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A Teaching on spiritual practices

The Great Divine Director
July 4, 2009

The Great Divine Director

I AM the Great Divine Director.

One of the reasons for my coming to you today is to give you information concerning the work of the Karmic Board. We have completed our work. Both the result of our work and the decisions made by us cover the period until the next solstice — the winter solstice.

I will not keep it a secret that our work was not easy. As always, we were teetering on the brink. Our wish to give an opportunity to as many souls as possible to have one more chance, and time for making a choice and a decision was taken into account by the Great Central Sun. That is why I am satisfied with the progress of our work and with the decisions adopted.

With regards to your spiritual work and your directions of activity, I would advise you to think more about the fact that there is not much time left. The efforts of every human being are needed now as never before because sometimes the situation develops in such a way that the good teamwork of just a few light-bearers is enough for the preponderance of forces to be achieved in the direction of prolonging the evolutionary opportunity.

Many of you are thinking about what they could do to make themselves useful for the benefit of the planet and for all the living creatures existing on it. Sometimes you take up meditative practices, at times prayer practices, and rarely you try to do something on the physical plane. And I must tell you that any of your actions and any of your practices can have a dual character. And two individuals doing exactly the same work and performing exactly the same actions may be working for different forces.

How can it be possible? you will ask me. And I will answer. The vector, aspiration, and motive that lie at the beginning of your work or practice determine which forces will benefit from all your actions and how your efforts will be directed.

I will give a concrete example from your life. You are trying to practice meditation. You know or you have read that it is very useful work. And you are trying to meditate. Meditations can be completely different. And some meditations touch only on the area of the mental plane. And this is the kind of meditation that should be taken up with extreme care because the mental plane is close to the earthly plane. And any deviation of your thoughts in the negative direction during meditation or before beginning the meditation leads to a directly opposite effect.

For example, you wish to work with your thoughts for the benefit of all the living creatures, and you strive to elevate your thoughts and to direct them for the good. But at that moment some problem that exists in your family or at work comes to your mind. Your thought strays from the predetermined theme of the meditation for a split second. You do not even notice this. However, you allow your negative state into the course of the meditation. And if many people take part in this meditation — tens, hundreds, or maybe thousands of people — and each of them introduces a negative moment into the common course of the meditation, it can happen that the whole course of the meditation will be directed in the opposite direction and the effect will be directly opposite of the result that you expect.

We know that this is possible and takes place frequently. Therefore, we approach collective meditations with extreme care and rarely ask you to carry them out. The power of thought and the aspiration of thought for the majority of people are not their strong suits. That is why meditations, even if they are not held in the required state of consciousness, cannot exert a large negative influence, but you should learn to approach everything very consciously — and especially now when the worlds are nearing each other.

Your spiritual practices can do both harm and good. Everything depends on the state in which you start your spiritual practices.

I must also mention that by misdirecting your energy during the spiritual practice you create the same karma as with any wrong action on the physical plane.

Yes, beloved, the time has come for you to think before sending up a prayer: Do not create karma with this prayer.

The right state of consciousness during the prayer and the right attunement during the prayer are essential elements.[1] The words of the prayer that you use are also very important. Be mindful of the words of the prayer. And if you do not understand what this prayer is about, you cannot accurately direct the energy of your prayer.

There is a practice of reading mantras. It is a special practice. As a rule, you do not understand the meaning and significance of mantras. It is the very vocal sounds of the mantra that have an impact. However, here you are also in peril because if you pronounce mantras incorrectly, then the effect from your practice of reading mantras can also be negative.

This Teaching is being given to you now with a hope that you will use spiritual practices and spiritual techniques more carefully. And if even the verified spiritual practices can have a negative impact, then what kind of impact can those practices that you yourselves invent and disseminate have? If a spiritual practice that you offer is incorrect from the Divine viewpoint, and you have disseminated this practice among a fairly large number of people, the karma created by these people as a result of using your practice will fall entirely on your shoulders.

That is why I would caution you against broad initiatives, especially in mass media, regarding the introduction of new practices and techniques. It is not by accident that in ancient times all the spiritual practices and techniques were disseminated through the chain of disciple succession, and the Teacher kept strict watch on how a spiritual practice was followed by his disciples.

You think that you have achieved considerable heights in spiritual development and you yourselves can teach and give instructions. Well, no one, including me, can forbid you from doing this. But we are obliged to give the Teaching on spiritual practices. You can either use this Teaching in your lives or not. However, I hope very much that many of you will be very careful when taking up spiritual practices, especially those from among the newfangled ones.

I have warned you and shown you the right direction on your Path.

I AM the Great Divine Director.

[1] Read about how to achieve the right state of mind during prayer in the Dictation All the sense of the prayer practice is in the raising of your consciousness,Padma Sambhava, April 23, 2005 in Words of Wisdom Volume 1 available from

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