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I have come to help your soul

Quan Yin
June 22, 2013

Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin.

Today I have come to you not as a member of the Karmic Board and not as the Goddess of Mercy. I have come to you today as your elder sister.

I have come to you because you need help. Many of you suffer so badly, that you do not even understand that your souls need help and healing.

You are seeking the causes of your sufferings outside of yourselves. You are blaming external circumstances: your work, your family, and the government.

However, I will not tell you anything new if you let me remind you that everything that is happening to you now was generated by you yourselves a while ago in this incarnation or in your previous incarnations. You are the originators of your suffering.

Your desires inevitably bring to you not only their fulfillment but also the karma that accompanies the fulfillment of your desires.

Beloved Gautama Buddha taught about liberation from desires as the origin of sufferings. Many of you read the Teaching given by Gautama Buddha. You felt a need for acquiring the knowledge that will liberate you from the sufferings of this world forever, didn't you?

However, I am ready to give you the knowledge that will help you. And this knowledge is related to the environment around you.

The world seems gloomy and hostile to you. It seems to you that everything around you suffers and thirsts for healing. But it is you, your soul, which suffers in the first place. And it is your soul that needs healing and help.

I have come to help your soul.

A multitude of incarnations ago, I also had an opportunity to render assistance to you. It is no coincidence that you have found these Dictations and take an interest in them. Previously, you already heard the words of consolation from me, and you had an opportunity to stay in the silence of solitude and prayer.

Now your task has become more complicated. You must find the power within yourselves to oppose the madness that exists in your world with the silence of your own peace and serenity that you must reveal in the innermost part of your being.

I have come to remind you of who you really are. And I have come to remind you of the fact that before this incarnation, you took a task upon yourselves to oppose the outer world with the peace of the inner world. All the changes will come into the physical world from the innermost of your being. And you are the people whose mission it is to spread the Divine world from within yourselves into the outer world.

Yes, of course, the renunciation of desires is utterly vital. It is very important to follow the moral and ethical basis of behavior. It is essential to preserve your thoughts, feelings, and bodies in purity. It is crucial to keep to the external guidelines and to stay calm in any situation. All these are important and indispensable.

However, there is one more aspect that evades your external consciousness. And this aspect refers to your relationship with God within yourselves. This is the most essential aspect because literally everything depends on how you manage to merge your external consciousness with the Divine consciousness, with your Higher Self.

You need a very careful approach to any external circumstances of your life. Everything that can interfere with your personal relationship with the inner Teacher, the inner Guru, must leave your life.

We have come and given you this Teaching many times. Now I have come to tell you that there has come a moment in your life when literally everything in your life will depend on how you follow the Teaching that we give. Your very life, the continuation of the evolution of your soul, literally depends on how you follow our advice and recommendations.

You can save yourself and your soul only if you wholeheartedly aspire to God and to the observance of the Divine Law.

You can no longer delay the moment of your choice and rush for pleasure and amusement, because the cosmic term has come and the reaping of the harvest is in progress at full speed.

You are making the choice yourself, and no one is making it for you. The time for your final examination has come. You are making the choice within your being, and this choice means either the continuation of the evolution of your soul or its termination. The cosmic cycles are implacable. The Law demands that you make your choice.

I must tell you that the Great Central Sun leaves no more opportunity for you. The terms have approached and they no longer can be delayed.

This means that those of you who did not manage to overpower the illusory manifestation in their consciousness, will not be able to ascend to the next evolutionary stage. Your older brothers and sisters, who have already risen to the next stage of evolution, the Ascended Masters and the Ascended Lady Masters, take every opportunity to render their assistance and support to you. The Retreats of the Brotherhood work twenty-four hours a day and withstand maximum duty. We come literally at every call of yours and respond to all your calls and prayers. Very little is required of you: to say calls and prayers, and to aspire and believe.

The time of unprecedented opportunities has come when it is possible to break free from the captivity of the illusion within one incarnation. This is the time of monstrous contradictions and oppositions when, in the same place, you can see the examples of incredible holiness and an equally colossal manifestation of the opposing forces in the form of various perversions and distortions of the Divine energy.

You are constantly being affected by the opposing forces during the day. And constantly during the day you are able to make a choice. Unfortunately, very few people realize what is happening.

Most people do not understand what is taking place and fall under the influence of the forces that eventually destroy their souls.

Our task, the mission of the Ascended Hosts, is as before: to clarify the situation and to explain the processes that are occurring on Earth. We would like to rescue from the sea of the illusion as many souls of Light as possible. Therefore, we come and tirelessly repeat the words that are able to awaken your Divinity because when you wake up, you will acquire the awareness and enlightenment that is so vital for you. And when you acquire the conscious comprehension of the processes that are taking place in the world now, you will stop rushing about and hesitating. You will acquire the inner core that will enable you not only to withstand the surrounding illusion but also to help those who are weak and feeble, who do not understand the events taking place, and who need your care and guardianship.

I have come to you today to give an impulse to your hearts. I have come to urge you to raise your eyes above the fuss and aspire to the heavenly peaks of the Divine consciousness.

I AM Quan Yin, with great care for your souls.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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