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Some of the goals of the transmission of the Messages

The Great Divine Director
January 16, 2010

The Great Divine Director

I AM the Great Divine Director, having come to you again. I am delighted with this opportunity that has been granted for the transmission of these Messages, and I am delighted with the opportunity to convey information to humankind of Earth.

Perhaps you have noticed that this is the second month that we have been transmitting our Messages through this Messenger every day. And perhaps some of you have been thinking that this cycle of Messages is something unique, something out of the ordinary.

This is truly so. I still cannot fully disclose to you all of the goals that we are pursuing by working on the transmission of these Messages into the physical world, but I can tell you that a part of these goals have already been achieved to some extent.

We never act in a way to achieve just one particular goal. Our actions always have a multidimensional character, and by making one effort, we sometimes achieve up to a dozen goals in the physical world.

So, you know that the transmission of the Messages is associated with the transmission of energy into your world. And I can tell you that an unprecedented amount of Light has been released in this cycle of the Messages. And even if the Great Central Sun had refused to grant us the energy to balance planet Earth, we could have attained a certain level of balance only with the help of transmitting Light through these Messages.

We chose the time for the transmission of the Messages that included the winter solstice, the celebration of Christmas, and the New Year. And this is also for a reason — it is exactly during this time that humanity generates the greatest amount of karma.

This past year was also characterized by an inauspicious astrological situation since the lunar eclipse almost coincided with the New Year celebration, and the subsequent solar eclipse also began its active phase during the New Year holidays. All this enhanced the unfavorable background created by the unrestrained fun of humanity during the holidays.

This is exactly why, through our Messenger, we were asking you to help the planet with prayers, and we warned in our Messages that not everything is well on the planet. Not many people were able to heed our warnings. However, on the whole, we were able to achieve a certain balance. And now I can calmly say that we were able to prevent a much greater earthquake than the one that struck Haiti. The epicenter of that earthquake was supposed to be in much more densely populated areas of the Western hemisphere.

You see that the situation on the planet is, indeed, very difficult. Constant efforts are required from the Ascended Hosts in order to avoid the further worsening of the course of events.

If we go back to the transmission of our Messages, there is another very important goal that has been virtually achieved, and therefore, I can talk about it. You are living at the times of division among humankind.

And each individual makes the choice whether to follow the Path that is shown by the Masters that leads to Eternal Life or to select the temporary world and follow the destiny of this temporary world when it is destroyed, just as in its time civilization ceased to exist on the Moon.

Perhaps, you are perplexed about what this has to do with the Messages. The Messages themselves do not have anything to do with it. It is all about your attitude toward the Messages. We have already said it, and I will repeat it again: Everything in your world has a dual nature. And for some, our Messages were like a glass of cool water in a desert, while others, after reading the Messages, used the energy acquired from them to vilify the Messenger and us at the same time. And in that way, you show yourselves, your inner nature.

You performed an action, cast a thought, or expressed a feeling that led to karma.

We are not monsters of any kind. We have been serving humankind of Earth with faith and devotion for millions of years. Yes, the law of this Universe is such that the Higher serves the lower. But the lower must obey the Higher and follow the instructions of the Higher Forces. If you rely on your human mind, on the carnal muscle, you allow a rebellion against God, against the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light that serves God.

Notice that you make this choice yourselves. None of us force you to blindly worship us or demand certain actions. We are just giving you the Teaching; we describe the laws that exist in this Universe. But why do some of you become furious with our Messages? I will tell you why it happens: It is because you have made your choice. And the Light irritates you because you have chosen the darkness.

I would like the people who are reading our Messages to understand that this choice did not happen at once. It was made much earlier. Sometimes a person serves the forces that are opposite to us for thousands of years. I am telling you now that the time has come when the Divine mercy and compassion give way to the Divine justice. This applies only to those individuals who have really turned on the mechanism of the Divine justice by their past and present actions.

Following my brethren, who have warned you that not everything is well on Earth, I can only warn you once again that for many individuals, the time of their final choice is approaching.

My talk today can seem very harsh and even cruel to you. But I am thinking about those millions of souls that need salvation and must be saved. They have been trapped in the nets of karma, and the most extreme methods have to be used in order to cut the most tangled knots of karma and let each individual living on planet Earth breathe freely and make a free choice.

I would like to say that we fulfill our mission and make all possible efforts to save as many souls as possible.

I AM the Great Divine Director.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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