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The quality of changing consciousness is the most important quality at the present historical period of time

Lord Maitreya
September 13, 2006

Lord Maitreya
About Lord Maitreya

I AM Maitreya, having come again!

I have come, as always, to greet mankind of Earth and express to you all my Love and support, which Heavens are ready to offer you at the given moment and continue providing to you always, regardless of your perseverance in affirming some of your flaws and imperfections.

You are children, and like all children going through adolescence, you are experiencing the difficulties of your age. There is nothing to be afraid of; not that much time will pass and you will change and will remember this period of adolescence with awkwardness and embarrassment.

Look, only a few hundred years ago when we came and acted through people of Earth, those people were exposed to persecution, and they were executed and burned in fire. Indeed, times have changed a lot! I’m telling you that time has accelerated to almost the speed limit. And higher acceleration in change of consciousness is difficult to achieve in your physical world. All of this has to do with properties of your world.

I have come to assure you that everybody who continues to aspire along the Path of Initiations and is doing that with enviable perseverance and consistency, despite the encountered difficulties and misfortunes, is seen by me from my level as a flame directed upward. I can distinguish you and give you all the possible help upon your first call. Sometimes the circumstances of your life and horoscope won't allow me to help you quickly, but I always provide help to the extent that Cosmic Law permits me to. This happens because only a few remain dedicated to the Brotherhood. And if millions flare up and aspire, only a few are able to maintain the flame of their hearts burning from year to year during a considerable period of time, and even a smaller number of individuals are able to purposefully and consciously act according to our instructions.

Now I’m ready to give you some more information regarding the relationship with your Higher self. Very recently a new Message was given by the Highest Cosmic Council regarding special Divine mercy toward planet Earth. Now, those of you who express the necessary everyday aspiration will be helped in establishing the connection with your Higher self. For this you need to write a letter to the Karmic Board and ask so that, according to the Cosmic Law, you will receive mercy, and the descent of karma that blocks you from establishing connection with your Higher self will be temporarily stopped.

Do you understand, beloved? This doesn’t mean that everybody will have his or her karma descent stopped. No, we are talking about those individuals who have almost reached the level required to achieve the connection with their Higher Self, but some old karma or energy, some quality that hasn't been worked off, is in their way. In this case, you will receive mercy and this part of karma will stop descending so that you can establish connection with your Higher Self. You will feel this connection, and you will be guided by your experience and your senses in the future. And when karma descent is restored, nothing will be able to block you from reconnecting with your Higher Self again and maintaining this connection, and through this connection, establishing connection with all the Ascended Hosts, and probably with me personally. For right now I am the Master who is preparing his arrival on Earth, and I seek to work with everyone who demonstrates required efforts and aspiration.

And right now, I must tell you about important things that have happened lately and have not been covered in our previous Messages.

I have to say that the efforts of those people who are working on spreading our Messages given through this Messenger have not been in vain, and the situation on Earth is developing in the most favorable way. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any cataclysms and catastrophes; this only means that the overall course of humankind’s evolution has been taken by us under reinforced control, and right now we are able to totally control the situation on planet Earth. I’m happy that your efforts have been so effective. Imagine if our Messages were accessible to the majority of the population of planet Earth. What would happen?

I will tell you what would happen. The change in consciousness of only one per cent of humanity of Earth is able to completely change the course of evolution on the planet. And changing the consciousness of half of Earth's population is capable of transferring the planet into the next evolutionary level with the speed of lightening. And we would have to be slowing down the process of change so that your physical bodies could tolerate such a rapid change. You will have to stay in your physical bodies for some time so that you can completely work off the karma created by you on the physical plane. And then you will leave your bodies and will exist in a thinner world. It will happen, and you should aim for this.

My presence on planet Earth has never been so vast due to my connection with you, due to your aspiration toward me and your ability to change.

The quality of changing consciousness is the most important quality at the present historical period of time. And those of you who have mastered this quality to a greater extent understand that just this particular quality can change the entire world.

However, to master the quality of changing consciousness, you need unconditional Love and Divine patience and tolerance toward everything that is not yet perfect.

I wish you to overcome everything within you that is not from God as soon as possible, and I wish to meet with each of you who courageously overcome all difficulties in your life and shake your hand.

See you soon!

I AM Maitreya!

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