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A Teaching on compassion and mercy

Beloved Quan Yin
December 26, 2008

Beloved Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin. I AM coming to you this day to give you a short Teaching.

I seldom come. Therefore, follow my words with double attention. Not because I want it this way, but because you need it.

I am coming to teach you compassion and mercy because if you don’t have these qualities in your hearts, then you won’t be able to enter a new epoch to come.

Compassion and mercy are manifested not only in your care about your neighbors. These qualities of your heart are cosmic in nature and should spread to all living beings. Your care of all living beings should be identical to the care of your own mother.

When minds of the world are ruled by just these two qualities — compassion and mercy — the world will be abandoned by negative manifestations of human consciousness such as wars, acts of terrorism, and hatred. Many other negative qualities adhering to mankind now will be relegated to oblivion.

The main things that will be saved is your care of all living beings and your Love toward any Divine manifestation.

How often in your lives do you think about the way you can influence everything surrounding you if just these two qualities — compassion and mercy — make their homes in your heart? I ask you not to confuse these qualities with pity and caring for those close to you. When you experience affection toward your neighbors and try to experience mercy and compassion to them as it seems to you, it will be you who will suffer. Qualities of compassion and mercy, if they are really manifested by you, do not depend upon a relationship between you and those people to whom you feel compassion and mercy.

You may not know the people who suffer or need help, but by sending Love and help from the bottom of your heart, you are capable of changing the situation they are involved in, and Divine justice will bypass that soul or will send down to it the easiest way of working out the karma.

The whole problem stems from your notion of mercy and compassion being different from ours.

Your viewpoint covers the current incarnation or even a short period of this incarnation. That is why when you see people suffering and if you feel that you are unable to help them, you get upset and also start suffering.

Divine compassion lies a bit higher than human images of compassion, and it concerns not so much the physical body as saving human souls. What looks to you as awful and unfair, from our view the same situation will look like the quickest and the easiest opportunity for a soul to pay back their karmic burden.

It is just the viewpoint that matters. We consider the whole chain of previous incarnations and see what incarnation is the best to be prepared for the soul that is suffering now.

It does not mean that you should stay indifferent and just pass by those who need help. It means only that everyone is to work out the layer of karma when their turn comes to work it out. When you render help to the person who needs your help, you should first and foremost worry about his soul and not about his physical body.

It is his soul suffering first of all, and afterwards this suffering is manifested by sores, illnesses, and unfavorable karmic situations on the physical plane.

You should render help on the physical plane, but you should always bear in mind that all that is happening to you on the physical plane is a consequence of deeds, thoughts, and feelings that have occurred in the past. In order to remedy the situation on the physical plane, the consciousness of the people who are suffering must be amended.

Unfortunately, the karma may happen to be so heavy that a person is incapable of realizing that everything he was called upon to face is a sequence of the wrong deeds that he committed in the past. He is not capable of realizing karmic bonds and karmic retribution. In this case, when you are compassionate to the soul of this person, on your impulse of Love and compassion, this person’s soul gets an additional impulse that can help him to tear himself away from the vicious circle of causes and effects and to rise above them. Even when a person is dying, on your feeling of compassion and due to the calls made by you to save his soul, he is capable of rising in his consciousness to the level where angels and other creatures of Light are able to catch him up and to help this person’s soul in the thinner plane.

That is why I have come to you today to clarify some issues dealing with your attitude toward suffering souls.

At the moment when you feel a true compassion and mercy to suffering individuals, you give them a part of your achievements, and on your achievements these souls are able to rise higher.

That is why to experience true compassion and mercy one should obtain a certain momentum of achievements.

There are Buddhas and Bodhisattvas among you who have true compassion and mercy, but most people understand mercy just as pity.

At the time when true mercy and compassion become constant companions for the majority of mankind, suffering will abandon your world bit by bit. Sufferings purify your souls because the soul that is suffering balances a large layer of karma.

At present it is impossible to do without it since the karma of the mankind is very heavy. But mankind is gradually moving in the necessary direction pointed out by us. We would like you not to stop on the Path. There is too much work waiting ahead.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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