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Residing in God is simply the state of your consciousness

The Great Divine Director
June 25, 2013

The Great Divine Director

I AM The Great Divine Director.

I have come today in order to direct you on your Divine Path. I do hope that all of you who are reading this Message of mine are going along the Path toward God.

To start with, I would like you to straighten your shoulders, take a deep breath, and greet me with such a broad smile as if you were meeting a caressing, sunny, summer dawn.

That is it! Now we are ready for our talk. I must tell you with all certainty that the responsibility for your good mood lies completely on your shoulders. If you always frown with your eyebrows, purse your lips, and make a severe, suffering expression on your face, then you will attract from the space the same stern faces and anguished looks.

Remember that you attract from the space exactly what you send there. And it depends completely on you what energies you send to the world and what state you are in.

You program yourself every day. You can program yourself to be happy, lucky, healthy, and joyful, and you can program yourself to be suffering, sad, depressed, angry, and even hateful.

Everything, beloved, is determined by you yourselves. There is not any person in the world that can make you feel negative states of consciousness. The only person who can do it in the whole world is you yourself and no one else.

Therefore, I would recommend that every day you start by going up to a mirror and giving yourself a smile. This is the simplest method, and it is available even to those of you who believe that you are poor, miserable, and unfortunate.

You become that person who you think you are. This is the law of the space in which you live. For a start, you need to change your self-image. You should persuade yourself that all is right with you. And most importantly, you should persuade yourself that God is with you. What can happen to you in your life if God Himself is staying with you and is looking after you?

While residing in God, having a feeling of the Divine is simply the state of your consciousness. If you wish to reside in God permanently, then you will let Him first into your heart, and then after a while He will occupy your whole being. Just like the sun that is illuminating the whole Earth and everything around, God will shine through you upon the world.

This mechanism of revealing God within oneself must be mastered by each of you. Residing in God does not mean developing super abilities, receiving our Dictations, or mind reading. Residing in God means that you constantly have a good and even mood and that joy and love overwhelm you.

Your eyes give you away. If you are staying in God, then your eyes are shining brightly and are radiant with inner light. If you choose to live without God, then your eyes grow dim and fade out.

Do you notice how many people there are around you who are miserable, burdened with numerous problems, always in a bad mood, and have a gloomy look?

I will tell you that everything that you notice in other people is present within you yourselves.

When you allow yourself to change, allow yourself joy and a good mood, then all the people around you will show you another side, and you will start noticing how many nice people there are around you with shining eyes and lovely smiles.

Within your being there is a control center over your present and your future. Of course, you will be correct if you notice that the Law of Karma controls your present and your future, and everything that you have ever created returns to you, including the forms of low-quality states of your consciousness. You are absolutely right! Yet, if you try to think about bad things all the time, surround yourself with TVs in each room that will show you horror and action films and the news full of calamities and terrorist acts around the clock, then do you think that your state will improve? However, one simple thing can improve your state: Turn off your TVs. Stop keeping up the conversations about negative manifestations in your world. Focus your attention on the positive things: flowers, nature, animals, the sun, and the Masters’ images. Surround yourself with beautiful models and light colors at home and at work.

Remove all the manifestations of squalor from your life. And watch yourself. Will you feel better?

Turn on soft and harmonizing music or quiet melodious mantras that caress your ears. Fill the space around you with positive energies.

You should always control only two things in your lives: your inner state and your outer surroundings. Clear your consciousness of negative thoughts and feelings and remove incorrect, non-divine patterns from your outer surroundings.

Only these two things can bring back the joy of life to you and fill your being with harmony and love.

Believe me, if you manage to keep yourself in high spirits, you will be able to transmit more of the Divine energy through your being. The Divine energy that is constantly running through your being in a mighty and smooth flow can wash away negative karmic energies from your four lower bodies. And you will not even notice how easily you will overcome any unpleasant karmic situations in your lives.

You have heard these recommendations many times, haven't you? You have probably even read them in our Dictations.

Can you answer my simple question: If it is so easy to change your life for the better, then why do you not do it?

This is a big puzzle for me and for the other Ascended Masters. Does not this situation remind you of that parable when God keeps sending either a boat or a raft to save you during a flood but every time you refuse the help in the hope that God will save you?

How can you be saved if you always refuse our help?

It is impossible. However, I do hope that today’s Message will urge you to reconsider many things in your outer surroundings and to reconsider your attitude toward what is around you in your life.

God is always beside you. Do not be as stubborn as little children — let God into your life!


I AM The Great Divine Director.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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