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Use this opportunity given to you by God to go through training and to receive instructions

Sanat Kumara, June 25, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you through My Messenger again. Every time, we lower our vibrations to the physical plane with the help of this physical conductor, and by means of these Dictations their level rises.

As we amass experience, we become able to tell more and to transmit more purely, in spite of the fact that the situation around our Messenger in the physical and in the higher planes sometimes prevents the transmitting of our Message with maximum effect.

This experiment in the Message receiving from the etheric octaves has been going on for three and a half months already, and it can be continued provided that we are able to maintain the purity of both the channel and the Messenger in the future.

The essence of this experiment is to allow the souls who are ready to perceive the transmitted information to receive our energies continually and daily during a long period of time. The point is that the physical world is like a bog sucking the consciousness of people as if in quicksand. When your feet are floundering into a morass, you do not at first feel any uneasiness. But then a moment comes when the quicksand sucks you under more and more, and you no longer have the strength to get out of it by yourself. That is why we are giving you the rope of these Dictations that you can hold on to in order to get out of the swamp of the mass consciousness.

We provide you with an opportunity to receive a portion of the Divine energy every day while you are receiving and reading these Dictations.

In order to learn something even at a normal school or college, you should attend to your studies daily and make efforts to master the material given to you. It is unlikely that you will master all the necessary information if you do not exert efforts daily and do not attend to your studies systematically. The Divine science training and the receiving of the Divine knowledge do not differ from any other training and education that you can get in the physical plane.

Therefore, the more systematically you read these Dictations, the more effect you will attain in the expansion of your consciousness.

Do not forget that all of you are at different stages of knowing the Divine reality. And for some of you, even such a simple presentation of information that we adhere to while giving the Dictations seems to be too sophisticated or causes irritation exactly due to its simplicity.

If after finishing high school you find yourself right at the last course of the university, you will scarcely be able to adapt quickly and understand the subjects taught there, even though the information is given in your native language and its presentation is simple enough.

It is not always the case that the seeming simplicity of the presentation means that the information given is simple. The Divine Truth is very simple in its essence, but its perception by the human consciousness does not always take place, because the Divine world is distinct in nature and laws from the physical world. And you have to perceive the things that are not perceptible for your physical sense organs. Hence, the difficulties in mastering the material occur together with the doubts and the unwillingness to spend your time learning the subjects that, as you think, are not connected with your life at all.

Actually, there are no instructions in these Dictations on how to achieve success in your earthly life, to acquire wealth and to deserve recognition.

There is nothing in these Dictations for those people who have chosen the physical plane and the material world as the main focus of their endeavors. These Dictations contain no useful information for them, because everything that is stated in the Dictations is necessary for the raising of your consciousness to the required level that will enable you to transit to another higher world — the world with higher vibrations.

If you meet a person totally concentrated on the material world and start telling him about the information you get from these Dictations, this person will most probably think you are not all there. It is impossible to believe in what you cannot touch with your own hands and see with your own eyes. That is why it is vital for you to refine the perception of the surrounding reality.

When you watch many TV programs or listen to your radio, it can be compared to driving nails with a very sensitive device capable of discriminating microns. Your organism is inherently unique and it enables you to sense higher worlds and to distinguish their vibrations. Therefore, please use your organism for its designed purpose. Protect yourself from any rough and imperfect manifestations of your world. When you start paying too much attention to any imperfect activity, you lower your vibrations and lose the ability to distinguish the things belonging to the higher world, and you no longer notice the manifestations of the higher world in your life. Your state changes during the day, from day to day, and this explains the fact that your heart opens to some Dictations while some of them displease you.

The advancement on the Path of knowing the Divine reality has a very measured character. That is why with the help of these Dictations we try to maintain your vibrations on a high enough level during as long a time as possible until your consciousness is able to distinguish the rough vibrations of this world and to avoid them from the sense of self-preservation.

Before a ship reaches a safe harbor, it covers thousands of miles on the stormy sea and wild ocean. Only the reminiscences of their own Home and the wish to go ashore force the mariners to ride out the pressure of life’s storms.

You need a compass in your voyage, you need a map, you must have skills in reading a compass, in understanding the grid coordinates, and in star fixing in order to reach a safe harbor near your Home. That is why we give you the direction and the instructions and we put you on the right Path. But you should always remember that a moment will come when you can find yourselves alone on the wild ocean. And it will depend only on your abilities and skills acquired during the period of training whether you will be able to overcome the barriers and reach this safe harbor.

Therefore, do not be lazy. Use this opportunity to go through training and to receive homilies granted to you by God. Acquire the skills in compass and map reading, and in celestial orientation on your Path.

Do not allow any external circumstances of your life to wall you off from the Divine reality.

Today I give you this homily because if you do not use the received knowledge in your life you can be deprived of the opportunity to communicate with the Masters directly. And nobody can tell when such a chance will be granted to you again.

We can spend a huge amount of the Divine energy on maintaining our channel of communication, but if we see that this energy is not assimilated by you and is not used in your lives, the Divine opportunity will be over and the energy will be taken away.

You do not water a dead wood in your garden, and neither do we because we prefer not to squander the precious Divine energy.

I hope you will find a free minute to retire and to ponder over my words in the quiet of your heart.

I AM Sanat Kumara.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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