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On letters to the Karmic Board

Gautama Buddha
December 22, 2005

Gautama Buddha
About Gautama Buddha

I AM Gautama Buddha. I have come to you through our Messenger again. I have come to you at this dark time of the year when the whole northern hemisphere, where the majority of the population of Earth is concentrated, has very little sun energy at its disposal. It is truly a dark time of the year. And you can feel in your inner state that even the approaching holidays aren't facilitating your well-being.

I have come to you to give one more Message, at the heart of which there is concern that we have about the planet and the very existence of life on this planet.

However hard the Ascended Hosts were trying during the past year, they did not succeed in achieving the balance on the planet that is necessary for its steady progression. With great attention and alertness we are anticipating the decision that will be announced after the session of the Karmic Board that is beginning now. You know that at this dark time of the year an annual session of the Karmic Board begins. At this session important decisions are made according to which the planet will be living during the following six months until the next session of the Karmic Board, which takes place during the period of the summer solstice.

Therefore, you can also take part in this session of the Karmic Board and thus influence the course of the planet’s development during the next half year. Of course, you will not be let in the hall where the session of the Karmic Board takes place. You will not be able to be present there either in your physical bodies or your Higher bodies. But you may appeal to the Karmic Board with your letters, and I assure you that all of your letters will be thoroughly considered.

One letter written by a passionate soul can be enough in order for the decision of the Karmic Board to be changed. That is why I highly recommend you to use the granted opportunity and write letters to the Karmic Board.

I can even tell you where exactly you can apply your help.

If a sufficient number of souls assume, in the name of I AM, the responsibility to read the prayers, decrees, or the Rosaries for a certain amount of hours during the next six months, and if they direct the energy of their prayer vigils at the stabilization of the situation on Earth, this will help the Karmic Board adopt a decision that will allow use of the cosmic reserves for the stabilization of the situation on Earth.

We must be confident that the energetic expenditures will be compensated with your prayer efforts. So, please consider and evaluate your abilities one more time.

I ask you to use this opportunity that is granted to you by Heavens.

In exchange, you may ask in your letters about those leniencies for you and your relatives that can be granted if the Law of Karma permits.

For example, you may use the offered opportunity to free from a part of karmic causes those of your relatives who suffer from chronic illnesses or bad habits.

But do not forget that first and foremost your energy will be directed at the restoration of the energy taken from the cosmic reserve for the stabilization of the situation on Earth, and only after that will the energy be directed at the realization of your requests.

Do not assume such obligations that you will not be able to fulfill. Let your obligations make up only fifteen minutes of praying, but you will fulfill your obligations daily. And this will be so much better than if you undertake a responsibility to read prayers or the Rosaries for an hour or two and are not able to fulfill the assumed obligation even for a week.

Correctly evaluate and distribute your resources.

The session of the Karmic Board is beginning any minute now. But you may still send your letters to the Karmic Board during the next two weeks.

I am happy that my fortunate duty is to remind you about the opportunity granted to you on these days when the Karmic Board is holding a session on planet Earth.

Ahead of you is the next cosmic cycle that will last until the next session of the Karmic Board. And I hope that with our combined efforts we will be able to keep the balance on the planet.

At least the Ascended Hosts are determined to exert every effort necessary for this. And if at least a one thousandth part of this determination were inherent to just a few thousand of representatives of humankind of Earth, then I would feel absolutely secure about the situation on planet Earth during the next few months.

It may seem to you that every time, during many hundreds of years, you are frightened about the end of the world coming, but the end of the world still won't come. And you fall into disregarding our reminders. In reality, the maintenance of the balance on planet Earth requires great efforts. And this near-destructive situation on the planet has already lasted for many hundreds and even thousands of years.

You know that planet Earth is at the lowest point of materiality now. That is why the influence of the spiritual world on the planet is greatly restricted at this lowest point. And since this lowest point of materiality takes many thousands of years, this state of uncertainty has lasted that long. But you, those who are incarnated on planet Earth, are able to provide a lot more impact on the physical state of the planet at this lowest point of materiality.

That is the reason for our relentless appeals to you.

I remind you once again that not so much of your effort is required in order to change the situation on the planet, because the efforts you apply have a thousand times greater influence on the situation on Earth than the efforts of the Ascended Hosts.

Think about my words, consider everything one more time, and write your letters of obligations to the Karmic Board.

The task that we are entrusting you with seems to be burdensome to you. But think over the fact that the salvation of the whole planet lies on one scale while on the other scale your momentary egoistic interests rest.

Doesn’t this situation with the choice you sometimes make remind you of a situation with a man who keeps on watching television when his house is on fire?

We hope that within your minds the Divine rationality prevails over your purely human attachments and habits.

I AM Gautama, and I have been with you this afternoon.

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