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The best sermon will be your personal example

The Goddess of Liberty
April 22, 2005

The Goddess of Liberty

I AM the Goddess of Liberty, having come to you through this Messenger.

I AM a member of the Karmic Board and I have come to you with a definite purpose on the eve of April 23rd.

Beloved Surya came to you on March 19th to tell you that the monthly dispensation on the 23rd of each month is active now only for the souls with pure hearts and pure motives of actions.

Therefore, don’t forget that on the 23rd of each month you have an opportunity to transmute your karma of the following month.

I AM the Goddess of Liberty and the quality of Divine Freedom is determined for you by Liberation from your karma, from the energies you distorted in the past by your actions not corresponding to God’s Will. These energies tie you down to the physical plane and to other dense layers of planet Earth. So, your main task is to liberate yourselves from these ties.

The process of liberation cannot be instantaneous. If all the energies distorted by you during many thousands of incarnations were activated in your aura all of a sudden, you would not be able to endure such a load. Therefore, in accordance with the humane Law of Cosmic Cycles, your life is divided into time intervals, during which one or another energy distorted by you earlier, is activated. These time intervals are a multiple of the 12 basic rays of the Cosmic clock.

These time cycles are divided into annual cycles, so-called 12-year cycles, in accordance with the Zodiac signs, and into monthly cycles within every year.

These are the cycles, in agreement with which you get into such karmic situations that you need to pass in order to balance energies distorted by you earlier and still contained in your aura.

Everything in the Universe takes place in accordance with the cosmic cycles, and these cycles were written by God in the language of stars. A person who manages to master the language of stars will get access to the details of God’s plan for the entire Universe and for a concrete planet or a star. At the moment of your birth, the Cosmic clock of your life-stream is initiated. The spring of your individual clock is wound up. Knowing the plan of your life, which is also determined by stars at the moment of your birth, you may know which energies from your previous karmic records become accessible for working off, and what time periods are assigned for that.

If you scrutinize your life attentively you may notice that exactly the same problems, connected with your state of mind and your perception of yourself and the surrounding world, crop up in front of you with unfailing periodicity. The spring keeps unwinding, and with each of its circles the same problems return to you with unfailing regularity. And again, you have to return to the qualities you have not worked off to solve life problems cropping up in front of you each time at a new level.

All this resembles ocean waves lapping against the shore. A wave runs over the shore and then recedes. While moving, a wave embroils stones lying on the shore of the ocean and carries them away. After thousands of years, the stones become smooth. Any roughness is polished by the ocean. In the very same way God polishes your imperfect qualities day after day, year after year, in accordance with the Law of Cosmic Cycles, until you become smooth and your aura acquires the right oval form, the transparency and the tints that were inherent in your soul primordially before you undertook your embodiment in the physical world.

This process of polishing your qualities and transforming them into the Divine ones lasts for many lives.

A wise man understands that it is impossible to pass by the force of the Cosmic Law, but the result to which this Law directs you may be achieved during a shorter period of time if you do not resist the Law but help to observe it. In this case, you may achieve results during fewer cosmic cycles. All this explains the meaning of the saying that the days will be shortened for the chosen people.

You have an opportunity to shorten the days of your life on Earth only if you speed up the returning of your karma. While an ordinary person will need tens of years to work off his karma, you will be able to do it in a year.

You will just transform the distorted energy faster owing to your own wish and the Divine mercy which enables you to do it.

Therefore, don’t close your eyes to the 23rd date of each month. If your intentions are good, you can transmute your karma of the following month during this day not only by making correct choices but also with the help of the prayer practice.

I would like you to know the right motive with which you should start reading prayers on such a day:

· You earnestly realize all your sins committed in the past and try to do your best not to commit them in the future.

· With the help of the momentum of your hearts, filled with love towards the entire Creation and every living creature, you are ready to attract to your world such an amount of the Divine Energy which will let you completely transform the energy distorted by you.

In this way, if you, with help of the achieved impetus, are able to transform into Light all the distorted energy, which is open for transformation in accordance with the Law at this cosmic term, then when the next period comes to transform this energy, you will have nothing to transform.

Yet, you will continue your service, because as long as you are in embodiment, you must use every minute of your stay on Earth for helping all the living creatures that are not as successful in their movement on the Path as you.

In order for a human to realize his position in this world, to see his imperfection and to aspire to God, he needs initial energy, enabling him to do this.

Imagine that you came up to a person so heavily overburdened with karma that he does not realize his connection with God and all the other creatures on Earth. He is like a sooty pot, too sooty. Why not use a part of your energy to rub this pot? Why not clean it with a duster, to help it get at least a little particle of the Divine energy, a tiny ray of Light capable of awakening the sleeping consciousness of this person?

If you can remember, each of you was in such a sooty state in the past. And there always happened to be a person beside you who glanced at you tenderly or expressed compassion towards your soul. And you received the portion of energy you were lacking at that moment so you could raise your consciousness up to the level of comprehension of a higher Reality.

Each of you needs help and each of you can offer such help.

You can give help unconsciously, with your glance, with your reaction to some stirred up critical situation. The best sermon will be your personal example, your behavior in life, your attitude to life situations and tests.

Your final exam at the primary School of Initiations will be the day when you see how many people around you need your help. And your greatest achievement will be the moment when you are sincerely happy with the achievements of your fellow-brothers.

When you are genuinely happy with the success of the people around you, you receive the achievements of each person for whose success you sincerely rejoice as a momentum of your own gains.

In this way, you can multiply your treasures in Heaven, the treasures of your causal body. You may do nothing at all but only help others and be sincerely happy with the achievements of others. And you will make much more merit and good karma, then even when you apply all your efforts fighting with your own personal weaknesses.

Today I have revealed to you a very simple secret, owing to which many people earned their ascension, and put an end to the chain of their earthly embodiments.

Be able to be happy with the achievements of other people and to admire their merits.

I AM the Goddess of Liberty, and I have given you my exhortations today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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