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It is in your environment amidst the surrounding chaos and rudeness that the lotuses of the Divine consciousness can bloom

Elohim Cyclopea
December 19, 2009

Elohim Cyclopea

I AM Cyclopea. I communicate with non-ascended humankind extremely rarely. It is too hard for you to understand me, and it is hard for me to understand you. We are separated by millions of light years. I am in the shapeless, and you are at the lowest point of manifestation.

That is why I have lowered my vibrations to the minimal level so as not to burn our Messenger with my energies. And it is still too burdensome both for me and for her.

Creation is vast, and as one of the Creators of the manifested world, I am called to watch over this manifested world. I contemplate the perfection of the Divine plan for the manifested world, and I see deviations from the Divine plan. Deviations are possible within predetermined limits. However, the limit of possible deviations is drawing close to its farthest border. You are so deeply playing in the illusion. The time has come for you, who are ready, to remember the world where you have come from and to where you should return. Your roles in your earthly lives are coming to the end. I assure you that the time is coming when all external manifestations should be collapsed. But it cannot be collapsed immediately. The illusion was created during an unimaginable amount of time from the human point of view. Now the moment of the turning point has come.

For you it just means that everything will start changing.

The energies that we send into your world have caused the process of the raising the most negative manifestations in this plane. Everything that was peacefully sleeping on the lower astral layers is now awakened and is manifested even in the physical plane of existence. I am telling you about the situation that you observe in the world around you. My words will explain to you many of the processes that are happening.

Divine energy. The amplification of vibrations. It seems that this should cause positive processes in the world around you, but this is not happening. All is getting worse and even comes to the point of absurdity.

This is as it should be, beloved. When you come to a musty pond, you think that the surface is clean and it reflects the blue sky and the clouds. Now take a stick and disturb the surface of the pond. You will see sludge and mud, and you will smell the rotting of the stale water.

Our impact on your world is similar to your impact on the stagnant water in a pond.

Now imagine our task. In the midst of all this decay and foulness, we need to choose the sprouts of lotuses that grow in this stale pond. Yes indeed, there is stale water, mud, and slime, but it is in this environment that these authentic beautiful lotuses of human consciousness grow. It is exactly in your environment amidst the surrounding chaos and rudeness that the lotuses of the Divine consciousness can bloom. And each person who can manifest the consciousness of Buddha in this environment is able to save many souls within a radius of many hundreds of miles around him or her. The net of Light formed by the individuals who have reached the Buddha’s level of consciousness is being woven now at this dark time on Earth.

We see the lotuses of your perfect consciousness blooming here and there on the globe. Of course you are interested in where we see these lotuses most often. This is a secret that I will probably tell you during one of my next arrivals. Nevertheless, it is in this country that the manifestation of the new consciousness will begin.

One man storms up a steep cliff. He mounts a vertical cliff without any safety gear, but all those who wish to follow him get the help and support of a lifeline, so they have a much easier Path.

We provide our help and support for you in the form of these Messages. It is necessary for you to approach everything that is given to you very carefully. Collect every pearl and every precious jewel that is contained in each Message in a safe place. And then when an even darker and gloomier time comes, take these treasures, and they can save your Life; not the life that exists on the physical plane but the Life that is eternal. Your consciousness is the ticket into the eternal world. A person who can bloom as a beautiful lotus of the Divine consciousness in the swamp of life deserves to enter into Eternal Life.

The perishable cannot enter my world. Only the imperishable, immortal part of you can exist in my world.

For this you should take care of your immortal part now. Do not store up the treasures that belong to your world; collect only the treasures of Divine Wisdom that have great value in all the worlds.

I AM Cyclopea.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

The Teaching of the Ascended Masters in the book "WORDS of WISDOM. Volume 1"

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