Dear friends, we are starting to introduce you to the Members of the Great Karmic Board. Today our story is about the Great Divine Director.


Manu of The Seventh Root Race



The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being. He says, “ I am known as the Great Divine Director because I have merged my consciousness with the cosmic cycles of God’s divine plan for untold universes of light”.

His name became secondary to the flame he adored.

And so, the nameless one worshiping God as the law of unerring direction came to be known as the Great Divine Director, because, through adoration, he became the adored and then the adorable one. And then, the office in cosmic hierarchy, the Great Divine Director, became his God-identity.

He long ago passed those initiations that placed him at cosmic levels of service and qualified him to become the Manu of the Seventh Root Race.


Divine direction is a state of consciousness in God. It is the perfect awareness of his plan for all life.Ultimately, this awareness contains within itself not only the direction but its logical conclusion in action-fulfillment. Long ago, before our souls were reckoning with being God, an initiate of the Solar Lords perceived the need of live waves here below to know the plan and to proceed with unerring direction from the Polestar of Being to complete the plan as blueprint-matrix, as though conceptualized, as motive and willingness engendering momentum for completion, as a Master-realization, physical fulfillment, the completion of a cycle. His name, too, became secondary to the flame he adored.

He long ago passed those initiations that placed him at cosmic levels of service and qualified him to become the Manu of the Seventh Root Race.

A Manu of Root Race is the lawgiver who sets the divine plan for an entire evolution. The Manu embodies the archetype for an entire life way of souls who will incarnate on Earth at a certain period- the Divine Image and likeness out of which they are made and the pattern of their destiny.The Seventh Root Race is destined to embody under the Great Divine Director.

His causal body is a giant blue sphere that surrounds the entire planet. Within that sphere, there are grids and forcefields which the delivery of the judgment shall pass.

Prior to the sinking of Atlantis, while Noah was yet building his ark and warning the people of the great Flood to come, the Great Divine Director called Saint Germain and a few faithful priests to transport the flame of freedom from the Temple of Purification to a place of safety in the Carpathian foothills in Transylvania. Here they carried on the sacred ritual of expanding the fires of freedom even while mankind’s karma was being exacted by divine decree. When the Atlantis sank, the Temple of Purification was moved onto the etheric plane.


In succeeding embodiments, Saint Germain and his followers, under the guidance of the Great Divine Director, rediscovered the flame and continued to guard the shrine. Later, the Great Divine Director, assisted by his disciple, established a retreat at the site of the flame and founded the House of Rakoczy, the royal house of Hungary. Because of his association with the House of Rakoczy, the Great Divine Director bears the appellation Master R- the “R” signifying Rakoczy.

The Great Divine Director continues to maintain in the Rakoczy Mansion in Transylvania a focus of freedom for Eastern and Western Europe. The retreat was once physical but is now in the etheric plane.

Great Divine Director has sponsored Europe for thousand of years. He is the teacher of Saint Germain and many other masters including Jesus and El Morya.



The Great Divine Director, even in our time has not left humanity of Earth without guidance, without his Divine vision.

In 2005, He came eleven times and transmitted his Teaching through the Messenger T.N.Mikushina of the Great White Brotherhood.

This is how He speaks of himself:

“ I AM the Great Divine Director. You know me as the member of the Karmic Board and Saint Germain Teacher.

I do not always try to come out to the public, and I usually give the direction of the spiritual development of society as if from behind the scenes”.

The Teaching of Great Divine Director is deep and many-sided.

He tells us that the process of comprehending the Divine Truth will occur continuously (in the Message of April 13, 2005), and also asks us to act in life in accordance with the knowledge and Teaching received (in the Message of April 27, 2006).


In this Message of July 2, 2006 the Great Divine Director said:

“ … I appeal to you to please render all the help that you can to our Messenger because we might not get another conductor of that kind in the near future, someone who can bring up their level of consciousness to work with the Brotherhood. Therefore, do accept our Messages with gratitude. Your level of consciousness is not determined by the amount of mental information that you are able to let into your mind. Your level of consciousness is determined by the Divine qualities that you gain on your Path, and devotion, sincerity, unselfishness, and humility are the most important among them.

Without these qualities, no mental skills will allow you to ascend to a new level of consciousness.

Therefore, each time we come, we keep repeating the importance of the development of the Divine qualities within you. Your aspiration compels you to get what is necessary for your development. Therefore, aspiration and persistence are the next qualities that you will need”.

In the Message “Teaching on Spiritual Practices” dated July 4, 2009, we received the most important guide to action:

“ With regards to your spiritual work and your directions of activity, I would advise you to think more about the fact that there is not much time left. The efforts of every human being are needed now as never before because sometime the situation develops in such a way that the good teamwork of just a few light-bearers is enough for the preponderance of forces to be achieved in the direction of prolonging the evolutionary opportunity “.

In the Message of December 20, 2009, the Great Divine Director noted the most important qualities of the colleagues:

“ The degree of the development of humankind is only proven by the facts about selfless service. You should understand that the next stage that humanity is to enter will be associated with fundamentally different human relationships. First, you should be unselfish, and then give your service. Both of these distinctive features are only possible on the basis of unconditional Love and boundless Faith.

So, look around and see who in your environment ready for the next stage of human relationships?”

The Message of December 30, 2010 speaks about the importance of choosing the Path and firmly following the right direction, without turning to other paths:

“ We are moving to a finer reality. And we are speaking for those who are able to perceive us.


We composed our Messages so that a person could gradually enter our world, making his decisions more and more on the basis of the inner rather than the outer perception of reality. But that is possible only when you seriously choose to go on the Path outlined by us.

If you continue to mix different sources and different spiritual directions, the effect of our Messages will be exactly the opposite. You will not approach the goal of your spiritual journey in the physical world, but instead you will move away from it.


In order to start moving, you should choose the Path and start going along it. But, if reaching some point on the Path you decide that it would be nice to go along some other route as well, then you will automatically return to the starting point of your Path.


If you have found the Divine source, If your Higher Self points at its truth, then why is it necessary for you to dart off and run the other way at some doubtful signal?

The depth of the Teaching is realized during life tests and by using the given knowledge in passing those vital life tests. Believe me, when you walk in the direction indicated by us, you comprehend the more subtle facets of the illusion and learn to overcome those inner and outer obstacles that you were not aware of at the beginning of the Path.

I repeat once again that the Divine science is the most complex science of all, and a superficial study of it will not lead to any result. That is why I have come and I give this Message of mine. My main duty is to give the right direction at every given moment of time”.

In this final Message of June 25, 2013, transmitted to mankind through T.N.Mikushina, Great Divine Director gives instructions that God is always with us, and we can always abide in God:

“I have come today in order to direct you on your Divine Path. I do hope that all of you who are reading this Message of mine are going along the Path toward God.


Everything, beloved, is determined by you yourselves. There is not any person in the world that can make you feel negative states of consciousness. The only person who can do it in the whole world is you yourself and no one else.

Therefore, I would recommend that every day you start by going up to a mirror and giving yourself a smile. This is the simplest method, and it is available even to those of you who believe that you are poor, miserable, and unfortunate.

You become that person who you think you are. This is the Law of the space in which you live. For a start, you need to change your self-image. You should persuade yourself that all is right with you. And the most importantly, you should persuade yourself that God is with you. What can happen to you in your life if God Himself is staying with you and is looking after you?

While residing in God, having a feeling of the Divine is simply the state of your consciousness. If you wish to reside in God permanently, then you will let Him first into your heart, and then after a while He will occupy your whole being. Just like the sun that is illuminating the whole Earth and everything around, God will shine through you upon the world”.

Great Divine Director maintains the focus in the Cave of Light in India, In the heart of the Himalayas ( besides the spiritual House of Light that is located in the Rakoczy Palace, in the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania ). Great Divine Director is a great initiator on the path of ascension, and one of the tasks of the Cave of Light is to prepare candidates for ascension and speeding them on their way. Here,Great Divine Director uses hit authority to purify the four lower bodies of advanced initiates from a certain portion of their remaining karma, so that the purified guides allow them to provide service in the world of form before ascension.

Sometimes the un-ascended lifestreams are taken in their subtle bodies to the Retreats of the Brotherhood in order to give them training for special service in the world of form, requiring superhuman strength and mastering certain skills that can be passed on to an un-ascended disciple only in Sacred Residents. So, Jesus was taken to the Retreat of Luxor and the Temple of the Blue Lotus before his final three-year ministry. When a dispensation is granted to a worthy chela, they are able to radiantly preform the rest of their ministry of life, so their consciousness becomes the perfect focal point in the world of form to release into the one Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. Those who receive such an opportunity to be” perfected “even before the passage of their final initiation and ascension to the Light, exhibit miracles, demonstrate alchemy, and control the forces of nature and elemental life.


The Great Divine Director is a member of the Darjeeling Council and also a member of the Karmic Board, serving that body on the first ray of God’s holy will. He also occupies the twelve o’clock line of the twelve solar hierarchies on behalf of the evolutions of this solar system, serving with hierarchy of Capricorn to assist mankind in the overcoming of their human creation.

He is often depicted with a large blue belt, hung with dazzling blue jewels, with dazzling light rays emanating from his heart, throat and head. These light rays are very powerful. You can tie into those light rays and his protection. He will place his blue belt around you at the etheric level for the protection of your chakras and will help you bring forth your divine plan.

The key note of the Great Divine Director is the “ March Rakoczy “ from the Hungarian Rhapsody No.15 by Ferenz Liszt.

The article was prepared by Maria Fliman.
Editor Elena Ilyina.


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