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Beloved Kuthumi
July 6, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, who has come to you today.

During the period of time when we did not meet with you, I had a chance to analyze and comprehend the responsibility that our communication puts on you and on me. That is because if you think about it, you will come to an inevitable conclusion that everything that happens during our communication in the process of receiving the Dictations has an astonishing value and must be treated with respect and care. At first, you may not realize this and attach little significance to our Messages, but as you read our Messages and dive into our energies, you appreciate the minutes of our communication and assess both the possibility of communicating with us and the quality of our Messages more and more. So, I have come today to speak with you as with old friends. Moreover, I can tell you that I meet many of you almost daily during your night’s sleep in my retreat in the etheric plane. When the knowledge that you receive from me in the course of our communication in the retreat finds an external confirmation in these Dictations, it germinates within your consciousness, and you start doing many things consciously in the physical plane. Your consciousness begins to comprehend the truths that could not otherwise penetrate your dense world.

So we continue our mutual work on the transformation of your physical world. This work of ours does not presuppose your blind obedience to our advice and recommendations, but it implies a creative application of all the received knowledge in your lives. We do not need blind followers who are ready to do what we tell them to do at our first call. We need conscientious serious-minded disciples who do not just do something thoughtlessly, but consciously reflect the received knowledge in their external consciousness and find the best scenario for the optimal implementation of our plans.

Thus, you join in with the cosmic co-creation. We highly value those of our disciples who do not run from one teacher to another in search of advice on how to behave in daily life situations, but who are able to raise their consciousness above the day-to-day chores and see the perspectives that open up and set them in motion without waiting for the ideal conditions in the physical plane to come. You are able to evolve only through the path of overcoming yourselves and the hardships surrounding you in your lives. You should not be afraid of life problems and the failures that await you. The whole point is in your attitude to these problems and failures. The Teaching provides you with correct approaches. You yourselves, guided by these approaches, create your lives.

You change your consciousness and begin to see the problems that you face in life differently; you analyze the problems and barriers that come up before you, and you thank God that He has given you the chance to understand your past mistakes and to correct them through your right attitude to the arising problems.

You should never give in to disappointment and depression. You receive the Teaching in order to form within yourselves proper attitude to the things you come across and that accompany you in your lives. If some of you, with my help or based on your inner intuition, a hint from your Higher Self, suddenly understand the reason that had karmically brought a certain situation into your life, then you will start giving countless thanks to God for allowing you to work off your karmic debt in such an easy way.

Truly is the grace of Heaven endless, and only you yourselves by your irrational behavior were able to generate the reasons for the problems and disasters that you face in life. Sometimes, these problems are so big that your whole life literally crosses off your chance to render your service to the Brotherhood fully. That is because you are too burdened with your karmic debts. Yet, the wisdom received by you through our communication helps you understand that in your future life you will be able to continue your service, and you will receive such circumstances in your lives that will not be so difficult and burdensome for you. That is because during your present life you have already worked off a big part of your karmic debts. Because you have worked off these debts yourselves, your children will carry a much lighter burden as well. It is because the property of karma is such that sometimes the karmic load that has not been worked off comes down as a heavy burden on children and grandchildren. Therefore, be glad about the misfortunes and miseries that come down on you. By doing so, you prepare a bright future for yourselves in your next life and for your children and grandchildren in their present lives. The proper understanding of the Law of Karma makes you happy even when you carry an intolerable karmic load from the point of view of the people around you.

The whole point is in the attitude of your external consciousness to the burden that you are carrying. Therefore, never be saddened by your problems. Allow yourselves to be happy with the fact that by overcoming your current problems you are preparing a bright future for yourself and your children and grandchildren.

The next generation will be much happier than you because many of you have taken on karmic responsibilities that are too big to work off during this life. You have done this on purpose in order to accelerate the process of changes on planet Earth. Those people around you, who point at you and say that you have probably sinned too much because your load is so heavy, understand nothing about the mechanism of the Law of Karma, and their consciousness is unable to grasp the size of the sacrifice you have taken upon yourselves voluntarily before your incarnation. However, we, the Ascended Hosts, highly value your sacrifice. Moreover, we are ready to respond to your requests and help you as much as the Law allows in order to ease your burden. Sometimes, when the good karma (created by you during your current incarnation) allows, we are able to answer your call and help you in a situation when you seem to have no strength to endure it any longer. Then, after your call, a while later you look back surprised and realize that something that had been lying on your shoulders as an insurmountable burden suddenly disappeared, vanished, fell off your shoulders. In such a case, never forget to glorify the Heavens and send your gratitude. The best gratitude for us will be the service that you can render for the benefit of life on Earth.

Now I will give you a formula that will enable you to get relief from your karmic burden if your good karma allows you to. So, you say:

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my holy Christ Self (or simply in the name of God Almighty), I appeal to the Great Karmic Board and ask you to use the momentum of my righteous achievements for the purpose of neutralizing the karma which has led to… (you should describe the situation for which you wish to receive help from the Karmic Board).

May all the things take place in accordance with the Will of God.

You can write a letter addressed to the Karmic Board, read your call aloud, and burn the letter. If the amount of your accumulated good karma allows, and the Karmic Board decides that your request can be granted, your karmic situation will be resolved to a greater or lesser degree.

In accordance with the opportunity given to you earlier[1] you will be called in your subtle body during your night’s sleep to a Karmic Board session and your soul will have to confirm your request, which you had written in your outer consciousness.

Sometimes there are cases when someone’s external consciousness does not want to endure the karmic load any longer, but the soul of that person refuses the help. In that case, the Karmic Board listens to the opinion of your soul. Therefore, if your request is not granted after some time, you can talk to your soul and try to come to an agreement with it on this question.

I highly recommend that you practice talking to your soul and write letters to the Karmic Board only after you and your soul have reached an agreement between yourselves.

You are multilayered beings. You have many bodies. That is why you need to reach harmony and unity among all your bodies. The bodies of the majority of people are unbalanced to such an extent that you cannot even understand how you should act in the best interest of all the bodies. Stop associating yourselves with just what you see in the mirror. You are much more than your physical body. The next stage in the evolution of mankind will be the understanding of your Higher nature and the creation of harmonious conditions for your Higher nature to manifest itself. That is because the conditions in which you are living now sometimes do not facilitate at all your being able to bring your subtle bodies into harmony. That is the next stage of development of mankind. However, you already should be concerned about creating the environment for the harmonious development of all your bodies.

I have given you a lot of new information today. And I am leaving you with a hope of new meetings.

I AM Kuthumi.

[1] Refer to the Dictation Let your consciousness go beyond the limits of your family, your city, and your country and take the whole Earth as your native home, Lord Maitreya, June 5, 2006 in Words of Wisdom Volume 2.

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