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A Teaching on the karmic responsibility for your actions in the sphere of translating the texts of the Dictations and in the sphere of managing cash funds

Sanat Kumara, July 9, 2006

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you again.

From this day forth until the end of the current cycle of Dictations, every day before reading a Dictation, I want you to invoke the electronic presence of the Master giving the Dictation. This seemingly simple technique will enable you to feel our presence and will present quite a new view of many theses of our Messages because the presence of the Masters during the reading of the Messages will many times magnify the effect you experience while reading them. This is a special dispensation, and it will be active still for some time after the completion of this cycle of Dictations. You will be able to judge by your gut sense whether this dispensation is still operating or not.

So, in order to invoke the presence of the Master giving a Message, you should pronounce either aloud or to yourself:

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I invoke the electronic presence of [insert the name of the Master giving the Message].

Try to use this dispensation beginning from today’s Dictation. Read this Dictation to the end, and then reread it after having made a call and you will feel the difference. I recommend that you always make such calls before reading the Messages that we give through this Messenger. The operation of the call will be manifested when possible and necessary.

All the Masters can manifest their electronic presence, and the extent of this presence will be directly proportional to your ability to perceive our vibrations and to the readiness of your Higher bodies to distinguish our vibrations.

You know that sometimes we give our Messages at a higher level and sometimes we give them at a slightly lower level. And this is not always predicated upon the quality of conductibility of the bodies of our Messenger. It is just because there are different levels of development of consciousness in the individuals embodied now. And different individuals are capable of perceiving different information and different energetic components of the Messages.

We thoroughly verify the information given. And when your external consciousness starts analyzing the information, it is not always useful. That is because any critical perception of information cuts short the flow of energy, and the reading of our Messages becomes useless for you. A Message itself energizes within you a focus on the energies of the Masters, and you will perceive our energies at the moment of reading the Messages. There are keys that energize your higher conductors, and you become able to perceive not only the informational component of the Messages but also their energetic component. This explains the fact that our Messages are impossible to retell. A retelling does not carry in itself the keys hidden within the body of the Message. You take in our Messages as a text written with the help of symbols of this or that language; however, it is not exactly so. A Message carries within itself hidden keys. And when you translate our Messages into different languages, these keys can be lost. Everything depends on the internality of the translator. If the translator is attuned to us, the translation carries our vibrations. If not, the translation carries only the informational component. This explains the fact that even though you speak another language, you still receive the energetic component of the Messages when listening to the Dictations being read by our Messenger and not understanding the words. You feel the energies and vibrations of the Masters.

If you read our Messages translated into your native language, you can lose this energetic component. Accordingly, I recommend that those who translate our Dictations into other languages in the future, before starting the translation, invoke the electronic presence of the Master whose Dictation you are going to realize and translate. I also advise you to start the translation in a balanced state after a good meditation or a prayer practice.

Any imperfections you have are imposed on the text of the translation. And if you happen to distort the text of the Dictation at the process of the translation, the karmic responsibility for the distortion of the Words of the Masters falls on you. Yet, this karmic responsibility of yours can be neutralized by good karma which you acquire at the moment of translating the Dictations into other languages and distributing them. But you should bear in mind that good karma is acquired by you only if your motive is pure and you really do translations in order to spread our Teaching, but not in order to earn money.

The question of interrelation with money is very complicated and difficult. In fact, money does not come to you when you perform some work for the Brotherhood. But when doing some work for the Brotherhood, you receive opportunities that enable the energy of money to pay back the energetic consumption you incurred while being involved in the work for the Brotherhood.

Everything in this world is based on the exchange of energy, and any stagnation of energy leads to the shortage of monetary energy. When you have money you should think about where you need to spend it. Any accumulation of monetary energy is not useful and represents a sign of karma of incorrect attitude toward money. Think about how you should dispose of the money you have. And if you spend this money on pleasure, next time you will not receive the payback of the monetary energy.

On the contrary, if you spend your store of money on good causes, the flow of monetary energy will be intensified, regardless of how much effort you apply to earn the money. You will get a windfall or somebody will give you money under any pretense. Do manage monetary energy correctly. The more you give selflessly, the more you receive.

But you should always remember that you are responsible for how much and to whom you give your money, because in the case that the money you give is not used on good deeds, the karma of the misuse of monetary energy will fall upon you.

In contrast, if you contribute money for good deeds, then good karma of correct use of your money will give you a chance to dispose of this good karma at your sole discretion. Therein lays the principal of the church tithe. It is, essentially, a very right and exact principle, but only if the church or any other religious organization spends your tithe on good deeds — not on multiplying their own property.

The principle of the reasonable and right use of the Divine Energy is manifested in everything, and monetary energy is in no way different from any other kind of energy. One kind of energy turns smoothly into another kind of energy. And your tithe, if you manage it correctly, provides you with the manifestation of opportunities in the physical plane. These opportunities can pour upon you in the form of financial abundance, a joyful future for your children, your own health, and the health of your nearest and dearest.

Good karma can also be used for your own personal purpose. For this you are given a chance to write letters to the Karmic Board.[1]

Today I have given you a Teaching on the karmic responsibility for your actions in the sphere of translating the texts of the Dictations and in the sphere of managing cash funds. And this vital Teaching requires an immediate use in your lives.

Now, let me leave you and say goodbye until we meet again!

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om

[1] More information about getting help from the Karmic Board is found in the following Dictations: Let your consciousness go beyond the limits of your family, your city, and your country, and take the whole Earth as your native home, Lord Maitreya, June 5, 2006, and The expansion of the understanding of the Law of Karma, Beloved Kuthumi, July 6, 2006. Refer to Words of Wisdom Volume 2.

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