Beloved Quan Yin
- the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.



Quan Yin is revered in Buddhism as the compassionate Saviouress, the Bodhisattva of Mercy. Beloved as a Mother figure and Divine Mediatrix who is close to the daily affairs of her devotees, Quan Yin’s role as Buddhist Madonna has been compared to that of Mary the mother of Jesus in the West.

The name Quan Yin, as she is often called, means “ the one who regards, looks on, or hears the sounds of the world.” According to legend, Quan Yin was about to enter heaven but paused on the threshold as the cries of the world reached her ears.

Quan Yin’s ministration is very real and an ancient as the hills. The vow taken by Bodhisattva to stand with humanity is a sacred calling.

Quan Yin is revered as protectress of women, sailors, merchants, craftsmen, those under criminal prosecution and those desiring progeny.

An unshakable faith in the saving Grace and healing powers of Quan Yin lives in the hearts of people

Devotees invoke the bodhisattva’s power and merciful intercession with the mantra “ Om Mani Padme Hum “ (“ Hail to the jewel in the lotus!”)

In the tradition of Buddhism, Quan Yin is the Chinese equivalent of the female Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Avalokitesvara, who was worshiped in India and Tibet before Mahayana Buddhism penetrated China in the fifth century.

According to legend, Avalokitesvara was born from a ray of white light that Amitabha, the Buddha of Boundless Light, emitted from his right eye as he was lost in ecstasy. Thus Avalokitesvara, or Quan Yin, is regarded as the “ reflex “ of Amitabha - a further emanation or embodiment of maha karuna ( great compassion ), the quality that Amitabha embodies.

Beloved Quan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

Quan Yin represents the qualities of mercy and compassion to the evolution of Earth. The mercy flame is the means whereby the Christ intercedes on behalf of those who have erred, who cannot bear the full brunt of the Law that demands swift recompense for each violation.

The quality of mercy tempers the return of mankind’s own karma, staying the hand of justice until that time when individuals are able to stand, face and conquer their own human creation.

Quan Yin serves on the Karmic Board as the representative of the Seventh Ray ( violet) Ray. She ensouls the God- qualities of mercy, compassion and forgiveness.

Beloved Quan Yin is faithful to her Sacred Vocation and continues to remain with humanity in our time.

From 2005 to 2014, She sent ten Messages to Earth, which were received by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Tatyana N.Mickushina.

Very carefully and gently, and with great Love for our souls, Beloved Quan Yin leads us to understand that Mercy and Compassion are the greatest forces in the Universe.

In her Message of December 26, 2008 “ A teaching on compassion and mercy “ Quan Yin says:


Beloved Quan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

“ I am coming to teach you compassion and mercy because if you don’t have these qualities in your hearts, then you won’t be able to enter a new epoch to come.

Compassion and mercy are manifested not only in your care about your neighbors. These qualities of your heart are cosmic in nature and should spread to all living beings. Your care of all living beings should be identical to the care of your own mother.

When minds of the world are ruled by just these two qualities- compassion and mercy - the world will be abandoned by negative manifestation of human consciousness such as wars, acts of terrorism, and hatred. Many other negative qualities adhering to mankind now will be relegated to oblivion.

Divine compassion lies a bit higher than human images of compassion, and it concerns not so much the physical body as saving human souls.

That is why I have come to you today to clarify some issues dealing with your attitude toward suffering souls.

At the moment when you feel a true compassion and mercy to suffering individuals, you give them a part of your achievements, and on your achievements these souls are able to rise higher.

That is why to experience true compassion and mercy one should obtain a certain momentum of achievements.

There are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas among you who have true compassion and mercy…”


Beloved Quan Yin gives us invaluable and deep knowledge about evolution and the growth of the soul in her Message transmitted through the Messenger Tatyana N.Mickushina on June 27, 2009:

“Just look how the world has been balancing continuously on the verge of death during the last century.The Ascended Hosts are constantly on alert.Definitely, if you consider the history of humanity from the viewpoint of gaining spiritual experience, then strange as it may appear to you, it is exactly this continuous balancing on the verge that has always given souls an opportunity to get the maximum growth and gives us, the Ascended Hosts, an opportunity to be co-participants in human history. Because whether human civilization will continue to exist or not depends on to what extend we are able to act as a team at the critical moments of history “.


In the same Message, Beloved Quan Yin tells us about the possibility for the soul “ to be reborn to eternal life “, passing through all suffering and tests:

“Many souls, when suffering and passing the hardest tests, were able to get free from the age-old karma that, from the Divine point of view, they deserved because of their incorrect behavior in the past. And now, many of those souls are helping humanity from the octaves of Light. That is why sometimes an absolutely damned soul, as it may seem by human standards, is able to transform and purify it self in a single moment. Yes, and exactly such is the opportunity available in the present situation on planet Earth. That is why I, as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, come to every suffering individual at the first call and try to give the help that he or she needs. And sometimes one tender look of mine and a ray of Love emanating from my heart is enough for a soul, suffering in terrible agony and dying, to resurrect to new life. And many people who are on their death-beds and suffer from serious illnesses, at he last moment with the last breath would be freed forever from the earthly suffering and reborn to eternal life.

Everything depends on the state in which person makes the transition, whether he feels anger toward the whole world or whether he is completely aware of the vainness of all his attempts to get satisfaction for him self and his soul from earthly pleasures and directs his eyes to Heaven and God.

At this moment of transition the soul transforms and ascends along the spiral of Life.

That is why true believers have always helped incurables to make the transition and with this transition helped their souls to be granted the abolition of all the heaviness accumulated in their subtle bodies down the centuries”.


The Goddess of Mercy and Compassion revealed to us another mystery of the Cosmos, She explained that it allows our planet to exist:



“ This quality of your world-to regenerate the soul of people right from ashes, dirt, and rubbish - allows your planet to exist despite the monstrous distortions of the Divine energy across all the rays”.

Beloved Quan Yin explained that in our life- time we have all the keys to make a transition at any given moment as a mechanism of our consciousness which is hidden inside us.

“Today I have come to you in order to give your souls the knowledge about the path of transition.

You can make the transition in your consciousness at any moment of your life on Earth. That is the peculiarity of the current moment. You can get rid of the burden under the yoke of which humanity is moaning. The whole mechanism and the key to the alteration of your consciousness are hidden inside you. You only have to realize the new principles that are invariably going to replace the old ones that society currently lives up to. You have to realize that such qualities as Love, Mercy, and Compassion are not abstract. These are the qualities that must become ingrained in the life of every person who wishes to continue the evolution on planet Earth.


The time has come when the Heaven’s give you one more chance, and I announce this to you as a member of the Karmic Board”


In this Message “ May my ray of Mercy and Compassion touch your hearts “ from December 23, 2009 Quan Yin assured us that She would never leave those volunteers, the best representatives of mankind, who took the voluntary sacrifice of embodiment in this difficult time:

“I have come to you today as a member of the Karmic Board.Today I have to inform you of something important.


Many of the best representatives of humankind are in embodiment now; those who have made a voluntary sacrifice to come into incarnation at this difficult time.

They fully realized that there is strong probability that their mission might be unsuccessful, and they will not be able to fulfill it.

I would like to appeal to you, to those of you who have the opportunity to read this Message of mine.

Thanks to the great Divine mercy, we are able to transmit these Messages through our Messenger.

Do not think that this will always be so.

This is our helping hand.

This is a rope of the Divine opportunity given to you by your brothers and sisters who have already risen to the next evolutionary stage.

First and foremost, every time we are able to transmit our Messages, we hope to wrest from the grip of matter those who have sacrificed themselves and come into embodiment at this difficult time.

Many of you need just a small impulse of energy to awaken and to ascend to the level of consciousness where you will remember your Divine mission.

I appeal to you now.

May my ray of Mercy and Compassion touch your hearts.

May all the obstacles separating you from your awakening to the Higher Reality disappear!

To you I appeal first of all.

Beloved Quan Yin - the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion

And you can also appeal to me personally with your letters…

I assume an obligation to help you because I cannot refrain from responding to your call for assistance.

It is my duty to help you get out of a difficult karmic situation that you have gotten into because of your innocence and lack of experience and because your hearts do not see the evil around - they see only good.

Justice will triumph, and I will not leave you, no matter what happens to you in this embodiment.

I promise you that.

I AM Quan Yin”.

Quan Yin ascended thousands of years ago and took a Bodhisattva vow to serve the planet Earth until all it’s evolutions will become free.

To be one with all life, understanding the needs of all life- from its highest manifestation to the lowest- is a part of the Bodhisattva ideal that They follow.

As a Bodhisattva, Beloved Quan Yin tremulously and patiently comes again and again, like our elder sister, and provides assistance to the suffering souls.

In her Message of June 22,2013 transmitted through the Messenger Tatyana N.Mickushina, She starts with these words:

“ I AM Quan Yin.

Today I have come to you not as a member of the Karmic Board and not as the Goddess of Mercy. I have come to you today as your elder sister.

I have come to you because you need help. Many of you suffer so badly, that you do not even understand that your souls need help and healing “.


Then Quan Yin reveals to us the true cause of suffering on this planet:

“You felt a need for acquiring the knowledge that will liberate you from the sufferings of this world forever, didn’t you?

…I am ready to give you the knowledge that will help you. And this knowledge is related to the environment around you.

The world seems gloomy and hostile to you. It seems to you that everything around you suffers and thrusts for healing. But it is you, your soul, which suffers in the first place. And it is your soul that needs healing and help.

I have come to help your soul”.


Quan Yin teaches us, that the way to free the soul from suffering- to save it and also the possibility of continuing the evolution of the soul by striving towards God and respecting God’s Law.

“I have come to remind you of who you really are. And I have come to remind you of the fact that before this incarnation, you took a task upon yourselves to oppose the outer world with the peace of the inner world. All the changes will come into the physical world from the innermost of your being. And you are the people whose mission it is to spread the Divine world from within yourselves into the outer world.


However, there is one more aspect, that evades your external consciousness. And this aspect refers to your relationship with God within yourselves. This is the most essential aspect because literally everything depends on how you manage to merge your external consciousness with the Divine consciousness, with your Higher Self.

You need a very careful approach to any external circumstances of your life.

You need a very careful approach to any external circumstances of your life. Everything that can interfere with your personal relationship with inner Teacher, the inner Guru, must leave your life.

We have come and given you this Teaching many times. Now I have come to tell you that there has come a moment in your life when literally everything in your life will depend on how you follow the Teaching that we give. Your very life, the continuation of the evolution of your soul, literally depends on how you follow our advice and recommendations.

You can safe yourself and your soul only if you wholeheartedly aspire to God and to the observance of the Divine Law”.

Tatyana N. Mickushina

Her flower is a pink and violet lotus



Quan Yin’s flame is the color of orchids, the pink of Divine Love tempering the blue of the Will of God.

Her flower is a pink and violet lotus; the center, being pink, is as the mercy flame, becoming deeper and deeper violet on the periphery.






From her etheric Retreat, the Temple of Mercy, over Peking ( Beijing ), China, She ministers to the souls of humanity, teaching them to balance their karma and fulfill their Divine plan through loving service to life and application of the violet flame.



In this Retreat, a central pagoda with golden dome rises above twelve surrounding pagodas, each of which focuses the yin and yang qualities of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun. Representatives of each Hierarchy, serving in twelve smaller pagodas, with the help of music, display the vibrations of each line of the Cosmic Sundial.

The cosmic hum that comes forth from the Great Hub is reproduced in the central tower as the music of the spheres and creates the action of the Flame of Mercy. This music is the origin of Chinese and oriental music.

It is the focus of this Retreat that makes oriental art so completely different from our Western models and conceptions.

In the central pagoda, where silence has been observed for centuries, there is an altar, carved in ivory,where the Flame of Mercy pulsates within a golden urn. The central pagoda is six stories high, an imposing building with many flame rooms, council chambers and classrooms where the brothers and sisters of mercy serve and receive from the world those souls who require respite and a saturation of the Forgiveness Flame before they are able to return once again to embodiment, to fulfill their Divine Plan and to balance the debts they owe to life.

Quan Yin is truly a cosmic mother; the tenderness of Her heart’s love for all who come here melts even the most dense of human creation and spurs those with even heaviest karma to renewed service and an invocation of the flame. So great is Quan Yin’s compassion and forgiveness that none who come here leave without knowing that because they are loved, they can go forth to try again and to succeed.

The momentum of gentleness, of devotion to family, of service to one another that are so special in the Chinese people come from the action of the mercy flame of this Retreat.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.




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