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Heavens give you one more chance

Beloved Quan Yin
June 27, 2009

Beloved Quan Yin

I am Quan Yin, having come to you.

In the current situation on Earth, there are many moments that can play either a positive or a negative role in the further process of evolution. I have in mind the negative experience that many souls have accumulated in the course of the history of mankind.

Just look how the world has been balancing continuously on the verge of death during the last century. The Ascended Hosts are constantly on alert. Definitely, if you consider the history of humanity from the viewpoint of gaining spiritual experience, then strange as it may appear to you, it is exactly this continuous balancing on the verge that has always given souls an opportunity to get the maximum growth and gives us, the Ascended Hosts, an opportunity to be co-participants in human history. Because whether human civilization will continue to exist or not depends on to what extent we are able to act as a team at the critical moments of history.

Many souls, when suffering and passing the hardest tests, were able to get free from the age-old karma that, from the Divine point of view, they deserved because of their incorrect behavior in the past. And now, many of those souls are helping humanity from the octaves of Light. That is why sometimes an absolutely damned soul, as it may seem by human standards, is able to transform and purify itself in a single moment. Yes, and exactly such is the opportunity available in the present situation on planet Earth. That is why I, as the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, come to every suffering individual at the first call and try to give the help that he or she needs. And sometimes one tender look of mine and a ray of Love emanating from my heart is enough for a soul, suffering in terrible agony and dying, to resurrect to new life. And many people who are on their death-beds and suffer from serious illnesses, at the last moment with the last breath would be freed forever from the earthly suffering and reborn to eternal life.

Everything depends on the state in which a person makes the transition, whether he feels anger toward the whole world or whether he is completely aware of the vainness of all his attempts to get satisfaction for himself and his soul from earthly pleasures and directs his eyes to Heaven and God.

At this moment of transition the soul transforms and ascends along the spiral of Life.

That is why true believers have always helped incurables to make the transition and with this transition helped their souls to be granted the abolition of all the heaviness accumulated in their subtle bodies down the centuries.

This quality of your world — to regenerate the souls of people right from the ashes, dirt, and rubbish — allows your planet to exist despite the monstrous distortions of the Divine energy across all the rays.

Today I have come to you in order to give your souls the knowledge about the path of transition. You can make the transition in your consciousness at any moment of your life on Earth. That is the peculiarity of the current moment. You can get rid of the burden under the yoke of which humanity is moaning. The whole mechanism and the key to the alteration of your consciousness are hidden inside you. You only have to realize the new principles that are invariably going to replace the old ones that society currently lives up to. You have to realize that such qualities as Love, Mercy, and Compassion are not abstract. These are the qualities that must become ingrained in the life of every person who wishes to continue the evolution on planet Earth. For you it is enough just to feel constant thirst and need for change. You must aspire with all your being to the future world, the world free of imperfections and vices inherent in mankind at this stage. And at that aspiration of yours, the right patterns in music, architecture, new educational systems, health service, and new economic systems will start to materialize in your world — the patterns that are already present and are constantly making their way into the consciousness of those individuals whose purpose of incarnation is to implant these models in the physical plane.

Humanity has got stuck in the old consciousness, the old life style. When every person living on Earth understands that it is impossible to live that way and that urgent change and transformation are required, these changes and transformations, these right models in all the spheres of human life, will start materializing here, there, and everywhere on earth.

You just need to wish to give up that way of living that exists around you. Manifest your free will; verbalize your free will in your call to Heaven:

"Oh, Lord, I am tired of despair; I am tired of unfriendliness and the gloomy faces of people. I want transformation! My soul is craving for renewal! My soul is tired and requires new energies to come, the energies of Love, Compassion, and Mercy. Help, Lord, and accelerate the process of the transformation of planet Earth!"

As soon as sufficient numbers of individuals are ready in their consciousness, the changes will not keep Earth waiting. The Ascended Hosts are ready for the transformation. All Heavens fasten their eyes on Earth. Your turn is coming now. Can’t you hear the call of time?

It is impossible not to notice the signs that are scattered about in the form of weather conditions, in the form of cataclysms, in the form of disorder in the economy and the financial sphere.

The time has come when the Heavens give you one more chance, and I announce this to you as a member of the Karmic Board.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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