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We are joyful that our appeals have found response in your hearts

Great Divine Director
December 30, 2005

I AM Great Divine Director. I have come to you through our Messenger on this day.

I have come. You know me as one of the members of the Karmic Board. And I hurry to give you fresh information from our session, which is practically over.

You know that our session began on December 22, and it has been going on all this time.

We will be holding the meeting for some more time in order to consider the letters that you have written and continue writing to the Karmic Board. But the main thing that we have gathered for is already over.

We have considered the opportunity of providing a balanced existence of the planet for the upcoming half year.

I have to tell you that our session has been very intense, and you, the most sensitive individuals among you, should have felt the tension that existed on the planet only several days ago.

We have been waiting for your reaction to our appeals through our Messenger. We have been waiting on what your reaction would be. It is because how you react to our requests and respond to our offers tells us a lot. And, in particular, it tells us to what extent you are ready to cooperate and to what extent we can count on your help.

To our greatest joy, such light-souls were found on Earth who, realizing all the fullness of our worry and the urgency of our requests, spared all their personal efforts and gave all their free time and abilities to serve the planet and the existence of life itself on planet Earth.

We are thanking you for the rendered help. Believe that we are joyful not as much because of your contribution to the process of stabilization of the situation on Earth but more because of the determination, selflessness, and devotion that you have responded to our requests with.

We couldn’t help responding to the impulse of your souls. For our part, we have done everything possible and taken all the measures that have allowed us to save the planet from the next devastating and destructive cataclysm, the danger of which seemed to be inevitably looming over the planet. We have managed to painlessly dissolve those negative energy clusters that covered Earth so densely that they would not allow the penetration of our rays and vibrations, which could solely have beneficial influence on the planet and those individuals who were in a critical situation and expected our help.

Therefore, we are joyful that our appeals have found response in your hearts. Of course, the number of those who have responded to our appeals is insignificant in comparison with the total population of the planet. However, according to the impact of the efforts of those few, you can judge how quickly the situation on the planet could change if millions followed our instructions.

Therefore, ahead of you, you have a wide range of activities related to carrying the Light of our Teachings to the widest possible audience of those who need these Teachings and for whom the vibrations contained in our Messages are similar to a cup of cool water on a hot afternoon.

I cannot tell you that the danger of various cataclysms and natural disasters has been completely eliminated, and nothing will be threatening the planet in the near future. But I can tell you that the danger of that cataclysm that we warned you about has passed.

We managed to destroy the cause of that cataclysm on the Higher plane, and consequently, on the physical plane, the descent of the reasons for that cataclysm will happen in a much smaller and local magnitude.

I think that the cooperation that began so successfully at the end of this year between you, our incarnated collaborators and us, the Ascended Realm, will continue next year. I make no secret of the fact that many members of the Karmic Board were not sure that we would be able to find a sufficient number of incarnated light-workers who would respond to our appeal and spend these last days of the passing year in reverential prayer and humility.

We were waiting and preparing for a much worse situation, and the fact that you managed to mobilize all your resources and assume your obligations gave us the opportunity to involve those reserves that we could engage in helping planet Earth.

You know that there are a sufficient number of Beings of Light in space who are ready to sacrifice the momentum of their achievements in order to render their help to mankind of Earth. But the Cosmic Law does not allow rendering such help until there are a sufficient number of incarnated individuals who declare their readiness to cooperate with the Ascended Hosts and make certain commitments. It is similar to your putting something as a security deposit before obtaining a credit in a bank. And only after something has been put down as collateral, can you count on getting some financial resources at your disposal.

Therefore, I can tell you now that your commitment and selfless service have allowed us to distribute the energy that you had already given us in the form of your prayers and your praying commitments that you have made for the next half year, for the purpose of receiving the necessary help in the form of energy from the cosmic reserve.

Therefore, now I am authorized on behalf of the Karmic Board to declare to you that we are happy with the achievements of those of you who have made commitments based on a sincere impulse coming from the bottom of your hearts.

I am taking a bow before you. And let me shake your hands. Truly at such moments, realizing oneness with these currently incarnated devoted collaborators, tears of joy well up in the eyes. And that allows us to hope that the situation on the planet will change and our plans will be carried out!

Thank you, and let me congratulate you on the beginning of a new milestone that I hope will open for us the opportunities for further, even more fruitful, cooperation!

I AM Great Divine Director.

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Tatyana Mickushina
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