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About the forthcoming day of the summer solstice and the Divine favors connected with this day

Lord Maitreya
June 15, 2006

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come again! I have come in order to remind you once again of your opportunities and the dispensation concerning the day of the summer solstice. As always, the session of the Karmic Board will begin on that day; and you can take advantage of the opportunity given to you annually and write letters to the Karmic Board. The content of those letters can be made up by you independently. However, I shall remind you of the existing general rules. First of all, you thank the Karmic Board for the favors rendered to you earlier, and then you can start stating your request. If that request concerns favors you expect to receive personally or by your relatives, then after listing your requests you should write the obligations that you voluntarily take upon yourself and that you will carry out in the following half a year until the day of the winter solstice and the new session of the Karmic Board connected with that day.

Your requests and wishes should be stated very simply with the surnames and names of those people for whom you are asking.

If your wishes are connected with the general situation on planet Earth or with the requests concerning the consciousness development prospects on the planet, it is not necessary for you to take obligations connected with reading decrees, prayers, or with implementation of other actions. In that case your request will be fulfilled according to the good karma momentum already accumulated by you.

Therefore, before writing your letters, carefully consider your requests and motives.

Do not burden yourself with excessive obligations. Take exactly the obligations that you can fulfill without excessive effort. Many people take such big obligations in their letters that the first problem met in their life forces them to forget completely about the obligations taken and refuse to fulfill them. You may take a very small obligation, but fulfill it with joy and love every day. Do not aim at taking too much upon yourself. Sometimes one prayer read per day is enough for help to be rendered. The purer the energy that you put in reading a prayer, the greater is the effect that you reach. And even one phrase: "Let good befall the world! said by you sincerely, is enough to ease the destinies of many.

I have come to remind you of the opportunity you have which helps those of you who annually use that opportunity.

And now I would like to remind you of one more dispensation or Divine mercy which concerns the 23rd day of each month. On that day, thanks to Heavens' mercy, you can lighten the following month's karma for yourselves and for your relatives. It is enough for you to dedicate everything you do on this day to the transmutation of the next month's karma.

You make a call: "I dedicate all my good actions performed by me on this day to the transmutation of the next month's karma.

You can list the concrete karma you intend to transmute: for example, the karma between you and your children, your husband or wife, or your colleagues at work. Then, when reading your prayers or Rosaries, or when rendering some charitable help, constantly remember that the energy of all your actions is directed to the transmutation of karma. Do not forget that part of energy that you release on this day will be directed by the Ascended Realm to the world karma transmutation and mainly to the part of the world where it concerns the prevention of significant cataclysms and natural disasters.

Now I am leaving you, and I will be glad if my advice and recommendations will help you and you will take advantage of them in your lives.

I AM Maitreya.

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