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Now, at the change of the annual cycle, it is especially beneficial to make the decision and free yourselves from everything that is unnecessary in your consciousness

Beloved Surya
December 21, 2006

Beloved Surya

I AM Surya, who has come again in order to give a Message to the people of Earth. I have come to you from the Great Central Sun, having traveled a long distance. However, I am the Master who is very close to you because everything concerning Earth and its evolutions is under my authority and under my immediate patronage and because each stage of the evolutionary development on planet Earth is directly attended and supervised by me. I am leading and directing the evolutions of planet Earth. I am the one who is responsible for the course of evolution on the planet. And I am that being who is always beside you, despite the cosmic distance that is separating us. Now I have come to give you an understanding of the course of your development and of the stage where humanity of Earth is now. As always, my words will be very simple, but behind the simplicity of the presentation, the hard work of thousands and millions of beings of Light invisible to your physical eye is hidden; these beings are watching the evolution on your planet and are ready to provide you with all the necessary help 24 hours a day.

You resemble children in a junior group of kindergarteners who require constant care and guardianship. You may not see all those people who care about you, cook food for you, do laundry, and clean the rooms, but those people are always near you, though you do not always see them with your physical eyes. Our presence must also be felt by you based on the outcomes that surround you. Even though the deeds of the people of Earth are not always reasonable, the fact that we manage to maintain the favorable conditions for your development on the planet demonstrates the pinpoint accuracy in the work of all of the Ascended Hosts, whose work is aimed for the good of the evolutions of Earth. It is not always that you can properly assess our work, yet we are always beside you.

The difficulty is that the veil separating our worlds is still very dense, and we cannot prevent many things that could be prevented and secured against, due exactly to the fact that our worlds are too separated and far from each other — not in terms of the distance but in terms of the level of vibrations. That is why we tirelessly repeat to you about the necessity of elevating your consciousness and raising the level of your vibrations. When your vibrations reach a higher level, we will be able to be closer to you and provide you with more help and support. That is why, in order to raise your vibrations, you should use all the means available to you. There are things in your life that lower your vibrations, and there are things in your life that raise your vibrations. It concerns everything: food, clothes, and everything around you. Your homes and your cities are at a very low energy level. Therefore, by taking care of the place where you live and the environment around you, you automatically raise the level of your vibrations and become capable of differentiating between your states of consciousness and become capable of hearing the sounds of the subtle world and discerning our presence.

It would be strange to count on you being able to hear us if you continue living your lifestyle, the lifestyle that is typical of the mass consciousness of mankind. It is necessary for you now to think about everything surrounding you, and that is the next stage of your development: when you will have to pay more attention to everything that surrounds you in your life at home and at work. You will have to take care of your environment because when you do not apply any efforts to separate yourselves from everything that is low-vibration, you will slow down your development and will not be able to enter the passage of the cosmic opportunity, which is approaching and which has already come.

We are speaking about the transition, and this transition must take place in your consciousness. You yourselves must prepare your own transition. For if you are not capable of doing this in a natural evolutional way, we will have to take tougher measures similar to spanking you or having you stand in the corner — the most widespread punishments for disobedient little children. Do not be stubborn. It is time for you to grow up, and it is time to learn to obey the Law that exists in this Universe. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave kindergarten to continue your development at school and at the university, and you will not be able to perform the work for which your lifestream is meant.

Therefore, do not procrastinate, but start right now analyzing everything that is surrounding you in your life, and get rid of what will not be useful for you at the next stage of the evolutionary development. Stop playing the games of yesterday and aspire to the new day with its joyful sun and fresh wind of changes.

Your consciousness needs airing and drying in the sun. Remove all useless thought-forms and models from your consciousness; remove everything that is not from God, and your life will begin to change as if with a wave of a magic wand. Let yourselves become gods in manifestation. Allow yourselves joyful states of consciousness; allow yourselves to take care of your dearest ones; allow yourselves to BE and to rejoice at your life. Only when you change your approach to everything around you, will all the circumstances of your life change as well.

Now, at the change of the annual cycle, it is especially beneficial to make the decision and free yourselves from everything that is unnecessary in your consciousness. Do not forget about the dispensation of the letters to the Karmic Board. Write the letters. You have that opportunity until the end of this year. Ask the Karmic Board to free you from what you would like to become free. What qualities and bad habits burden you and impede your development? Direct the momentum of your prayer during the next six months at the elimination of your cherished imperfections, and you will not recognize yourselves in six months. The more prayer energy you promise to the Karmic Board to release during the following six months, the sooner you will free yourselves from all your unfortunate attachments and karmic problems.

So, in order for you to take advantage of the dispensation and write letters to the Karmic Board, you must thoroughly analyze what you would like to get rid of first. Address the members of the Karmic Board, list all your requests and wishes. Take on prayer or other obligations that you are ready to perform regularly during the next six months. Write down your requests and obligations on paper; ask Archangel Michael and the angels of protection to accompany your letter directly to its destination, the Karmic Board; and then burn your letter. You may keep a copy of the letter, and in six months, provided that you have fulfilled the obligations taken upon yourself, see what has changed. I am certain that you will get rid of one or several of your main imperfections. Do not forget about gratitude. As soon as you become free from your problems, write a letter of gratitude to the Karmic Board.

It is a pity for me to part with you because I would love to give you all the necessary help and the most important advice, which will help you very much. I hope that I was able to at least partially help you and have given you several very useful pieces of advice.

I am saying goodbye to you, until we meet again!

I AM Surya!

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