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Quan Yin
June 19, 2010

Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin. I have come on the eve of the summer solstice and the day before the beginning of the Karmic Board meeting. Therefore, our talk today will be significant for you and for your consciousness.

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the situation that has developed around the Ashram of our Messenger. You know that three years have passed since she settled in that place.

However, to our great chagrin, we have not found any support from the Russian people, the support that we expected. This is because many vain and curious people have risen around like foam, but until now we have not seen the true and devoted who have incarnated to fulfill our mission of Light.

That is why we made a decision to change our tactics. We do not change our objectives, but there was enough time so that the souls of those who specifically incarnated to support this mission of Light could become apparent.

We are forced to retreat. And the period of real actions is going to be changed now. And the opportunity to meditate on my words and all the texts of the Teaching that we gave through our Messenger will appear for you.

The transmission of each of the Messages costs us too dearly just so you can lightly skim through them without careful consideration of the essence, and put them aside finding nothing new for you.

You will continue wandering in the illusion from one teaching to another finding some sensations and revelations until you stop and find the only Path that is the real way out of your world. And this Path is within you. It is not external. It is the internal Path that all the Messengers and prophets of the past went along and that all the true Teachers taught for the past several thousand years.

Humankind does not learn anything. It goes on and on chasing some external teaching, some external, miraculous practices that miraculously raise their consciousness to a new level.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to rise to the next level of consciousness without the efforts of your own soul. You can ascend only due to your personal efforts and your personal achievements. Otherwise, you are condemned to wander in the illusion.

There are no external methods that can help you ascend to a new level of consciousness. Only your inner consonance with the Divine, which sounds like a tuning fork within your being, can lead you out of the evolutionary deadlock.

I have come with not a very joyful Message. However, in order for you to realize simple truths, sometimes you have to hear them many times and not in the mildest form.

I have the right to tell you all these not-so-pleasant things because I have been serving the evolutions of the humankind of Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. I have incarnated many times during this time. The Buddhists remember my recent incarnations.

My service to humankind is based on compassion for people’s souls. I see how many of you suffer unbearably, not knowing the way out of the trap of the karmic situation that you have gotten into. And you start blaming everyone around you, forgetting to read the lines of the Teaching, forgetting about the truth given in all sacred books of the past. As you sow, so shall you reap.

To come out to a different level of perception of the situation around you means to come to the awareness that you have created the situation by yourself with the thoughts that you have constantly replayed in your mind, the words that you have uttered, the feelings that overflowed you, and under their influence you performed one thoughtless deed after another.

The realization of the fact that the illusion turns to you the side that is consonant with your past deeds and past choices is your greatest achievement at this stage. 

Your inner work on yourself should be combined with spiritual practices. You should constantly, every day, use the spiritual practice that is congenial to you, that is pleasant for you to do. The ascension of your consciousness at least for a short time, for 10-15 minutes at the time that is the most suitable for you or better still at the beginning of the day, will give you the life buoy that will allow you to stay afloat in the sea of illusion without sinking into it up to the top of your head.

Unfortunately because of the overall state of humanity, you have to flounder in the sea of illusion alone. But you have made that choice for yourself. And the Divine opportunity, which has been available for three years, is over.

A new Divine opportunity can be available only in the case when a significant number of individuals demonstrate the level of consciousness that we expect to see.

With every missed Divine opportunity, you have to start everything once again in even worse conditions.

The world is not inclined to learn the simple truths that we have been giving for thousands of years.

Yet, in order to conclude today’s Message on an appropriate note, I have to tell you that God always leaves the door slightly open so you can see the Light and aspire to it.

Therefore, the Divine opportunity can be available again if there are a significant number of individuals who can demonstrate a new level of consciousness.

Now I say goodbye to you.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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