk in the nature. I heard a joke that now there are more people in the forests than in supermarkets, and I gave birth to a new business idea to create small forest markets. I feel joy about something else, definitely similar to other years, of course, it's hard with all these financial things, but in my heart I feel good.

When I was in high school 18 years ago, I did not like studying physics, but the teacher was very interesting as a person, he knew that I did not like all these boring things. And every spring he said this to the whole class: “Oooo, I know that there is something in spring because Iolanta is in love again and she is not at all interested in what I am saying.”

He always gave me pretty good grades in school and smiled, despite the fact that I was not strong in physics at all.

So for me, spring has always been associated with love, with something new, with a new beginning each year, and I always had this amazing feeling, as if we were hand in hand with this spring feeling together every year.

So, returning to the main thing, I have been with the “Words of Wisdom” since 2010. And all this was an absolutely amazing experience, including how this Teaching came to me, how it changed many things, people in my life and myself, my outlook on life and brought back all the love from my childhood. This is an absolutely unique experience for every person.

Many thanks to every person in my life, to the Ascended Masters, and to Tatyana N. Mickushina for this amazing opportunity to receive this Teaching.

Thus, in general terms, the “Words of Wisdom” was born in the spring 15 years ago, it went through a period of childhood, and is now in its teenage years, and together we rewrite the love story in millions and millions of ways.

With gratitude and love.

Irina Khomyakova, Russia

Hello, dear friends!

In 2010, before l found out about the Great White Brotherhood - the Teachers of humanity - I experienced states of sadness, longing, it seemed to me that life was passing, and I was not doing something important, I thought about our planet Earth, that it’s difficult for her...

A miracle happened! My good friend invited me to go to the Sirius website... I’m thanking God! I read the Message of Beloved Lord Sanat Kumara of March 4, 2005, “Time has changed”, “The situation on Earth continues to be stressed. The level of the vibrations of the planet is rising. New energies are coming to Earth. The majority of mankind feels these energies as an inability and meaninglessness to continue following the paths in the darkness that they have been following for many thousands of years.

<...>Everything not capable of assimilating the New Consciousness, the principles of the Common Good, Kindness, Cooperation, and God’s Guidance, will be wiped off the face of the Earth.”

The lines from the Message resonated in my heart, and since then reading the Messages of the Ascended Masters, transmitted through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mikushina, has become an integral part of me, of my life. One of the goals of the Teaching is to awaken the memory of our soul.

“We arm you with the knowledge about the current processes. And this knowledge and our helping hand extended through the worlds will render invaluable assistance to the souls of those people who are in tune with the evolution.”(Beloved Lord Surya, December 25, 2012).

“It is time to awaken for the Higher Reality. The term has approached and the time has come.” (Beloved Alpha, June 1, 2005).

When reading the Messages, the boundaries of my perception of the world expand. From the Messages I know that we all make up the One Body of God and are connected to each other on the subtle plane. I know about the laws of karma, reincarnation, the moral law, the law of mercy and compassion, the knowledge and fulfillment of which we need to advance along the evolutionary path of development. Our planet Earth is a very hospitable planet, it has given rise to many civilizations, and we must protect our planet, “There was a time when you were getting everything you needed: food, heat, care.

Now the time has come to pay your dues, to thank your Mother — your native planet — for everything she has done for you.

<...>Please, make it a rule, starting from this day, to spare at least several minutes a day to send Love to your native planet. Please remind yourself of the best minutes you have spent in nature, in the mountains, at the river, in the forest. Remember the minutes of joy you have been experiencing from communicating with nature.

<...>Thank your Mother Earth for everything that she has given to you in the past. And now, if you can send Love to your Mother, she will be able to recover her health and her life forces, and become a shelter and a sanctuary for many generations of people.(Beloved Alpha, December 14, 2005).

“The Earth is very sensitive to everything that happens in the consciousness of humanity on Earth, to the collective consciousness of humanity.

<...>the Earth also reacts to dangerous states of consciousness connected with her children.” (Beloved Lanello, June 26, 2005).

In moments of life, when I was feeling worried, I recalled the wishes of Tatyana N. Mickushina so that we would be strengthened in Faith to God, in Faith in God!

Thanks to the Teaching of the Great White Brotherhood, thanks to the Teachers of humanity, my life was filled with meaning, my heart was filled with Love, happiness, joy, and I see that these states are transmitted to the people around me.

“When a man becomes filled with high vibrations, when he is full of the feeling of Divine Love, he feels a causeless state of happiness, and his life becomes full of the sense of peace, and harmony.

<...>You are seized by causeless generosity, happiness, and a wish to give out more and more of your Light and your Love, to grant your Love to the world and to ask nothing in exchange.” (Beloved Lord Maitreya, May 27, 2005).

“You cannot fight the imperfection of the whole world, but you can oust all the imperfection from your world with the help of your Love.” (Beloved Lanello, May 29, 2005).

May the world be well!

May all living beings in the whole World be happy!

May there be Peace in the whole World!

May our Earth live and prosper!

I am with God! And I wish everyone to be with God!


Helping Hand Sketch

It so happened that I found the Teaching given through Tatyana N. Miсkushina at the beginning of the most difficult period of my life. That was 12 years ago.

The biggest problem was the state of my health and the lack of answers to many of my questions; other areas of life were also not joyful. And although I was already familiar with Agni Yoga and the teachings given through Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet, the latest Teaching of the Ascended Masters has become a real panacea for me and remains so to this day.

From the very beginning, I tried to use most of the dispensations given (work with Karma on the 23rd of every month; daily reading of the Messages; visiting the Masters’ Retreats during the night's sleep; daily reading of invocations, Rosaries or prayers; letters to the Karmic Board; Mother Mary’s Hour of Mercy and others) and after a few weeks I noticed beneficial changes in my disposition.

During the first year I received answers to the main questions, and over the course of several years I became a different person - with a solid spiritual support and worldview, who acquired the meaning and purpose of life, inspired by the prospects of the Golden Age and the opportunity to work with the Forces of Light.

At the same time, the “external” side of life (health, work, finances, etc.) developed according to its scenario, and by the end of the 12 - year period its indicators became even worse than at the beginning. (Although help was constantly coming from this side too: I got a remote job for 6 years, which I asked for at Mother Mary’s Hour of Mercy, I was also helped with my health during all those years etc).

The main conclusion is that help from above will certainly come, but it will not necessarily coincide with our expectations. Karma does not disappear by itself and it can be worked on for a long time, and the living conditions that are set for a person in this embodiment do not magically change.

I want to share those provisions of the Teaching that were immediately engraved in my memory and supported me at difficult times. This is the Message of Sanat Kumara of May 20, 2005:

“... the conditions you are in now correspond to the level of your consciousness, and to the correlation between your negative and positive karma. Therefore, the starting conditions will be different for each of you. You will have to overcome all the inconveniences of your outer conditions and karmic circumstances. But you should realize that you yourselves, by your own choices in this and previous lives, deserve the circumstances that surround you in your life... Therefore, the first step on your Path is your humility before the circumstances in which you start your Path, and your decision to follow the Path leading you back to God, irrespective of any external circumstances in your life.

Believe me, if you manifest aspiration and resoluteness in following the Path, you will receive all the necessary help. In the course of time, the circumstances of your life will change to a milder manifestation of any karmic constraints, even of the heaviest ones. In process of changing your consciousness, you will receive everything necessary for your spiritual advancement and for perfecting yourself in God.

All the barriers and limitations lie inside of you. All your limitations are just the clogs of the negative energy in your four lower bodies.

Imagine that your four lower bodies represent an attic where all the junk has been dumped during a few thousand years. Over time, this attic has become so cluttered and dusty that it has become impossible even to enter it. The four lower bodies of the majority of mankind represent exactly such attics.

That is why you should make a decision one fine day to start clearing up the karmic encumbrance of your attic. Of course, you will not be able to do it in just one day, and probably not even in a few years.

... Therefore, I would like to warn all those beforehand who look forward to a pleasant journey on their Path leading Home. Do not expect an easy path."

This is exactly what happened: I do as much as possible for spiritual development, and other improvements in life occur if karma allows. I thank God, the Ascended Masters and the Messenger for the Teaching given in the years of 2005 - 2020.

Galina, Sakhalin, Russia

Good afternoon!

I want to share how I found the Messages of the Great White Brotherhood.

The words "White Brotherhood" and my desire to join them came to me a long time ago, more than 10 -12 years ago.

I searched for information on the Internet, but found nothing; and this lasted for several years.

Then I began to hear in my head: "El Morya."

My interest increased: "What is this, who is this?"

Instead of holding a briefing, I locked myself in the office and typed in the computer: "El Morya."

I saw both His photo and His call. My state was like that of the disciples of Christ, who quit fishing and followed Jesus. The sensation of goodness and delight started filling me. Then fear came: how can I go, I have a family, children, work ...

I began my search on the Internet about Him. I went straight to the Sirius website and stayed there for years, reading the Messages regularly.

I was interested in other sites, tried to combine. But the Energies of the Messages were giving me a good feeling, and that’s it.

I was ashamed that I was coming literally “to eat” these energies. Then I read in one of the Messages: “We are coming to feed you,” and I felt relieved, I let the shame go. When it was gone, the joy came.

Different Messages resonated with my soul, depending on the external conditions of life.

I told some of my friends about the Sirius website, about the Messages, about Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Some thanked me, some walked by. But I gave them the chance that El Morya had given me.

I thank Tatyana Mickushina and everyone who works with her.

Larisa, Cheboksary, Russia

Hello dear friends!

Thank you for the opportunity to express my love and gratitude for the pearls of Divine Wisdom transmitted through Tatyana N. Mikushina. A deep bow to the Teacher, my appreciation, devotion and love.

In 2006, I was presented with the book “Words of Wisdom”. My dad was the first to read it, and I received his approval and blessing. Since then, the Messages of the Masters and the Sirius website have been my handbook and daily guide in the world.

Reading one Message every day, using calls and rejoicing in the achievements of other people, I am changing my consciousness and find wisdom, guidance, revelation and pearls for further growth.

The first thing that I want to note today is the recommendations that are often given in different Messages, for example, in the Message of Lord Surya on December 22, 2013:

"In the first place, you are to give up your bad habits, including listening to low-quality kinds of music, misusing your sexual energy, and watching TV and inferior manifestations on the Internet."

It is important to honor the Hierarchy, Masters, parents, teachers in schools. It is sad to see people leave the Path. Children do not obey their parents, wives do not respect husbands and students do not respect teachers. Although, in order to gain the knowledge, wisdom and blessings of the elders, one must desire to learn to honor and respect, to have devotion and love. Even to fill a glass with water from a vessel, it is necessary to raise the vessel and lower the glass. It will not work otherwise. This is stated in the commandment of Beloved Serapis Bey of July 14, 2006:

"The veneration of the Hierarchy, of the Masters, is a very important quality on the Path. That is because without veneration to the Master you will not be able to advance on the Path."

And here is the secret: "When you grant your devotion and Love to the Master with love and sincerity, you receive into your aura the momentum of achievements that your Master already has."

With great love and gratitude to God, Beloved Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina and all the Teachers on the Path.

Gerardo Urquiza, Toronto, Canada(it was initially written in English)

The Messages of the Ascended Masters have provided me with gentle reminders for introspection using the right questions.

Having practiced yoga and meditation for 15 plus years I am well aware of what "going deep" really means. Having had unique experiences I can attest to that. The place where we go during our meditations or yoga practice may fill us with temporary bliss and the feeling that we are communing with the universe. But we should ask ourselves if that is enough, or if that is the real purpose of meditation.

For the last 3 or 4 years I had been praying for a way out of recurring patterns in my life that seem to come back every few years, such as: family-related conflicts; work scenarios that were less than ideal, and broken intimate relationships.

Are we in this world as a gift to advance ourselves spiritually? If so, perhaps that is why we are given challenges to overcome. So where to start? A true intention and commitment was my starting point. I see it as a recipe. I know that every recipe has stages and ingredients. The recipe for success and to break recurring patterns should be the same. One part is praying; another part is getting up and having your "feet" take you where you need to be, even though it’s easier not to go. But we should continue to ask ourselves if this is enough, or are we missing something? For me during these years of prayer (or intention setting, some may say), I allowed my feet to take me and kept getting "chance" encounters at events with the wonderful ladies that make the literature of the Messages of the Ascended Masters by Tatyana Mickushina available to all. Perhaps the ingredient that was missing in the recipe was to ask for help from our angels and guides.

The Messages have provided me with reminders of the way to pray and our purpose in life. They have also provided much information for reflection.

Once I started praying and reading the Messages my three cyclic patterns broke within 6 months. Expect big changes, revelations, lessons and help.

"Your Love and Faith are the only things you need to implement your Divine Plan" Saint Michael Archangel, April 15, 2005.

"The Path of initiations that I teach is the Path of Full humility before the Will of God, complete dedication and sacrifice" Jesus, May 22, 2005.

Reni Marcheva, Bulgaria

I began to read the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom in the summer of 2006.

That year was one of the most difficult in my life - full of difficulties and challenges.

It was in that year, my friend, an earthly sunshine, gave me the link to Tatyana Mikushina’s website. From the very first Dictation I realized that this reading was meant for me. It turned out to be true.

The Sirius website has become the most important part of my daily life.

To this day, when I reread the Dictations, I still find newer and newer answers to all kinds of questions that arise in me.

This website appeared in my life at a difficult time and gave me knowledge and confidence. It gave me a deeper faith in the Almighty. It also helped me embark on the Path to which the Ascended Masters call us.

The Messenger Tatyana Mickushina and the Sirius Website give me support and faith.

Thank you. Sending my regards.

Veselina, Bulgaria

Hello dear friends!

I have been reading the Messages for almost four years. This Teaching is my life. I do not need anything else.

My life is very busy, I have almost no free time, so I constantly work with calls.

All calls are priceless, but the one that is my favorite is the call of Lord Nicholas Roerich:

"No, I will not stop! Nothing will stop me! I am going toward God and no difficulties or failures of the world can stop me."

"I will light the fire in my heart! I will never turn back! I will move forward and nothing will stop me, for I am walking with God!"

All Messages are priceless. This is knowledge. This is also Love. I have never encountered such Love in this world. And I know that I would sacrifice myself so that this Love would settle, take root, and blossom in the hearts of all people. That is all our world needs! Love will absorb all the darkness in an instant ...

All Messages are loved by me. But now I want to draw your attention to the Message of Moses, dated December 21, 2013. “The Power of Spirit rules the world”:

“The internal controls the external. The power of Spirit rules the world.

That is why our opposing forces do everything in order for your Spirit to become silent. This war against your Spirit does not stop even for a moment. The whole industry of modern society is aimed against your Spirit.”

If someone has not realized it yet, nowadays everything should become completely clear.

We must cheer up. We must now think only about the world and about how to channel the Divine energies into our world without stopping for a minute. Happiness comes when you don’t think about yourself. The focus of El Morya and His words are always before me:

“Aspiration, constancy and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples!”

I constantly ask myself the question: "Am I doing what is necessary?" And the answer seems to be “no”... I'm not happy with myself. And when I read and watch what people write and say here, I think that I need to become stronger, more responsible ... We must aspire ... There is no other way for all of us. We came into embodiment not in vain, and our lifestreams should bring benefits to the world. Otherwise, why did we come here? It’s better to burn...

Thanks for all! With love!

Irina, Kiev, Ukraine

The “Helping Hand” project - what a deep meaning is laid in these words!

When you are in an illusion, you don’t even imagine that you are wasting the precious time allotted to you in this embodiment; you do not suspect that there is another world, the real one, the reality where your soul aspires to. The reality where you really feel good, because Love, kindness, mercy, compassion, Service, unselfishness, devotion, fidelity, mutual assistance, support, cooperation, and harmony prevail in that world. This is the reality where every living soul would like to be.

And this is a great grace of God when you are given the opportunity to discover this reality. You begin to strive for it with all your heart, with all your being. You understand that you finally found what you were intuitively looking for. You begin to realize why you came to this world. You are changing right before people’s eyes and are clearly aware of these changes. You find the meaning of life, as well as Love, joy and happiness. And you want all people to be able to feel the same thing, so that they wake up from the dream of the illusion and embark on the Path to God.

A helping hand was extended to each of us who read the Messages of the Ascended Masters transmitted through Tatyana Mickushina to pull us out of the captivity of the unconsciousness and hopelessness of our existence. We were helped to find the Teaching, to touch the Ancient Wisdom, to gain access to the life-giving nectar of knowledge and internal spiritual growth.

Low bow, boundless gratitude and Love to everyone who has helped us before and helps us now on our Path. I pray sincerely, with all my heart, that as many people as possible will take advantage of the grace granted by God and the Ascended Masters, to gain access to the Messages of the Teaching and discover the Path home.

Liya, Tbilisi, Georgia

Dear friends!

Many years ago, I had a sudden vision that lived in me for many years as a beautiful memory.

And then, 11 years ago, I found the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on the Internet. Oh my God, how my heart fluttered when in one of the Masters’ eyes I saw the same eyes that looked at me from space many years ago!

I entered the Teaching immediately and forever, without hesitation, uncertainty, or reasoning.

A lot has changed since then, and I've been through a lot. Gradually the realization came that the previous 22 years of studying Agni Yoga were necessary as a basis, a condition for receiving the subtlest energies of the Word of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom received from the higher etheric plane.

All these 11 years, the theme of responsibility has been permeating as the constant background of my inner life. Here is one of the many quotes:

"However, those of you who are reading these lines now need to devote more time to the inner work on yourselves, for only because of your inner achievements is it possible to balance the situation at every point of the planet where you live.<...>Every low-grade thought of yours is multiplied millions of times.<...>One of the basic and cornerstone Teachings that was given by us through our Messenger is the Teaching on the careful attitude toward spending the Divine Energy. You are responsible for every erg of the Divine Energy that you receive from the Divine World." (Sanat Kumara, June 1, 2010).

I've read the call to Mighty Cosmos twice, to see my biggest flaw, and I have to say that we have to be prepared for it. Because the events that happened were unusual and very powerful, and you still need to be able to understand what they indicate. At least that's how it was with me.

I am currently taking a long lesson in paying off family karma. None of my family members, figuratively speaking, can bear the Teaching, the

Images of the Masters of Wisdom, or the portrait of the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina. If it weren't for the Helping Hand of the Lords of Wisdom reaching out through the worlds and the beloved images of the Masters, I wouldn't be able to endure this situation.

Yet I notice that my family members, even against their will, without realizing it, change very gradually.

Daily and constant work on myself has become habitual and necessary for me. It includes Invocations, Rosaries, the application of the Canon "By Your Lord", the Command "Pillar of Light"...

Each of us goes to God by the path of our individual karma, and only by giving our heart to God can we ever return Home to the Divine world.

I send Love and Gratitude to God Almighty, to the Ascended Hosts of Light - our Masters, to the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N. Mickushina, to all the Children of Light and to our native planet Earth!

Alexey Ovchinnikov, Russia

Good day!

I wish you great health, and may the Lord sanctify your path, and the Masters help you overcome all the obstacles that will be on your difficult path.

The first acquaintance with the Teachings of the Masters occurred in 2006, I was introduced to them by Vyacheslav M. Shiryaev, although he is offended that I consider him my spiritual mentor, but it is so. Through him I got acquainted with the Teaching of the Masters, and through him I learned about Tatyana N. Mickushina.

And I am very grateful to these people for carrying the Light of the Teaching. What did it give me? It is impossible to describe it in two words. This is the same as asking a former blind person how he felt when he was given sight.

For me, it's light, clean air, and silvery water. I can't single out any of the Masters, since each of them carries a Teaching, and the meaning of these Teachings is not immediately appreciated.

When you reread a Message, you know whether you missed something when you first read it, or just couldn't catch what was sent to you. But one thing I can say is that the Teaching has made it possible to look at this world in a different way and evaluate this world in a different way, and your place in this world as well.

With respect.

Olga Habazova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Hello, friends!

I cannot not express my sincere gratitude to Tatyana N. Mickushina for her selfless work. And, first of all, of course, I thank God and the Ascended Masters for this opportunity, because if it wasn't for this Teaching, I don't know what my life would be like!

I got acquainted with the Teaching in 2013, before that time I had read the works of Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet. The first reading of the Messages caused a storm of joyful emotions in me, I eagerly read, without going into the content, getting filled with the nectar of Divine energy, rejoicing and recognizing the vibrations of Light. Next time, as I re-read something new opened each time, I wondered how I could have missed the information before.

My favorite Master is El Morya. Every morning I start with a call: “In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self I appeal to beloved El Morya to enter my temple and act through me so that the Will of God can be manifested in the physical octave and in the densest layers of the astral plane. Beloved El Morya, I grant all my four lower bodies at your full disposal: the physical body, the astral body, the mental body and the etheric body. Act through me if there is God’s Holy Will for that. Let God’s Will be done. Amen.”

I begin my day by invoking the electronic presence of El Morya around me, and walk under his powerful protection and support. I ask for his advice, try to feel the answer, although I’m not always able to hear it.

During the day, when faced with various negative situations, I remember the Dictation of Beloved Surya "If you really want to change something in your life, you should think about your consciousness more often" from April 27, 2005 and try not to invest my energy, my attention into imperfection. I try to imagine a positive course of events, I imagine loving and friendly communicating people instead of feuding, in order to find friendly emotions in myself.

The greatest impression was made by Surya's Message "New Divine Mercy" from December 13, 2005. After prayers and rosary readings, I always imagine my expanding aura encompassing my city, Russia, and all of Mother Earth.

I deeply wish prosperity, harmony, joy, peace and all the best for our native and beloved planet! We must always believe in the victory of Light! A new time and new inspiring opportunities have come! With God, everything is possible!

With sincere love and best wishes to all.

Tatiana, Alapaevsk, Russia

I discovered the Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom at the end of 2014. I was interested in the Laws of the Universe, to understand who I am in this life and who I can be.

I always took the Messages transmitted in the Teaching easily, I did not have any struggle and resistance.

When reading the Messages, you get the feeling that they predict future events: once you read them, you have to confirm the material you have studied by experience.

Getting to know the Law of Karma and seeing its manifestations in the events of my life allowed me to live through and survive pressure and persecution at work. Every time there was a "difficult" moment, I realized that this is the action of the Law of Karma, and it helped me to find a solution. Appeals to Mother Mary relieved my anxiety and gave me the strength to act. Thanks to the knowledge I received from the Teaching, I was able to balance my reactions to opinions that were opposite to mine.

The closest book to me is the book "Rosaries of Mother Mary", when reading or listening to the Rosaries, my heart immediately opens and gets filled with Love and Abundance. In these moments, I feel that I live from my Heart, not from my head!

I wish that as many people as possible could discover and accept this Grace in the form of the Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom!

With Love and Gratitude!

Valentina, Sumy region, Ukraine

In the fall of 2016, for the first time I opened the Sirius website, everything happened "accidentally". With great interest I was reading the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom. I was reading and crying, those were tears of purification. I immediately accepted the Teachings of the Masters of Wisdom with all my heart.

There was no resistance, just the joy of finding what I had been seeking for years and years. I started working on myself and, of course, I am still doing it. I make a call every day, "O, Earth, I know that it is a hard time for you, I know that you need my help today. I am asking my Higher Self, in the name of I AM THAT I AM, to give the Divine Energy, coming into my body-temple today, for the stabilization of the situation on the Earth." (Gautama Buddha, March 7, 2007).

I told my mother about the Sirius website, she is 85 years old, and now she also reads the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom. She tries very hard to read. Together we discuss some things that she doesn't understand. I believe with all my heart in the Victory of Light on Earth.

With Love and Gratitude to God, the Masters of Wisdom and Tatyana N. Mickushina.

I thank the creators of the Sirius website.

Nelda, Latvia

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters came into my life in the spring of 2017. Now I understand that I’ve been preparing for this encounter for 20 years. At first I was kind of drinking the Teaching as I was thirsty, and only later I realized the importance of it. The Teaching has become an integral part of my life. My eating habits, my lifestyle in general, and my business have all changed.

One of the first and very special Teachings I read was the Confucius Message of March 31, 2005 (this day is also my birthday). Reading this Message, I felt as if I were meeting old friends, the words of Confucius are very consonant with the call of my heart:

“ Have you ever asked yourself what the purpose of your existence is?


I suppose such a question has arisen at least one time for each of you. For many people this question arose so persistently and so often that the search for the meaning of life for them literally turned into the very meaning of life. ”

This has been my question throughout my conscious life. And now I found what I was looking for. My heart was happy.

The second case is related to my participation in the working group of the Ministry of Finance on the development of a new law on accounting. The tenth small Rosary of Mother Mary, the recommendations of which I tried to apply in my practice, are already bringing benevolent fruit:

“ Imagine that my angels and I enter the walls of your government bodies. By our presence we will transform the situation and create the preponderance of the forces during any decision-making.

Imagine me during any negotiations that are taking place at the government level, as if I were also sitting at the negotiating table, and I will supervise any decision-making in your world whether it concerns politics, the economy, education, health care, culture, or social welfare. Your visualizations and prayers will allow me and other Ascended Masters to be involved in decision-making at any national level. Thanks to such a simple practice we can reverse any situation and direct its settlement along the Divine Path”.

Also the Call of the Beloved Jesus from March 21st, 2005, which He gave in the meditation on the Light to get rid of shortcomings and use the opportunity to give away all imperfections, which most of all prevents from manifesting the true nature, helped me to consciously see the variety of my imperfections and shortcomings, to accept them and gradually let them go.

Studying Divine Science has become the most important practice in my life.

I thank Heaven, the God-Creator, the Divine Teachers, and the Messenger.

Alla Krylova, Novosibirsk, Russia

Dear friends, hello!

The Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom as ancient as the world came like a blazing Light of Knowledge in my life. Despite the fact that the soul and mind received a certain idea of the universe, man, Life through the Teaching of Living Ethics, the Teaching of the Ascended Masters through Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, I began to realize that no one else had addressed my soul this way, carefully and with unconditional love, understanding all the difficult situations in today's world, giving hope to every embodied soul to go on the Path of Light, the Path of Love, the Path to God. My soul needed Faith, an aspiring Faith, an unshakable Faith in the plan of the Creator. And when I, thanks to the help of the Beloved Ascended Masters through appeals, through reading the Messages, through a heart-to-heart conversation, through an appeal that runs like a red thread through the entire Teaching, “Do not be afraid. Fear is the greatest evil of your world”. Begin to distinguish between its own ego and its carnal mind, Faith is strengthened. There is a conscious, joy in my soul, and there is a World so beautifully created, with endless evolutionary development.

With Love,
Alla Krylova

Maxim, Russia

In 2007 it suddenly turned out that I have a soul and a connection with it. Тhe soul was addressed by the one whom it considers a teacher. Got a direction to the Teaching and since then I have not parted. I lived in Moscow until 2020. During the period of following the Teaching my salary at work was raised by 25 percent. My sister bought me an apartment in the Moscow Region near the forest, where I now live and practice many hours of spiritual practice. In February 2020, I was seriously ill for a week (possibly with coronavirus), but the Fire of the Heart in which there is a Teaching burns everything.

Obviously, this virus is God's delicate work for dividing by vibration those who are ready to follow God's plan for this planet and those who are not.

Humanity and media do not have distinction and they are afraid, but the easiest way to raise their vibrations and bypass problems is to read and follow the Teaching.

The most important quote from the Teaching of the Archangel Michael is to constantly be on your guard and discern the motive that moves you.


Pavel Korablev


To my deep regret I learned about the Teaching and began to study it only recently, literally this year. Of course I have not had time to read all the Messages, I am still reading them.

I was trying to find the Teaching for myself for a long time. I began to read various sources, tried to follow the advice set forth in them, but only now I felt that I had finally found a true Source for myself!

I must admit that at first when I heard about Sirius website and opened it, I could not believe that such high Beings are giving the Knowledge Themselves!

Also a little later I heard about the site one more time from a person whom I trusted deeply, and after his words I again turned to the Messages. Now I have no doubt that I have touched the absolute Truth!

It’s still difficult for me to pick something specific, because all the Messages that I read touch very deeply, and absolutely resonate with me. I am very imperfect, and I have to work on myself for a long time ahead and it seems difficult. I really hope and believe that it is under the influence of the Teaching from the Sirius website that I will succeed!

With great Love and gratitude to God, all the Masters, the Messenger, the creators of the site,

Pavel Korablev.

Valentina Petrovna, follower of the Living Ethics Teaching, Chelyabinsk, Russia

My 30-year immersion in the Teaching of Living Ethics, given through the Roerichs and the Мессагес of the Teachers, adopted through Tatyana N. Mickushinа since 2005, gives me the opportunity to argue that this is the One Teaching, orienting people to the evolutionary idea of the Common Good of humanity on Earth.

True, I do not have the Internet, but I have all the Rosaries and Messages available.

This is a unique opportunity to help the whole World, the whole Earth. As more participants in this action, the more effective the final result will be.

Vyacheslav Shiryaev, Izhevsk, Udmurtia, Russia

God bless you!

I'm 64 years old. The first contact with the subtle world, which remained in my external memory, happened to me when I was 4 or 5 years old...

All the years after that were spent Searching for another Entry into That World...

This happened in 2008, when the Angels brought me to the Sirius website...

After that EVERYTHING changed. I quit alcohol, tobacco, and meat. Changes in my Inner world would require a dozen or so typewritten sheets of small, compact text.

My deepest Gratitude to Tatyana N. Mickushina.

Lyudmila, Dnipro, Ukraine

The meaning of the Teaching in my life

I got acquainted with the Teaching in 2013. Before that, there was a long period of searching, studying esoteric literature, getting acquainted with various spiritual trends. But in my heart, I always heard either "not that" or "there is something more". It was like walking in the dark until I told the Universe that I wanted to live consciously. And finally, in 2013, my Spiritual mentors on the subtle level brought me to the Sirius website.

Words cannot express the exultation of my soul. This is what’s called love at first sight. And this Love story is continuing for seven years already. The Teaching has made a revolution in my inner world.

Thanks to the Teachers ' recommendations given in the Messages, I was able to free myself from many imperfections in my character, many blocks and fears, such as resentment, intolerance, and fear of the future. Most of all, I was plagued by a sense of loneliness and being lost. But firmly, day after day, I followed this Path. And seven years later, I am a completely different person: calm, with a sense of trust in Life, God, Teachers and Teaching.

I really like this quote, and it leads me through life now:

“ We come to give the Teaching, but you and only you can carry out the changes on your planet when you take in this Teaching and become a bearer of this Teaching for millions of those who have not awakened yet”. (Lord Maitreya, October 9, 2006).

Now I understand the essence of what is happening in the world, and I look calmly and confidently into the future. I set a goal for myself to become a living bearer of the Teaching. Yes, there is still a lot of work to do. But I firmly know that with God everything is possible, and I believe in the unconditional Victory of Light on Earth.

Many thanks to God, the Great White Brotherhood for extending a helping hand in the form of the Teaching and the Messenger.

With Love, Respect and Gratitude.

Stepanenko Tatiana, Rivne, Ukraine

My heartfelt thanks to God and my Mahatma Teachers!

I came to the Teaching in 2013 through the Message of Saint-Germain. It was like a thunderclap, I heard an inner call, I saw something Native and Familiar in the face of the Teacher, I cried! Then I saw Sanat Kumara. I looked at Him with love for so long! I felt the unity between us! When I learned that the Messenger of God is a real person who lives on Earth now, my joy was unlimited!

Thanks to my Beloved Jesus, after 6 months I got rid of a bad habit (smoking).

I really feel the help, support, inner peace and firm decision in my work from Saint Michael the Archangel. I work in a neo-natal intensive care unit.

I feel a deep connection with the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion Quan Yin.

But my special connection is with the Master El Morya! I knew from childhood that He exists!

My Love and Gratitude to the Teachers for leading us on the Path of Truth, Faith, Kindness according to Divine Laws, for a helping Hand in this difficult time!

I am sending my light energy to our Teachers, to our Messenger, to the World, to all life on Earth, to every heart!

"Your world is to be changed and this change can only be implemented by changing of your consciousness”. (Beloved Jesus, May 28, 2005).

Shivang, Kazakhstan

The world won’t be the same because I will not be the same. When we open to the Divine stream, changes occur with cosmic speed. The Teachers of the Hierarchy entered my life rapidly and my life began to change just as rapidly. To change my life, to get rid of habits which impeded my spiritual growth, I got help not only from reading the Messages, but using the information from Them in practice.

There are several basic recommendations of the Masters of Wisdom which I constantly keep in my mind like a sword hanging above my head.

“Remember that you should not wish to be our disciples from time to time, when you occasionally think of us amidst your everyday bustle. No, you should constantly remember what you want to reach and what you aspire to. You should keep your consciousness directed to our world and aspired to our world, no matter what difficult life situations you get into.

Aspiration, constancy, and devotion — these are the qualities necessary for our disciples. Our best disciples never leave their watch. They constantly keep their consonance with us and are ready to receive the necessary instructions from us 24-hours a day. ”( Beloved El Morya ).

“Cultivate the feeling of Love in your heart.

Your foremost task in life is to regain the feeling of Love at any price. You love and it means you are alive! And that is the chief thing.” (Beloved Djwal Kul).

“Judge your spiritual progress not by the quantity of hours you have spent in prayers and meditations. Judge your spiritual progress by the help you give to all living creatures, including people, animals and plants. Judge your spiritual progress by those thoughts and feelings that dominate in your consciousness”. (Beloved Gautama Buddha).

In conclusion, I want to say more about a very important point. It is foolish to draw water from the ocean into your own jar and limit yourself to what you got into the jar. Why limit yourself when you can plunge into the whole ocean and if you are lucky you could disappear in it? When my ego-mind starts saying “My Lord” or identifying “favorites”, then this is a sure sign for me something is going wrong.

I accept every Teacher of the Hierarchy of Light. In any case I do everything so as not to limit my external consciousness to the games of the ego-mind, which often violates the commandment "Do not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything." We create Gods for ourselves in our own image and likeness, then we hide these gods in the back of our subconscious mind in order to remain the same and not to reveal ourselves to the True God within us. The True God does not fit into our human conception of It. Therefore, it is important to remain open to everything that comes and goes.

I wish all sisters and all brothers in spirit to continue their journey no matter what. Do not lose Faith in God and remember that any difficult test is a new opportunity to make the Connection with God even stronger.

With Love, Shivang

Inna, Russia

Faith, Hope and Love.

These three feelings became different to me once I found the Teaching.

Faith for me now is not just belief in something or belonging to some particular religion. This word has acquired a completely new, all-embracing feeling:

“... the true faith has nothing to do with rites and ceremonies. True Faith is in your hearts...”(Beloved Jesus)

“... Not the faith that is imposed from the outside but the one that comes from your hearts... because the man who truly believes is able to ascend to the next evolutionary step.” (Lord Morya).

Hope never subsides. The hope that we can overcome all obstacles on the Path to God, Home.

Everything is possible with God! Absolutely everything!

Love - this feeling is not narrow anymore, it has become a special concept for me. It’s like a ray of the sun which shines inside of any corner, lighting everything around… it’s hard to describe ...

“... Love for everything surrounding you ...” (Beloved Djwal Kul).

“... Love for God, Love for neighbor, Love for all Life. ...” (Beloved Alpha).

“... All knowledge and understanding come with the feeling of deep unconditional Love ...” (Beloved Kuthumi)

But the most important thing for me now is to study in the current situation:

"... the main quality will be your ability to feel Love to Creator's plan and to never stop admiring all the diversity of Divine manifestations around you”. (El Morya)

With Great Gratitude to the Teaching, God, Masters !!!

With regards, Inna

Elena Bondareva, Krasnodar, Ilsky, Russia

My spiritual experience

I found the Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the fall of 2005. I got papers printed from the Internet, later I bought the first book “The Words of Wisdom”. “Letters from Home” - this is how I called these Messages, because for me they were from Relatives and Friends, whom I had been looking for all my life, although before meeting with the Teaching I had a lot of experience in searching for the Truth and reading many works. With the reading of the Messages, the nectar of Energy poured, and I received grace with tears of joy which nicely laid on my heart. Later, an understanding came of how this Teaching was different from all the others that were given to mankind over the past hundred years. This Teaching penetrates the heart - the time has come to awaken our hearts.

“You dreamt about gaining access to the fullness of the Divine Truth in your hearts. Now the time is coming when the Word of God should be open to you — not because this Word has been incomprehensible to you until now but because your hearts have been closed to the Divine Truth. ”(Sanat Kumara, July 18, 2006).

Reading the Messages and applying the recommendations changed my mind, with the reading of the Rosaries the imperfect qualities began to disappear, one after another. One of the gifts of Life was that my daughter has adopted the Teaching. So we became companions of this Teaching.

For several years I read the Rosary “The Purpose”, until the words of Sanat Kumara's became my life. So the state of the observer appeared which made it possible to see my own and others mistakes, so I could analyze them and correct them.

“ Try to learn to watch the events occurring around you as if through a screen, as though you are at the theatre and the people around you are actors. If you think over the sense of your life, you will see that in fact you have come to this world to play a certain role. Your roles may change during your life. You can even play different roles during one day. But the feeling of being in a play should never leave you, because God has created this world as a gigantic stage where you come to play your parts and go through the training at the same time. ”(Sanat Kumara, May 17, 2005)

In 2007 I had the opportunity to leave the city where I lived, for the village so the practice of karmic situations began.

“ Not all imperfections can be overcome by you by means of prayers and other spiritual practices. You can only overcome some of these imperfections by coming across the person with whom you have karma, and working off this karma in immediate communication, solving the conflict and surmounting it, first of all, in your own consciousness.”(Gautama Buddha, April 3, 2005).

In 2009 I moved again to another village. Apparently, for good practice, I was assigned to the outskirts of this rural area, where the main contingent are drinking people. Almost every day there was a drunken revelry and fights around my house. Then the Teaching came to the rescue:

“... as the time has changed, and opportunities have approached, this is the right time for you in your consciousness to treat everything around you consciously. Notice imperfect patterns in people's behavior and in the life around you, and replace those unsuccessful manifestations with more perfect Divine patterns. To start with, try to do it only in your consciousness. Do dream of how it is possible to replace the imperfection that you see in front of you with a more perfect manifestation, and after that, watch what will happen ”. (Lord Maitreya, June 18, 2006).

It was necessary to apply everything that I had read in the last 4 years. Work began on myself in finding love, mercy for those lost souls. I began to look for good qualities and cultivate them, focusing on them and ignoring their imperfect qualities. The first was a change of the attitude towards me for the better. Then, more and more changes took place around me: someone died, someone moved, other people began to come, the space became more harmonious. So the Teaching changes us and our environment.

All these years there has been a practice of controlling attention, thoughts and feelings.

“ You must aspire to control your thoughts and feelings ” (Zarathustra, January 6, 2008).

I hung notes with quotes in all rooms to remind myself of self-control. Work went on for several years, along with reading Messages. I paid special attention to reading Messages until it became internal and worked automatically. Other recommendations and practices have also been applied but there is still much work to do. A year ago, I moved to another place, and here I am learning different skills from the Teaching.

The peculiarity about this Teaching is that it gives vision and discernment, understanding of the situation of today, provides guidance and help in any situation in life.

Great Gratitude to the Masters for their invaluable Teaching, and to Tatyana N. Mickushina for her titanic Work for the benefit of mankind.

Tatyana, Moscow

Good afternoon!

I want to share my story.

I happened to meet the Teaching by chance. I noticed one book in the bookstore and became interested. Taking the book and going through it I was surprised to find that not a single word I read evoked the slightest resistance. Everything incredibly easily and naturally penetrated my heart, as if it was waiting for that. So I wanted to read Message after Message non-stop!

Since childhood I still have one clear recollection of contact with the Higher Worlds. I remember myself before I was born. I remember how I was choosing where to be born. I Also remember that there was a Supreme Being who was accompanying me to this birth. The main thing is that in this memory my soul experienced incredible happiness and a bright anticipation of birth. I knew that something special was waiting for me ...

Now, after I found the Teaching, again I experience that very familiar happiness from contact with the Higher, from the fact that I have the opportunity to work on myself and have a real landmark in life. Thus began a new page in my life, a life in which I began to experience the presence of God and distinguish the voice of the Higher Self. For me this is a real miracle. I was able to understand many things much deeper. Also to change things about myself, and to overcome such qualities of my character as: the tendency to condemn others, resentment, pride in my abilities or knowledge, and a number of attachments and selfish aspirations. Some things disappear by themselves.

More than anything else, I know for sure that firm adherence to the laws of God in the first place, and the closest monitoring of my motives and deepest impulses are most important. It is control and research of our motives that make it possible to figure out where and what mistakes we continue to make, where we are looking for false “treasures”. Do we often think about why we are doing something or not doing it? What drives us? And most importantly, where it is taking us? Up or down? The Ascended Masters have repeatedly spoken about the importance of motive. Beloved Shiva reminds us of what a perfect motive should be, to which we must orient ourselves, which we must cultivate in ourselves:

“ The whole problem is that your motive was wrong from the very beginning. You desired to become a powerful being.

The true motive would be to become the most humble being, the servant to all living beings, living on Earth. The true motive would be to liberate yourself from the ego and help all living beings.” (Lord Shiva, January 1, 2006).

This simple self-test on the purity of motive more than once helped me to make the right choices. It helped fight my ego, helped find an internal resource for difficult actions. In difficult periods or moments of loss of strength, I now clearly see that this is only one type of realization of karma, although the experiences seem so real, but my business is not to succumb to them, but to transmute the causes. Time after time, farther and deeper, unceasingly, every day. In me, in my soul, only one thought always rings - why am I still here, if not for this Path? Or walk around again? The heart knows the true answer.

With great gratitude and respect to the Messenger Tatyana N. Mickushina, the best wishes on the Path to all.


Irina Koroteeva, Moscow, Russia

I want to tell the story of how I found the Teaching of the Great Teachers of mankind which They are giving to us. I think that it can be like many others. Because probably there is a moment in the life of every person when he realizes that he sets himself the wrong goals and does not live the way the soul wants. It becomes impossible to live as before. But it is not clear where to move on. And at this time you begin to search for the meaning of life, Truth, ask questions. But then the right people, meetings, books come.

One of such books was the book “The Word of Wisdom” by Tatyana N. Mickushina, which at the time explained everything:

“How long will you run around your miserable world and seek the meaning of life? You will never find the meaning of life in the world around you! I tell you this with a full responsibility, because mortal cannot inherit immortal. Your nature is Divine in reality. And you must return to your Divine nature”.(Message from Beloved El Morya, May 25, 2005).

So then came the explanation why life is developing in this way, not otherwise. This is stated in many Messages of the Masters of Wisdom which give the concepts of the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation. I will give only one phrase from the Message of Serapis Bey, December 26, 2007:

“ Nothing can happen to you that you have not created yourself. You are creating all the circumstances of your life by your choices that you make and by your reaction to everything that surrounds you in your life ”.

As well as thoughts, feelings, words and deeds ...

Awareness of these Truths helps you move on along your life path. Everything does not immediately go smoothly. There is still a lot to work on. But you don’t blame anyone around, you understand why and for what? Where you were wrong and how to fix it? Most importantly you want to learn and work on your mistakes. You also acknowledge both your ego and your imperfections. You also constantly feel the help and the friendly shoulder of those who are walking along the path, and the leadership, and the support of God and Masters. It is necessary to hold on to them very tightly, especially in this difficult time when it seems there are no right guidelines. When everything is turned upside down. The Teachers are loving and merciful, caring and compassionate. They never leave us.

Master Morya: “Do not think that you are alone on your Path. We are constantly by your side and are holding your hands in our hands”. (July 7, 2006)

Lord Shiva gives us the way out of the created situation: “The only things that can save humanity now: your confidence in the existence of the Higher reality and your aspiration to this reality. Then, when you believe and aspire, you will be able to solve all the problems of your society from the position of the Higher reality. When this approach is applied in all spheres of human activity, then positive changes will begin in society.

You should start with yourself, from your personal relationship with God who is within you. Then, when you establish your personal relationship with the inner God, your life will begin to change. It is your choice that you must make immediately. It is impossible to force you to make your choice. We can only warn you about the fact that, sooner or later, the existing Law will make you return to the real world by changing the conditions of your world.” (June 21, 2011)

This is how I found the Highest Hand of help and support, and guardianship, and Love in this Teaching.

With Love, Gratitude and reverence for the Beloved Masters, Tatyana N. Mickushina, Tatyana Viktorovna.

Agenor De Lorenzi Cancelier, Batatais, São Paulo, Brasil

Thanks for the Miracles!

With the help of true and interior power I was lead to Sirius website. Right in the beginning of the Messages in 2005 I’ve never stopped reading them and meditating on them. In the beginning it was harder because of the Russian language, which I don’t speak. I used to use Google Translator. Those were very difficult years for my wife had cancer and she passed away.

The quotation that most touched my soul was the one of Beloved Jesus, “God takes care for all His sheep.” It was the one that gave me strength to carry on. I, myself, had a cancer, which I healed miraculously. I found a higher sense for my life in the Messages and today I am more merciful.

I deeply identify myself with the Messages of Beloved Jesus and Mother Mary, and I read their Rosaries every day. From the beginning, I have been participating in all the Vigils and Sunday Rosaries that have been proposed by the Messenger.

The article that really thrilled me and made me burst into tears was “Four Miracles of My Life” from our Guru. I understood that a human being as Tatyana is equal with us with her human weaknesses, hesitations and doubts. However, above all her faith, constancy and devotion to the Masters is what I admire the most. We can also get there for God takes care for all His sheep.

Thank you very much!
My gratitude for all beings of light who work for life on the planet.
May Lord be praised!

Stefan, Auckland, New Zealand

Thousands of years ago, following Gautama Buddha's passing from the physical world, wise kings and leaders erected stupas at crossroads where many people pass in order to uplift their hearts, to strengthen their faith and to remind them of the moral guidelines.

Today, thanks to Tatyana's efforts, the Teaching erects stupas, moral guidelines, in our consciousness, so that when we come to crossroads in our lives, our right actions will strengthen, uplift and set the example for life around us.

Personally, the Teaching has contributed to understanding the importance of accepting responsibility for our consciousness and our lives (see quotes below), for continuously maintaining moral and ethical purity and a constant awareness of the connection with God residing within ourselves.

"As soon as you can accept that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, you will choose the only correct road." (Mother Mary, June 11, 2010)

"...you must realize that no one is to blame for your position and place on the path that you have at present. Only you yourselves are responsible for all the circumstances of your lives." (Beloved Serapis Bey, July 14, 2006)

Katrin, Los Angeles, California, USA

Shedding the ego and living purely from our hearts

From the age of 14 I’ve been interested in metaphysics. I always believed there must be more to this world than what we see with our sheer eyes. Initiated through struggles with self-worth, I started to research how I could improve my situation and learned about the power of our thoughts and the frequencies we send out. I was amazed, learning and experiencing more and more what was possible. Being an ambitious person, I used these lessons to step up my professional game in order to get great grades and manage successful projects at work. However, the self-worth issues did not seem to get resolved with this strategy. Again and again did I find myself in situations trying to live up to the expectations of other people. However, even after meeting these expectations I was not completely happy. As then, I was hurt when I did not receive the appreciation or love I would give to others. To bring it to the point, I continuously based my self-worth on the fulfillment of external expectations as well as the way others treated me. As one can imagine this led to a destructive downwards spiral.

At one of the lowest points of my life, I met a wonderful woman who introduced me to the book “Words of Wisdom”, which had a major impact on finally making the shift, moving out of that spiral. Reading the daily Dictation each morning became one of my most favorite times of my day because it sparks new perspectives on things, induces an internal state of peace and joy, triggers energy and motivation for the day and to an almost unbelievable extend, always seems to provide a hint or solution to a challenging situation I am currently facing. While having learned so many valuable lessons from this book, which changed my perspective on life a lot, one stuck with me the most. This were the lessons about shedding or ego and instead embracing our true personality guided through our Higher Self. The Dictation “Your Love and Faith are the only things you need to implement your Divine plan” from Saint Michael Archangel given on April 15, 2005 and published in “Words of Wisdom” provides a great Teaching about this lesson. This Teaching points out that we all have God and the Universe inside of us. In order to embrace this Divine energy inside of us, we need to let go of our ego and instead live in accordance with Divine principles and act from a place of love and faith. It states: “In the physical plane your Faith will be manifested through Love. It is impossible to make a mere step in the right direction without Love, which penetrates through you and inspires you to act in the physical plane.”

This Teaching and especially this quote sparked several realizations in me. First, we are all already worthy. The only one telling us we are not worthy is our ego, which is placing our self-worth in the hands of others. If we realize this, we don’t try to make handstands to be liked by others and don’t get hurt when others don’t act the way we would, because we understand they act based on their ego. Furthermore, and I think this is most important, this Teaching points out how each and every one of us needs to behave, if we want to live in a compassionate society. We live in a day and age, where most people are still asleep. And from those who know what is possible when mastering one’s own thoughts and emotions, many use this knowledge in favor of their own ego. If society is moving in this direction, it will cause an ever-increasing fight of ego and power. If we however, act from a loving place, guided by the Divine in us, we don’t have the need to fight ego against ego, we don’t have the need for constant approval and aren’t hurt when others don’t act how we want and expect them to. Rather it creates a society in which people act with pure intentions coming from their hearts because they know they are already worthy, we don’t have to beg or fight for it and instead can use this energy to appreciate each other in a compassionate and loving way.

Love and Light.

Karol, Glendale, CA, USA

Gift of “Words of Wisdom”

If I can summarize the teachings of the Masters and the impact they have had in my life, it would be, “My perceptions have allowed me to heal and be filled.”

I have learned that by changing my thoughts, my entire world can immediately change in front of my eyes. Learning that we live in a world of illusion has been a relief, helping me shed some layers of damage that societal and cultural beliefs had put on me. As Lord Shiva said in one of the Dictations, “You should make a certain effort to free yourselves from the influence of the illusion surrounding you.”

It is with this understanding that I was able to cope with and transition through some challenging stages of my life. Allowing me to replace natural reactions of blame, anger, disbelief, mistrust, with forgiveness, peace, hope and trust!

Thank you for sharing the Teachings with us! I am forever grateful!

With Great Gratitude,

Much Love.

Rima, Los Angeles, California, USA

Hello Friends,

I am eagerly writing this to share my deepest joy and inner findings when reading the Teachings of our Beloved Masters. Several years ago, I came across the “Words of Wisdom” books, and ever since so much healing and clarity has come to my life.

Whenever I read any of the Dictations, I find myself looking inward for the answers instead of looking out. After all, it is each of our unique histories and experiences together with our particular states of consciousness that will determine how the dictations resonate with us. During the wonderful moment when the link is established between the message in the Dictation and my own experience, whether that link has given me an answer or simply a bit of clarification, I am always finding that the matter is nothing outside the boundaries of my own self. Beloved Serapis Bey, July 14, 2006 “The first commandment I am giving you is that you must realize that nobody is guilty of the condition and position on the path that you have at present. Only you yourselves are responsible for all the circumstances of your lives. As soon as you realize that provision of my Teaching, you will become open to perceive many Truths that had been blocked by your consciousness before”. I know my reality is what I created, and I can change by way of humility and surrender. This is the only true way that I evolve, not through any physical sense. Our Masters are so forgiving and generous with love toward all human beings. I find myself not even worthy of their love but very much ache for their loving guidance. I find myself wanting to be a better person each and every day.

Much Love.

Sue, Naperville, IL USA

From the first time I opened a Words of Wisdom book, I knew that it was something different.

The words connected deeply within me and deep within my soul. As I read each message, I would write down certain lines from the Messages as quotes to post on my wall, to help me through trying times.

The first one that I wrote was down was “The Rose Path” from I AM THAT I AM, March 5, 2005, “Do not be afraid of anything. Nothing — no insults, losses, or troubles of this world — can harm the immortal part of you, yourself.” That one line alone helped me through challenges unimaginable.

There are so many life-changing lessons gained that it is not possible to list them all in this brief letter.

The Messages are a daily sign-post for me, offering guidance and instruction on living in this world in its current state. It’s interesting to see that the messages from 10 years ago are timely and applicable to the issues we face today.

Another lesson that stays with me continuously is the Teaching on the power of music. Once I became aware of music and its influence on the chakras, I pay attention to music wherever I go.

In the past when I was in a store, a gathering, a yoga class or anywhere with certain types of music, I would ignore it. Now I speak up and ask to change it, and if I am in a space where it cannot be changed, I chant the Hail Mary continuously. More times than not the music quickly changes to something more suitable. Even if it does not change, I still feel my consciousness move away from the inappropriate music to a higher connection with Mother Mary. It’s very beautiful. I use this method for public spaces with visual mass media also.

It may seem that the world is covered is darkness, but like any pebble dropped into a murky lake, the Teaching radiates ripples of Light and change out to all points.

With deep gratitude, I thank the Ascended Masters for continuing to care about the Earth and bow low with thanks to them for finding this accessible, understandable way to communicate the lessons of evolution to us.

My deepest thanks to Tatyana Mickushina for bringing the Messages to us.

With Love and Blessings

Christine Owen, Redwood City, CA, USA

Being new to the Teaching, (I was introduced to it on March 22 during this time of pandemic), I was overjoyed by the opportunities to serve by participating in joint global spiritual practices.

The Rosary of St Michael the Archangel gave words to what I was experiencing in my heart during this global pandemic. “I have been carefully choosing the words and thinking about how to convey to you the simple truth that you have reached the age when you have to share the responsibility for everything that happens on the planet, along with the Ascended Hosts. You are not eager to take over this responsibility, yet you will have to take the responsibility for the planet.” The Rosaries give me the means to share the responsibility.

I do not feel helpless or hopeless. I feel empowered to serve by these Teachings. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love you, Love you, Love you.

With love and light.

Let us join hearts and souls together to create

Love, peace, and harmony.

Ela Waterman, Madison, WI, USA

The COVID virus shutdown of the outer worldly activities signals a major shift on many fronts.

We have to now withdraw, we have time to assimilate Messages, to re-read and marvel

at the truths. They are so packed with meanings, both rare and ancient, all applicable to us.

“If the other Ascended Masters and I didn’t have that feeling of unconditional, perfect love within, we would hardly be able to come and babysit, care about you and give our teachings and instructions during the whole cycle of the evolution of the material universe.” (Lord Surya, July 4, 2006)

The Messages from Earth Day article clearly revealed the state of our Bhoomi-Devi, (the Hindu avatar of goddess Lakshmi representing Mother Earth), Mother Earth in poignant ill-health, and distressed by the fate of her children, is needing our help. Can she elicit our response, our eagerness for vigils, meditations, to show our love?

“I have come to remind you once again of the obligation you have taken upon yourselves before your incarnation {…} now you have to try and reach the highest state of your consciousness in order to remember everything you planned before your incarnation on Earth.” Sanat Kumara (July 1, 2006)