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May my ray of Mercy and Compassion touch your hearts

Quan Yin
December 23, 2009

Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin. I have come to you today because I wish to talk. My talk will touch on a topic that is relevant to you.

I have come to you today as a member of the Karmic Board. Today I have to inform you of something important.

I am not going to prepare you for a long talk. I hope that all of you understand the full responsibility of the current moment.

A deplorable fact remains that most of humankind is not ready to perceive the truths that the Ascended Masters have been teaching for many millions of years.

There are representatives of humankind in embodiment now who have, incarnation after incarnation, stayed in the same grade in the school of life, so to speak.

Those are not the best representatives of humankind.

There are those among them who are ready to follow a further evolutionary path, and there are those who, to my deep regret, are no longer able to do so.

That is why this is the time when the sorting of souls is taking place. You must have heard about this in one way or another. In different religious systems and various teachings, this truth is presented in different ways, but it is found in all true spiritual movements. Now, I am not going to be distracted by a variety of new movements that present some of their own truth.

So, humanity is at the point of its development when too many of its representatives are not ready for further evolution. As the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, I am one of the links in the chain who makes the final decision regarding those souls. Every time, I try to catch hold of some quality or expression of good feelings that are inherent in the soul that is relevant to the final decision that is to be made.

How difficult it is for me when I look through the Akashic Records and cannot see anything that is healthy and ready for development within the individual who is standing in front of me in his subtle bodies.

This is a very sad part of my mission when I have to stop the development of a human individual. I am guided by the principles of Mercy and Compassion in this case but not as much to this individual as to those individuals who are karmically connected with him and cannot develop, because they fall into the same trap of intrigue, threats, and even violence and murder from incarnation to incarnation.

In order to liberate these souls from the excessive burden, I make my decision.

This is the most difficult part of my work.

In essence, I take responsibility for the decisions that I make that impact the destiny of human individuals. Believe me, I make an unfavorable decision for a person standing in front of me only when all of my Mercy and Compassion are exhausted, and this is incommensurable with the mercy and compassion that any best representative of humankind can imagine.

The time has come when the representatives of a new race must come into embodiment. They have been waiting a long time for the opportunity of their embodiment. And in order for them to be able to come into embodiment, proper conditions must be created on Earth. The earth must be cleansed from all the dead and obsolete as much as possible. Otherwise, these Golden youths of the world, the best representatives of humankind, will not be able to exist in the conditions that have formed on Earth now.

This cosmic congestion must be removed. I have a feeling that I will have to make many, very difficult decisions during the session of the Karmic Board.

All of my decisions will be made in the name of God and for the benefit of evolution.

I must dwell on another important topic. Many of the best representatives of humankind are in embodiment now; those who have made a voluntary sacrifice to come into incarnation at this difficult time.

They fully realized that there is a strong probability that their mission might be unsuccessful, and they will not be able to fulfill it. I would like to appeal to you, to those of you who have the opportunity to read this Message of mine.

Thanks to the great Divine mercy, we are able to transmit these Messages through our Messenger. Do not think that this will always be so. This is our helping hand. This is a rope of the Divine opportunity given to you by your brothers and sisters who have already risen to the next evolutionary stage. First and foremost, every time we are able to transmit our Messages, we hope to wrest from the grip of matter those who have sacrificed themselves and come into embodiment at this difficult time. Many of you need just a small impulse of energy to awaken and to ascend to the level of consciousness where you will remember your Divine mission.

I appeal to you now. May my ray of Mercy and Compassion touch your hearts. May all the obstacles separating you from your awakening to the Higher Reality disappear!

To you I appeal first of all. And you can also appeal to me personally with your letters and ask for help until the end of this year. I assume an obligation to help you because I cannot refrain from responding to your call for assistance. It is my duty to help you get out of a difficult karmic situation that you have gotten into because of your innocence and lack of experience and because your hearts do not see the evil around — they see only the good.

Justice will triumph, and I will not leave you, no matter what happens to you in this embodiment. I promise you that.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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