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We need your readiness for serving the evolutions of Earth

The Great Divine Director
December 20, 2009

The Great Divine Director

I AM the Great Divine Director.

My appearance today coincided with the beginning of the session of the Karmic Board. Therefore, I will give a short Message just before it starts.

You should not be confused by the fact that the session of the Karmic Board is held behind closed doors. It has always been this way, and non-ascended humankind has the opportunity to know what is going on at this session only to the extent that we give in our Messages.

I must say that this session will not be easy, because it will be very difficult for us to offer the Supreme Council of this Universe the proof of the successful evolutionary development of humankind. Everything is exactly the opposite. We are looking for and cannot find any positive changes since our last session at the period of the summer solstice.

It would be a good thing if you write a letter to the Karmic Board and, unlike your usual letters where you ask for something for yourselves or for your relatives, it would be helpful if you state some positive facts from your life. I personally would be very grateful if you could undertake a commitment to read a certain number of prayers or Rosaries during the next half-year until the next session of the Karmic Board in order to balance the situation on the planet. We need the manifestation of your good will in helping the evolutions of planet Earth. We need your prayer efforts, and we need your readiness for serving the evolutions of Earth.

It seems that I am asking for very simple things, and it will not require much effort or sacrifice on your part. However, in practice your letters prove that year after year we get one letter with the selfless sacrifice of your prayer energy for the sake of the evolutions of Earth and several thousand letters with personal requests and the desire to remove some of the karmic burden.

The degree of the development of humankind is only proven by the facts about selfless service. You should understand that the next stage that humanity is to enter will be associated with fundamentally different human relationships. First, you should be unselfish, and then give your service. Both of these distinctive features are only possible on the basis of unconditional Love and boundless Faith.

So, look around and see who in your environment is ready for the next stage of human relationships.

Now you understand my discouragement before the next session of the Karmic Board. Where are the facts of devotion and selfless service? And even if you start doing something within the framework of Divine service in a fit of enthusiasm and positive feelings, then see how long your enthusiasm will last. A few days? A half-year? A few years?

If we are talking about a new type of relationships between people, then these relationships should continue at least until the end of your current incarnation. Stop looking at the people around you and stop comparing their lives with yours. There is a very common argument among people: Here, they disregard many of the Divine Laws and live in clover, and I pray and fast but I have nothing for it.

This is very typical of people today! Believe me, you will not enter the New Earth all together, and you will not be driven there like sheep. You will be able to walk through the narrow gate only thanks to your personal merits and your personal achievements. And those who live in clover will remain in the outer darkness. They have no future. Why do you try to keep up with them?

The root of your problem is that you lack Faith. You cannot fully believe the words of the Masters that this life of yours is not the only one, and another life is in store for many of you. You measure God with your human standards and try to apply your human logic to the Divine Law.

But I am telling you that you must obey the Divine Law and reject all tricks and tweaks of your carnal mind.

How long will your determination to follow the instructions of the Masters last? I think it will be until the next television series or the next phone conversation with your friends; and especially you have such tempting New Year’s holidays ahead and things to do besides obeying the endless morality of the Masters.

Well, it is your choice and your decision. It is impossible to force a person to follow the path that is the shortest of all. For some reason, humankind always chooses the most difficult path, and at the same time, after a while they start blaming God for the hard luck and hardships that have fallen on them.

I am already hurried and I have to conclude this Message. However, I think I have told you the main things I wanted to tell you.

So, ultimately, you determine everything by yourselves and by your choices. Do not blame fate, God, and the Masters.

I AM the Great Divine Director.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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