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The process of knowing the Divine Truth will go on perpetually

The Great Divine Director
April 13, 2005

The Great Divine Director

I AM the Great Divine Director. I have come through this Messenger.

It seems strange that so many Ascended Beings have been giving you their Dictations during such a short period of time. I have to assure you that there is nothing strange about it. The Ascended Hosts wish to communicate with mankind and try to use every possible opportunity. And we will continue doing so until the situation connected with the receiving of these Dictations in your world changes.

I have to tell you that we plan every act of receiving a Dictation thoroughly, and we try to check the information so as to give exactly what corresponds most to the current moment and current situation on Earth. And we also have to take into account the range of knowledge of the Messenger and the natural boundaries of the Messenger’s channel.

Thus, we cannot transmit the information if the Messenger’s external consciousness does not accept it due to its inherent limitations.

However, I dare assure you that we give all the information that is possible to transmit through the physical conductor we are using at the moment.

Now I would like to give you some new information.

Imagine a vessel full to the brim. If it is full, there is no room for you to put anything extra in it.

Therefore, the task we must undergo together and one of the goals of these Dictations is to try to free some space in your vessels for accepting new information.

Your physical brain, unlike the abilities of your Divine mind, is very limited. And once your physical brain contains information about some subject, you cannot perceive new information about the same subject if it is even slightly different.

It is herein that the difficulty lies in working with a human consciousness.

If you have received information from a source that you consider to be authoritative and then another source gives you the same information in a slightly different or diametrically opposed way, you will most likely reject the information from this new source.

And there is nothing bad in that. If you took at face value any information from any outer source, you would simply be unable to exist in your world because you would have to keep in your external consciousness diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive pieces of information.

Therefore, certain truths prevail during certain phases of the evolution of humanity, and then they are gradually changed by other truths. Thus, the evolution of human consciousness gradually takes place, excluding a forcible way.

The greatest difficulty that we face when we deal with the human consciousness is its narrow-mindedness and inclination to accept as dogma information previously received from an authoritative source.

Every time we begin to bring forth new information, we do it in a very delicate way, trying not to cause any repulsion and discord in your consciousness that might lead to stormy reactions and cause too big a splash of negative emotions in the space.

I suggest that you look at the question of the fall of the angels from a slightly different point of view. You probably remember how this question is stated in the books given through the previous Messengers. I myself gave some of the thoughts concerning the fall of the angels, which were included in the Teaching widespread in the West at present.

It is difficult to say why people liked this Teaching so much. Perhaps the idea of a rebellion against God and His Laws is very close to human consciousness. And it is very tempting to ascribe your own imperfection to the Supreme Beings. Isn’t it the reason why the idea of the angels’ rebellion has become so widely distributed in the Western world now? Perhaps this idea is very close and dear to the modern person, as it is always possible to justify oneself and one’s behavior by saying that even angels in the Heavens rebel.

We tried to get around this subject in the Dictations before this moment, and if we touched upon it, we only mentioned the general questions concerning the conflict between two principles: the force increasing the illusion and the force aiming to return to the primordial non-manifested Divine creation.

I must tell you that the legend of the fallen angels, as it is presented in many Teachings widespread in the West now, just reflects the Universal Law connected with the invariable demand to the Highest Beings of Light to take on human bodies at a certain stage of Cosmic Evolution. After the highest form of life was finally liberated from its physical form in the previous cosmic cycles, this form must, at a certain stage, return to the physical plane in the bodies of humans, who are on the lower stage of their evolution, in order to endow these bodies with the spark of Divinity, Divine mind, and Divine comprehension.

The physical manifested world cannot be left on its own; it cannot exist autonomously from the entire Creation. It demands constant care and guardianship from the side of the higher manifested worlds of this universe due to the intense presence of the forces of chaos in the manifested world.

The process of the angels’ descent into human bodies is a necessary stage of evolution. And this process can be compared to the shortening of pastry. If the pastry you have made appears to be of low quality, you shorten it. You can add eggs or butter to it to improve its quality and properties. Just the same process is used to endow humanity with the higher abilities when particles of the Beings who stand at the higher stages of evolution descend into human bodies.

This process keeps on going, and as a result man becomes more divine, closer to his own primordial, original Divine nature.

You have been told repeatedly during the course of these Dictations that any person, who has properly prepared his physical temple, receives into this temple additional Light due to the presence of the Beings of Light, who are able to manifest themselves and act through the conductor this person provides.

We aspire to reside in the people of Earth, and we aspire to use every opportunity for our additional presence.

There is no violation of the law of free will here, because a person who has achieved the stage of cooperation with us willingly grants his temple for our presence. And the conceived plan actually comes true and you become our hands and feet.

In the same way, the descent of the angels — the highest Beings of Light — into human bodies took place millions of years ago. They endowed man with mind and became a part of his Higher Body or his Christ Self.

I do not want to concentrate your attention on these subjects today anymore because I anticipate too emotional and sharp a reaction from those who read these lines. I have said enough to awaken your consciousness and give it a new impulse for comprehension of the Divine Truth.

Do not think that you will perceive all the Divine Truth at once. A number of years will pass and the truth mastered by mankind with such difficulty will again require a new one to take its place and to help the human mind draw nearer to the Divine Truth.

This process of knowing the Divine Truth will go on perpetually.

You only need to constantly wish to perceive The Divine Truth, to aspire to its comprehension, and to free yourselves from any dogmas to which human consciousness attaches so quickly. Sometimes it is too hard to give up these dogmas, and this process may cause severe pain and antagonism of the human ego.

If you have a feeling that you possess the Divine Wisdom in all its integrity, this feeling is in fact a manifestation of your ego. Think of that. How can a limited consciousness contain the unlimited Divine Truth?

I have given you much new information today, and I have tried to do it as mildly as possible so as not to cause mental and emotional splashes that would be too great for your aura.

I AM the Great Divine Director, and I have been with you today.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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