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I extend a helping hand to you

Sanat Kumara, June 20, 2013

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

My fatherly feelings toward humanity of Earth make me come to you again.

I am experiencing an incomparable trembling at this moment of transmission of my Message. As always, I would like to give you a particle of my consciousness, my comprehension, my faith, and my devotion to God and to the Divine Law.

You could receive the whole momentum of my attainments into your aura at that very instant when you read or listen to this Message of mine. The only obstacle is the resistance of your carnal mind, your ego. You cannot receive when you are not able to accept. And you are not able to accept, for there is an obstacle between you and me in the form of your ego.

Therefore, every time we come, the chief task we set is the surmounting of your ego. We will become able to achieve our Unity and to unite in Spirit only if we make steps toward each other.

I come and I extend a helping hand to you. But you must also make efforts and extend your hand to me.

I tirelessly repeat that you should steadily work toward our collaboration and our Unity with God can take place. It is impossible for you to follow the Path and our recommendations one day and yield to the passions of your ego the next day. It is impossible for you to be our disciple today and to forget about it tomorrow.

Successiveness and consistency of your actions, your choices, and your efforts — this is what we tirelessly strive for and call you to follow.

Every time when you, inspired by our Messages, make a decision to follow the Path we show, do not forget about this decision of yours the next day.

The resistance of the matter at present has reached its utmost. Therefore, it will require the efforts of your whole being to overpower the illusory forces. And you will be able to do it. You will be able to overpower the resistance of any external and internal negative forces and energies. The only thing you really need is your wish and aspiration, devotion and consistency.

In order to derive these qualities from the innermost of your being, you need a diamond-strong faith based on heartfelt unconditional love to all of Creation.

You cannot instantly re-tune your being and attune yourself with the Hierarchy, but you are able to achieve it by making gradual daily steps in the necessary direction. The advice and recommendations we give are sufficient for a determined advancement along your Path back toward Heaven.

You only have to constantly remember us, to keep consonance in your hearts. The Brotherhood makes tremendous efforts thereto. Every time we come to give our Messages, millions of the Ascended Hosts render their assistance and contribution during each transmission of the Message. That is why our Messages are the most precious treasure in your world. Our Messages are a materialization of the Divine energy. Grain by grain within eight and a half years, our energy and our vibrations are penetrating into your world.

And we sincerely hope that you will manage to utilize the energy, the knowledge received from us, and the comprehension of the Divine Law adequately and with care.

Each time you read our Messages, take a minute to think of how great are the efforts made for the transmission of the Messages to your world. And if you could respond to our call with the efforts equal to those we make, the Divine Law would be fulfilled and the energy exchange between our octaves completed. This would prove the ability of the terrestrial evolutions for the further development in God.

However, it does not take place. And you can make sure of that with your own experience.

How long does your readiness and determination that you acquire while reading another Message of ours last? Until you get the first phone call or the conversation in a chat room with your friends? Until another piece of amusement and pleasure in your world attracts you? Until you watch another movie on television?

You cannot instantly cast away the surrounding illusion, but you are able to make successive steps to overpower it. The Path, which is outstretched before you, opens not beyond yourselves. This Path reveals itself within you. And this Path is the changing of your consciousness.

You run the process of changing your consciousness yourselves. All the external illusion is unfolded before you only to enable you to make your choices and advance along the Path. However, you prefer to descend deeper and deeper into the illusion instead of parting with it.

This is your choice and your decision. There is no being in the whole Universe who would make your choices for you.

Now put yourselves in my place. For millions of years I continue to teach you the fundamentals of the Teaching. I come through many Messengers and prophets. I give one and the same Teaching within millions of years. Many of you have heard this Teaching personally from me in the retreats of the Brotherhood and from my Messengers for tens and hundreds of times. But then you came in touch with the illusory world, and the Light in your eyes faded, your determination left you, and you plunged deeper and deeper into the illusion of your world. Then there came a moment when, in the last hope, you turned your eyes toward Heaven and asked for help and salvation. It recurred from life to life, scores of times.

If any of you were in my place, you would have given up on this long ago. However, I bear responsibility for each of you. And I will be coming and giving you my Teaching and my exhortations despite your stubbornness.

I do not know how much more time your soul requires to become fed up with playing in the illusion and to aspire to the Heavenly peaks of the Divine consciousness, but I know that there will come a moment when you will be able to raise your consciousness to such a peak and see the prospect of the Divine Path of development, and you will turn your eyes away from the glittering trinkets of your world for good.

I wish you to face this moment of clarity in this incarnation. I wish you to make your step to infinity and come out beyond the boundaries of the illusion that is fettering you, as soon as possible.

I extend my hand to you and patiently wait for you to come and shake it.

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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