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You need to become immune to evil

Beloved Quan Yin
March 27, 2005

Beloved Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin. I AM, having come to you through this Messenger.

The people reading these Dictations may never have heard of me. I am well known in the East. And I have for the inhabitants of the East the same meaning as Mother Mary has for the inhabitants of the West.

The feminine aspect is coming to the fore nowadays. The worship of the Feminine Flame, the feminine aspect of God, must be recognized by you now.

Not because this aspect is the main one but because for a long time, this aspect of God has been belittled.

Our God is Father-Mother; both the masculine and feminine aspects have equally great importance.

By belittling one of the aspects you break the Divine harmony, and this is reflected in your world in the form of various inharmonious manifestations, from discord in your family to different kinds of cataclysms and natural disasters.

The manifestation of both aspects of the Deity must be balanced in your life. The aspect of the Father, reverence of the Father’s Will, the Will of God and the aspect of the Mother that allows this Will to manifest in matter in a balanced way.

It is the belittling of the feminine principle over the past many millennia that has led to the distortion of the manifestation of the Divine plan for planet Earth. And the world you see around you in your time is a miserable parody of the plan of God that existed primordially for your planet.

I am the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. And I fulfill my mission of helping all living beings on this planet. I carry out my mission in the East in the same way Mother Mary carries out her mission in the West. But there is no difference between our missions. We have come to help the people of Earth and we will carry out our mission, no matter what.

I would like to appeal to the people of Russia and of all countries where people understand the Russian language, as well as those countries into whose languages these Dictations will hopefully be translated in the course of time.

I appeal to you with a request to keep the balance in your consciousness, balance of the feminine and masculine. And since the masculine polarity is predominant in your world, I would like you to pay special attention to the feminine principle. This relates especially to the people of Russia.

The predominance of masculine vibrations leads this country to a path that lacks wealth for most people. The richest country in the world in natural resources per citizen is a poor country today, if you estimate the level of development of the country according to the income per head of the population, and do not take into account the average index that includes both the rich and the poor.

If Russia had developed respect for the Mother, the Maternal aspect of God, could the people of this country allow elderly women, who have devoted all their strength, labor, abilities for the welfare of this country, brought up children and grandchildren, drag out a miserable existence, and even go begging and looking for food at garbage dumps?

Every time you see an elderly woman sitting in rags, begging for alms, know that this is me, Goddess of Mercy, having come to you in the form of this woman to awaken Mercy and Compassion in your hearts.

You must worship the Mother – Woman who gave you the life, who brought your soul into embodiment.

No matter how unfairly and severely your mother treated you as a child. You don't know what karmic relations you have with your mother.

I tell you that the Law of Retribution operates in your Universe, and you yourself deserved this mistreatment by your mother that seems unjust to you. You do not know how many times in your past lives you tormented and even killed this individual who is now incarnated as your mother. And believe me, God gave you the easiest chance to work off your karmic relationship with the individual who is now your mother.

It seems to you that your government treats you unfairly, that you deserve a better life. Yes, of course, you deserve a better life, and a great future awaits Russia.

You may not believe me, but the entire situation in Russia is connected exactly with the lack of respect for the feminine, the feminine aspect of God. Balance in family relationships, balance of the relationship between father and mother, the right family foundations and principles are the basis of a healthy society. And that upbringing, the foundations that future generations receive in the family cannot be compared with any kind of knowledge received through the Internet, through the TV, or in school.

And it was exactly the destruction of the family that all the efforts of the regime that existed in Russia for 70 years, called communism in the West and socialism in Russia, were directed.

All the efforts of this regime were aimed at destroying the family as a cell of society. Having lost its basis, Russia became vulnerable to those viruses of propaganda promoting “the free way of life” that have now penetrated this country from the West.

A healthy body is immune to any destructive virus. Such viruses for human society are the propaganda of sex, drugs, and violence. And since the body of Russia was weakened during these 70 years, it cannot resist these outward infections and viruses that literally flooded the informational field of the country.

We have here a complete analogy with a human body. The body must free itself from the viruses and toxins secreted by these viruses. And this release can be achieved through cleansing procedures.

There is no point in fighting viruses. Efforts to strengthen the immunity should be applied.

Evil exists in this world. And there is a lot of evil. You need immunity against evil; and then no virus will be dangerous for you.

And the first step to be taken is that every member of society, every cell of society must want to be healthy, free from confusing lies and propaganda.

Be able to discriminate in the life around you the right Divine patterns from the false ones inculcating in you the culture of death and hell.

Expel from your life everything that is not from God; all the lies flowing into your consciousness through the TV screens and computers. Seek and find the right patterns around you. Cultivate them.

It depends on you alone where you will invest your money earned so painfully; will you spend it on getting pointless pleasures from life, or on providing for your children access to the cultural values of the past and present.

The vibrations contained in the music of Russian composers and in the paintings of Russian artists of the 18th and 19th centuries are capable of neutralizing the vibrations of death introduced into your consciousness while watching TV programs and listening to the music that has recently spread throughout the territory of Russia.

Guard your children from watching TV programs, and listening to rock music. Believe me, the harm unconsciously being done to their souls cannot be compared with the benefits from using your modern mass media.

Use every opportunity to be in nature. Spend time in nature, but without having a barbecue and listening to music and commercials on the radio.

Listen to the sounds of nature. Look at the birds, at the trees. Look at the clouds. Listen to the silence.

We cannot force all people pray and read our Rosaries, but we can draw people's attention to the obstacles in their lives to their spiritual growth, from which they should depart, gradually replacing them with perfect patterns.

If it is difficult for you to understand the quality of what surrounds you, look for people among you who are able to keep their harmony with God and for whom there is no greater happiness than to give you their perception of Divine reality, to endow you with a part of their vibrations of purity.

I have given you a lot of information to think about. I don't have time to beat around the bush. And I have given you exactly what your souls need to be able to rise in spirit and to awake to the Supreme Reality.

I do it out of love and compassion for you.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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