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I am offering you to be the chosen ones who will help humankind during a critical moment

Beloved Quan Yin
June 28, 2014

Beloved Quan Yin

I AM Quan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

You will be surprised by what I am intending to tell you today.

It is not because my words will be new to you but because the eternal Law of Mercy and Compassion continues to be in effect in your world despite any manifestations of the evil forces.

Today we will be talking about you, about those who are incarnated.

We will try to understand what prevents you from becoming happy. What prevents you from manifesting only Divine qualities in your lives, and why are there wars and injustice on the planet?

Many times you have heard this Teaching of ours. However, every time after another Message of ours, some people will start seeing the light. The fog that has been covering their eyes, sometimes throughout their whole lives, suddenly splits apart and they start seeing clearly the causes of their own sufferings and miseries.

Of course, these causes lie within your own selves. It is sometimes unbearable to look at the person who becomes enlightened at the most critical moment of his life.

It sometimes happens that only intolerable grief, suffering, and misfortune lead a human soul to enlightenment. There are very few souls on Earth who understand this and come to the person who is experiencing unbearable sufferings in order to improve his or her lot and to Serve the suffering soul.

It is not usual in your world to be talking about human sufferings. The people who are near death or in poor conditions are not of interest to your mass media. It’s as if the most difficult areas of life in human society do not exist in your lives. Instead, you read in the news about sports achievements and about political victories. Even the misfortunes, miseries, and sufferings are depicted in a sensationalized way. All of this material and information is offered by the mass media in such a way that it does not provide understanding, and it does not reveal the causes of why misfortunes and miseries happen, why people are suffering and dying without knowing the causes for their own miseries.

Very few individuals can feel true compassion and mercy. It can be said that true mercy and compassion are just as rare in your world as true faith in God and the Highest Law.

I have come today in order to remind you about one of the aspects of our Teaching. Namely, I have come to tell you that many eons ago the Great Spirits came to Earth in order to perform the Great Service for humankind of Earth. Of course, we knew everything. We knew that the time would come and humankind would face great suffering as a result of its incorrect actions in the past. We knew that this moment would come. We knew that because by our own free will, we bound our karma with humankind of Earth, and we would have to fully experience the suffering together with humankind.

I am describing to you my story and the story of other Masters of Wisdom in such great detail so that you can understand that your destiny, my destiny, and the destiny of other Masters of Wisdom are inextricably connected.

We continue our Service to humankind even when humankind completely forgets about our existence.

We sacrifice our spiritual achievements daily so that humankind of Earth can continue its evolution. Our Service to humankind is like going through crucifixion, but this crucifixion lasts for many millions of years.

It is difficult for you to understand the essence of our Service. However, when a person is facing a horrible misery and his soul is suffering, if instead of curses and threatening, words of gratitude are coming out of his mouth, then for the enlightenment that he has experienced during the most difficult moment of his life, that person is capable of understanding our Service and our Heroic Act in the name of the evolution of planet Earth.

Today I have come to tell you that at today’s session of the Karmic Board a decision has been made, among others, about the sacrifice that several Beings of Light have made so that humankind can continue its evolution.

Now you are under an obligation to these Beings of Light, who have chosen to remain anonymous.

During the next six months, you can be of invaluable service to these Masters. In order to do that, you have to write letters to the Karmic Board and undertake a commitment of advanced Service. I am asking you to take on extra responsibilities in the form of prayer vigils and service to those who are disadvantaged and in need. Those of you who have certain merits can even give away a part of your causal body.

All of your letters will be reviewed by us, the members of the Karmic Board.

The extent to which the sufferings of humankind will be alleviated in the future depends on how considerable your contributions are.

An intensive return of humankind’s karma for the inconsiderate deeds, thoughts, and feelings throughout many thousands of years is taking place at this moment.

You, the most conscious members of human society who are reading our Messages, determine the extent to which the karmic burden of humankind will be lightened.

Your Service is very similar to the Service of the Masters of Wisdom. If each of us at our own level manages to render our Service for the sake of the evolution of the planet with all thoroughness, awareness, and unselfishness, then a tremendous result of our joint actions will be achieved by that alone.

I am asking you to answer my call.

The uncountable human sufferings can be easily stopped if people realize the cause of this suffering and repent for the unrighteous acts that they have committed. But if humans have steeped so deeply in their sins that they are incapable of understanding by themselves the cause of their miseries, then there needs to arise a person who will extinguish a part of the world karma with his or her faithful Service, and by doing so, will ease the sufferings of people.

I am offering you to be the chosen ones who will help humankind during a critical moment.

Please take on extra Service for the sake of humankind.

I am awaiting your letters with hope and excitement. I personally will read each of your letters and make the decision regarding each of your letters.

I AM Quan Yin.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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