SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

About the Messages of the Masters
- A precious necklace, a rope, and a lighthouse

The Masters speak of the importance of reading the Messages sequentially, one after the other, in chronological order, in order to receive the Teaching in its fullness, since

Sanat Kumara

…physical world is like a swamp, which sucks in the consciousness of people like a quagmire. And when your feet sink into the quagmire, you do not feel anxiety yet, but there comes a moment when the quagmire draws you into itself more and more, and you no longer have the strength to get out of it by yourself. Therefore, we give you the rope of these Dictations which you can grab onto and get out of the quagmire of mass consciousness.

We provide you with the opportunity to receive a portion of the Divine Energy daily while you receive and read these Dictations.

Santa Kumara, June 25, 2005

Sanat Kumara

We thoroughly verify the information given. And when your external consciousness starts ana-lyzing the information, it is not always useful. That is because any critical perception of infor-mation cuts short the flow of energy, and the reading of our Messages becomes useless for you. A Message itself energizes within you a focus on the energies of the Masters, and you will per-ceive our energies at the moment of reading the Messages. There are keys that energize your higher conductors, and you become able to perceive not only the informational component of the Messages but also their energetic component. This explains the fact that our Messages are impossible to retell. A retelling does not carry in itself the keys hidden within the body of the Mes-sage. You take in our Messages as a text written with the help of symbols of this or that lan-guage; however, it is not exactly so. A Message carries within itself hidden keys. And when you translate our Messages into different languages, these keys can be lost. Everything depends on the internality of the translator. If the translator is attuned to us, the translation carries our vibra-tions. If not, the translation carries only the informational component. This explains the fact that even though you speak another language, you still receive the energetic component of the Mes-sages when listening to the Dictations being read by our Messenger and not understanding the words. You feel the energies and vibrations of the Masters.

Sanat Kumara July 9, 2006

Sanat Kumara is exactly now that you must apply maximum efforts for salvation of your souls.

The possibility of salvation is for those who, in spite of all external circumstances, maintain inner consonance with the Divine world.

The farther away it is, the harder it is to keep harmony.

It takes great strength of Faith and Love to survive.

The control of every desire is required.

It is necessary for you to make every choice under the control of your Higher Self.

It is necessary to walk on the cobwebs over the abyss.

Please do not ignore our advice.

Do re-read all the Messages given through our Messenger.

Every Message.

It is exactly there that the thread hides, the thread that will take you out of the maze of illusion into the Divine world.

And I will personally meet each of you who won against the illusion!

You need to keep your Faith and your devotion.

I am waiting for you!

Beloved Alpha, December 21, 2016

Sanat Kumara

…our Messages are the most precious treasure in your world. Our Messages are a materializa-tion of the Divine energy. Grain by grain within eight and a half years, our energy and our vibra-tions are penetrating into your world.

And we sincerely hope that you will manage to utilize the energy, the knowledge received from us, and the comprehension of the Divine Law adequately and with care.

Each time you read our Messages, take a minute to think of how great are the efforts made for the transmission of the Messages to your world. And if you could respond to our call with the efforts equal to those we make, the Divine Law would be fulfilled and the energy exchange be-tween our octaves completed. This would prove the ability of the terrestrial evolutions for the further development in God.

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2013

Lord Shiva

Collect every pearl and every precious jewel that is contained in each Mes-sage in a safe place. And then when an even darker and gloomier time comes, take these treasures, and they can save your Life; not the life that exists on the physical plane but the Life that is eternal. Your consciousness is the ticket into the eternal world. A person who can bloom as a beautiful lotus of the Divine consciousness in the swamp of life deserves to enter into Eternal Life.

The perishable cannot enter my world. Only the imperishable, immortal part of you can exist in my world.

For this you should take care of your immortal part now. Do not store up the treasures that belong to your world; collect only the treasures of Divine Wisdom that have great value in all the worlds.

Elohim Cyclopea, December 19, 2009


Beloved Lanto

The task of the Ascended Masters is to save as many souls of Light lost in the modern world as possible

"none of the dictations carries information in its entirety. Separate dictations are like separate beads that need to be strung on the thread of your consciousness, and then they will make a precious necklace. And this necklace has a miraculous ability - it makes it possible for your souls to be saved"

Lord Lanto, December 7, 2009