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The sooner you change your behavior and yesterday’s habits, the sooner the whole world will enter into the New Age

Beloved Zarathustra
December 31, 2006

Beloved Zarathustra

I AM Zarathustra, having come to you today at the change of the annual cycle according to your chronological system. In my time, when I was embodied on Earth, there was a different way of enumerating days and years. However, this does not prevent you from celebrating your holidays and associating them with certain dates.

Everything is relative in your world, and now many things have changed and become different from what they were a few thousand years ago. It would be absolutely outstanding if human nature changed as quickly as everything in your world. However, what is exactly associated with human consciousness and perception of the world around you changes in the slowest way. And, in my time, people also envied, hated, argued, praised God, and then immediately forgot about God.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that human nature can be changed in your time and that it is possible to raise human consciousness to a fundamentally different level: the level of consciousness of man of reason — not animal-like man, which is still inherent in the majority of mankind. No matter how deplorable it is for you to hear this at the end of the year, I still take a risk to remind you about it: Your efforts to uphold your traditions of celebrating your holidays and your persistence in upholding these traditions deserve much better application. Well, you still have some time to persist in displaying your habits. However, it would be much better if you managed to find strength within you and sweep away old stereotypes and try to listen to us, the Ascended Hosts.

Plenty of traditions you devoutly follow are to be revised. It is very important because the new generation unconsciously, at the subconscious level, absorbs your way of behavior and your traditions of celebrating significant dates. Then you are surprised, expecting your children to be smarter than you, more elevated, and more subtle. However, during your daily activities the stereotypes of your behavior and the way you live are imprinted on the consciousness of your children, and sometimes they cannot get rid of that until the end of their lives.

Just think, wouldn't it be easier for you to start getting rid of your imperfections rather than continue replicating them in your children, adding your own imperfections to those karmic problems that your children bring with them when they come into embodiment? If you really care about your children and wish them all the best, then make it a rule to control your behavior at home, at work, and outdoors. Make it a rule to control not only your actions but also your thoughts and feelings because when your behavior gains Divine traits, your children will truly learn a lot from you, and then they will render you a hundredfold at a time when you will not be able to take care of them anymore, but rather, you will need their care and custody.

You imprint all the right and wrong behavioral patterns in your children from their very birth and even before their birth when one fine day you surprisingly find out that you are going to have a baby.

Today is the very day that gives you a chance to give up the old and proceed to the new behavior. Try and wish to change yourselves in the new year to such an extent that you correspond in your behavior to the best Divine patterns which your consciousness is able to reach.

Try to start the new life, and you will see how difficult it will be for you, not just to make the decision, but to fulfill it in your life — at least for several days of the new year.

I might have made you too tired with the thoughts concerning your self-improvement. However, the sooner you think about what you can change in yourself and in your behavior, the sooner you will be able to change your relatives and everyone with whom you communicate. Do not try to change your neighbors; try to change yourself, and your neighbors will have to adjust to the newly accepted stereotype of behavior.

Someday, someone has to start. Gradually it will go out of fashion to watch TV, to spend evenings with a bottle of beer and a cigarette. The wrong patterns will vanish, and the new behavioral patterns will replace them. You yourselves establish rules in your lives. It is necessary to start changing your lives in accordance with the call of the time.

Have a try, and you will see that you will feel better because your behavior corresponds to the call of the time and to the new vibrations that have come to Earth. The cycles have changed, and time continues to accelerate. That is why the sooner you change your behavior and your habits of the past, the sooner the whole world will enter the New Age.

You do not need to blame anyone or tell anyone how he or she should behave. You just need to change your own stereotypes of behavior and show others how to do it by your example.

It is time to make a revolution in your consciousness. The changes in the stereotypes of behavior that will take place in the near future will stop surprising people within just several years because new rules of doing things will come into force in the new time, in the new rules of conducting family relations, and in the whole family life.

The new family will be based on the Divine principles, not on the principles of devotional vigils and perpetual self-torture. The new time will be different due to the implementation of the Divine principles in the behavior of each member of the family. And you will surprisingly find out that your relationships with other people will have a very little difference from those relationships that are accepted in your family because all of you are relatives and belong to one large human family, having the whole globe as home. It is exactly like you divide human society into families and then surprisingly find yourselves in a larger family; similarly, you will surprisingly find out that there are no contradictions between various nationalities and nations inhabiting various countries. The difference between various nations is no greater than the difference between you and your distant relatives living thousands of kilometers away from you.

I agree that there is a time for everything, and everything that we have talked about today will not take place next year. But this is very likely to happen in some year during the next millennium.

At least I am keeping this positive pattern in my consciousness and I insistently recommend that you keep in your consciousness as many positive patterns as possible, especially during the mass holidays. Someone must keep the balance while many people have not yet assimilated the elementary norms of Divine behavior in their consciousness.

I AM Zarathustra, wishing you success in the New Year!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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