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I will personally meet each of you who won against the illusion!

Beloved Alpha
December 21, 2016

Beloved Alpha

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heaven.

Beloved, today I would like to have a talk with you aimed at your spiritual salvation.

Everything in the world is changing very quickly, and this change will inevitably have an impact on your soul.

There is Truth in the world, and the Truth is in God.

When God leaves your life, this inevitably affects your soul.

The soul yearns and does not know how to escape from the captivity of the illusion.

That is why I come, beloved.

Taking care of every incarnated soul is an absolute necessity for Me. I love each of you with a fatherly love, and I am waiting for each of you in Heaven.

Delusions and mistakes, big and small, are inevitable on your way Home. However, I have come to warn you of the danger that arises on your Path at the given moment.

The primary concern of the Ascended Hosts is salvation of your souls.

When souls are exposed to terrible danger, this raises concerns throughout the entire Hierarchy of Light.

Your world has fallen under the influence of the forces of darkness. This stage is inevitable when the cosmic cycle changes.

A few years ago, I felt secure about the evolution of humankind because all measures had been taken for the safe passing of this stage.

However, due to the fact that many children of Light made the wrong choices, the situation has been getting worse and worse. Now I am worried about those bright souls who are incarnated and who cannot return to My world.

This can happen.

The world that has withdrawn itself from God is doomed to gradual degradation and death. Along with the death of the old world, there is room made for the New World, the Divine world.

However, the moment of transition from old to New is the most dangerous time for the souls because they lose the Divine guidance, and they can get lost and die by not finding a way out of the illusion.

The world around you came into conflict with the Divine plan.

The energies of renovation are broadly pouring into your world. However, as these new energies streamed into your world, the dogmas of the old world arose based on the domination of material energies and the priority of material values over the spiritual.

It is impossible to resist the Divine energy for a long time.

The stronger the resistance, the more destructive are its consequences.

The more the opposing forces apply efforts to resist the Divine world, the evolutionary Divine Path of development for humankind, the more devastating the consequences of this resistance can be.

That is why we tried to give our guidance for this difficult time in advance.

To prevent the victims.

To reduce suffering.

However, we cannot break the law of free will. The majority of humankind has chosen the path of denial of God.

It is a destructive path. It is the path of struggle with God.

The outcome of the battle is a foregone conclusion.

The old world will inevitably be destroyed.

Our task is to save as many souls in this difficult time as possible.

That is why the Teaching is given.

Beloved, I understand very well how difficult it is for you to navigate in the darkness when the opposing forces apply every effort to conceal the Divine Truth from you.

All the spheres of life are distorted.

Truth is nowhere to be found.

In any religion.

In any belief.

In any science.

A terrible time.

The dark time.

Yet, it is exactly now that you must apply maximum efforts for salvation of your souls.

The possibility of salvation is for those who, in spite of all external circumstances, maintain inner consonance with the Divine world.

The farther away it is, the harder it is to keep harmony.

It takes great strength of Faith and Love to survive.

The control of every desire is required.

It is necessary for you to make every choice under the control of your Higher Self.

It is necessary to walk on the cobwebs over the abyss.

Please do not ignore our advice.

Do re-read all the Messages given through our Messenger.

Every Message.

It is exactly there that the thread hides, the thread that will take you out of the maze of illusion into the Divine world.

And I will personally meet each of you who won against the illusion!

You need to keep your Faith and your devotion.

I am waiting for you!

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heaven.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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